1. Enzo says

    My understanding is that on commercial jets, part of the engine heat is diverted to the leading edge of the wing so that ice doesn’t form. Don’t know if that helped the thing or not. Doesn’t look like it. I’d love to know how the snake got in and out of the wing/fuselage. Not sure I trust that plane.

  2. UFFDA says

    This is sickening because it means that eventually every warm wet place in the world will be infected with pythons and probably poisonous foreign reptiles as well. Kids having fun in the forests of Hawaii will be crushed and swallowed by enormous snakes!

    Stay in cold climes for as long as they last.

  3. Tom says

    My first reaction was: AND?????? So what happened next?
    Then: what a stupid video, leaving out the conclusion. Or perhaps the blogger who posted this is the dummy.

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