1. says

    Badly written article.

    Voronezh is “a city south of Moscow” like Richmond VA is “a city south of New York.” It’s 500 km away and has a totally different politics. Neo-Nazis have been a problem for a long time there.

    And gay infrastructure in Petersburg and Moscow is defined as “gay nightclubs and gyms.” Gay gyms? In Moscow? Really? Maybe they mean saunas…

  2. sayit says

    “The bill is part of an effort to promote traditional Russian values as opposed to Western liberalism” – I think this is what DEMOCRACY means. People don’t want to have this type of change in their society. Shouldn’t this be OK???
    If USA has democracy, why then Occupy Wall Street protesters were bitten up? or Why people with different views than gov has are being prosecuted???
    I think, “before you want to teach someone, teach yourself” – should be applied to everyone.

  3. mk ultra says

    A democracy is also about protecting the rights of the minority from the tyranny of the majority. Or did you forget that, svoloch?

    Vsex nacistskix, v tom chisle i tebya, na xuj.

  4. Keith says

    Russia still backwards I see and oppressing its people. But no communism to blame any more.

    Long since time that Putin and his corrupt system was replaced by a modern Russia. Educated Russians must be so ashamed of this nonsense!