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Reuters: Gay Marriage Foes Deep in Debt, Struggling to Meet Supreme Court Costs, the group defending Proposition 8 before the Supreme Court, is deep in debt and struggling to raise funds to fight that case, not to mention its past debts, Reuters reports:

CooperThe 2012 accounts are not yet available. says it has since covered the 2011 shortfall. However, it is still $700,000 short in fundraising for its Supreme Court costs, according to a attorney, Andrew Pugno. That message has gone out to donors, with some urgency, as the Supreme Court prepares to hear arguments in March in its first thorough review of same-sex marriage.

"Unless the pace of donations starts to pick up right away, we could soon be forced over a financial cliff," said in an email to donors earlier this month.'s lead outside counsel, Charles Cooper, has not stopped work on the Supreme Court case, although he declined to comment on financial arrangements with clients.

Meanwhile, while they are being "vastly outspent" in races around the nation, Pugno tells Reuters that he does not believe that changing attitudes are behind the group's inability to raise funds.

"I don't detect a decrease in enthusiasm. What I detect is a certain degree of fatigue after having to essentially fight this issue non-stop since 2004, when the mayor in San Francisco started issuing marriage licenses."

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  1. The hate train is dying. Sooner or later, you sort of need to justify why you continue going after people who didn't pick a fight with you, and these bigots can't do it. Doesn't mean they're dead yet, however. Not at all. These bigots think they've seen it all, and we've only just gotten started. Let's see how they manage to keep up with us.

    Posted by: Francis | Jan 29, 2013 8:14:27 PM

  2. @Chadd: you don't realize how "The Lord" operates! Ever see those funny signs that say, "In God we trust. All others pay cash."

    Then there's the cartoon of a hapless guy talking to God, who was represented as a voice from a cloud. "Is it true that to you a million dollars is like a penny?" "Yes." "And a million years like a second." "Yes." "Could I have a penny?" "Wait a second."

    Posted by: Bill | Jan 29, 2013 8:56:44 PM

  3. Look for a special collection at Sunday mass...

    Posted by: TomTallis | Jan 29, 2013 9:22:19 PM

  4. The Mormon leadership isn't shy cowed and unsure. They've taken a punch to their ignorant gut. Today there are just too many young men (and women) who are Mormon and who identify as gay.

    Mormons traditionally love their young men who, as a group, are the annointed dream of the world, the darling backbone of the future and the righteous princes of life needing only to be guided. Today it's just stunning and disorienting that so many of these classically wholesome young men are both gay and even willing to commit suicide over the matter. The Mormon Church simply doesn't know what to do about it, which make me fascinated to see what they ARE ultimately going to do about it.

    Posted by: UFFDA | Jan 29, 2013 9:51:32 PM

  5. "too bad they didn't spend any of that money to help the families struggling through an economic downturn, eh?

    people who are hungry. people who have no warm place to sleep at night, if any place at all."

    My feelings exactly. Same in the UK. Nasty millionaires have unlimited funds to tell lies about The Gay and ignore human suffering

    Posted by: Keith | Jan 29, 2013 11:27:51 PM

  6. Just remember, whenever there is a court case, the only winners are the lawyers.

    Posted by: Sam | Jan 30, 2013 12:10:13 AM

  7. First sentence above should read "The Mormon leadership isn't shy they're cowed and unsure."

    Posted by: UFFDA | Jan 30, 2013 6:06:49 AM

  8. You mean the lawyers aren't donating their time? LOL

    Posted by: QJ201 | Jan 30, 2013 6:52:04 AM

  9. A fiscal deficit to go along with a deficit of morals.

    Posted by: DC Arnold | Jan 30, 2013 8:06:35 AM

  10. The fight appears to be boiling down to whose got more financial life line. It is fortunate for the LGBT community to be in the position that it is now because the change in administration also meant that we don't have to fight official government antipathy as well as anti-gay groups. I think the anti-gay groups also over-stretched their resources by supporting similarly inclined hate groups in Uganda and France.

    Posted by: Homer | Jan 30, 2013 9:42:58 AM

  11. So the Catholics and the Mormons combined can't come up with a lousy million dollars?

    Posted by: larry | Jan 30, 2013 3:05:02 PM

  12. So how come the Mormons and the Catholic Church are not taking up collections to fund their cause? They funded Prop 8 after all.

    Posted by: Swiminbuff | Jan 30, 2013 3:55:02 PM

  13. @QJ201: "You mean the lawyers aren't donating their time?" .... that reminds me of a talk I once heard, given by a psychologist who was explaining all the new age stuff going on at the time. Someone asked him how you tell a quack from a professional. He said, "If he's a quack, he'll take your money. If he's a professional, he'll make sure you come back for another visit."

    Posted by: Bill | Jan 30, 2013 6:42:16 PM

  14. @Burt: the prophet prophesied another fine like the last one they had to pay - a token amount but it was the first time a religious organization had ever been fined for messing around during an election. The PR hurt them a lot more than the trivial fine did. OTOH, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that second offenders are often treated a lot more harshly.

    Posted by: Bill | Jan 30, 2013 6:53:39 PM

  15. Are they just now seeing the face of their supporters - there isn't one?

    Posted by: rdiac | Jan 31, 2013 4:45:42 AM

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