1. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, God, here we go.

    Does he know what f.ckin’ city his team represents?

    Actually, his philosophy is not much different than our own Rick…well, just Rick.

  2. Belthazar says

    The false bravado has gotten old. There are already gay men in the locker room and likely on the very team where he plays. I guess he hasn’t keep up w/Kwame Harris’ story (49er). Quoting the ‘Bus’ (NFL Legend), “…If your play is the caliber where you belong here, You Belong…”

  3. Matt26 says

    Happily they (players who are gay) don’t ask your permission. So either accept it or quit. Simple. Problem solved. Now tell your next problem and let’s find a solution to it, too.

  4. Walt says

    If NFL players were required to pass a third grade English test before being allowed in the league I doubt there’d be enough players to field even one team. And these guys (for the most part) are college graduates?, frightening.

  5. Icebloo says

    If I just listened/read this moron’s incredibly embarrassing and poor use of the English language I would guess he doesn’t support gay marriage even before he told me. He’s as dumb as a rock. He is very lucky he has a career in sports otherwise he would be selling drugs on a street corner – he isn’t smart enough to do anything else.

    This idiot will be one of the sports player morons who declares bankruptcy 5 years after he retires because he’s too dumb to take care of his money.

    I’m amazed he has the IQ to dress himself each morning.

    This is what we get when we push aside real education in our schools and instead put all of our money and focus into sports. America only has itself to blame.

  6. says

    sweet stuff? how about salty stuff? all this dunce need do is introduce some soy sauce into the equation and i know a fella who could unleash a beating.

    ugh. sorry for going there. violence isn’t funny. and neither is anti-gay ignorance.

  7. SayTheTruth says

    @bendskier, you are right. Amnesia of part of the black community on civil rights issues is astounding. But yet again, nor skin color neither sexuality qualifies anyone to have a leveled head.

  8. Gigi says

    Wow. Guess he’s never heard of a time, not too long ago, when people of his race couldn’t drink from WHITE’S ONLY drinking fountains. They didn’t want to “be with that sweet stuff” either.

  9. Sarcastic medved says

    He proves himself as an uneducated boob, who when his football career is finished will undoubtedly show up on some crass reality show. Or turns out HE is gay and comes out in 10 years time. Talk about the pot calling the kettle :-)

  10. Ted says

    “I don’t do that. No, we don’t got no gay people on the team, they gotta get up out of here if they do.”

    “Can’t be with that sweet stuff. Nah…can’t be…in the locker room man. Nah.”

    Seriously…where did he learn to speak English???

  11. Oliver says

    He probably lives in the Castro and is just playing this dumb homophobe.
    – I mean can anyone really be that dumb?
    Oh wait…he IS a football player, after all.

  12. Belthazar says

    @Saythetruth: This is not a black community issue, just like the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” or John McCain/Lindsey Grahams’ recent comments is a white community issue. It is about the comments of idiot – period!

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    “Maybe they should ban black people from the locker room like they used to. How would he feel about that?”

    Then you’d have no pro football, BENDSKIER.

    So, BENDSKIER, do you want to ban Baltimore’s Brendon Ayanbadejo from the lockerroom also?

    It was a stupid answer from this pro athlete and he’ll pay for it almost immediately.

    He doesn’t know a damn thing about Gay people except what he’s seen on the streets and what he’s heard from idiot comedians and rappers who are as about as eloquent as he is.

    Don’t make stupid comments in response to this athlete’s stupidity.

    And who is this radio host, Artie Lange? He must’ve known what kind of answer he’d get from what must be one of the most un-sophisticated and inarticulate members of the 49ers team.

    My goodness, SEAN, you must be sedated. What a mild response from you.

  14. jjose712 says

    imp : Oh please, that wouldn’t be a debate but a masacre.

    Kluwe puts the stereotypes to rest and shows that an athlete can be articulate and smart.

    This guy on the other hand, needs to go to school again. Or at least read some books, you find tons of foreigns that speak english more correctly than him

  15. JJ says

    Football. That’s the one with a bunch of muscly men who like to get together and prance around a meadow in super-tight pants with other muscly men, right? And the Super Bowl–that’s the one where they all stop in the middle to have a song, right?

  16. says

    Here’s another of his tweets:

    “Boy I wake up to a mean txt females in general just be — well let me just say they be on there PERIOD!! ”

    I guess we should feel better knowing he’s not just a homophobe: he’s a complete IDIOT.

  17. Francis says

    The backlash will be fun to watch. Let’s say I’m confident this guy won’t be on the 49ers next season. Yunel Escobar got effectively run out of Toronto, and this guy will be run out of San Francisco. By the way, good job Chris on turning thousands into Ravens fans.

  18. mlpjlk says

    I think if he took, and passed, an English grammar class his point might have been understood… As it is now, he just sounds like an uneducated bigot when he could sound like a Republican.

  19. Derrick from Philly says

    “I hate to stereotype but he fits so many of them it is difficult not to.”

    Maybe, PDX GUY, but that most important (and maybe enjoyable) stereotype is the one you’ll never see unless they take the camera into the shower.

  20. Derrick from Philly says

    “Also typical and expected: Derrick from Philly trying to EXPLAIN and DEFEND this guy! Making excuses for him. Unreal.”

    Defend? Defend? No, Sean, I’m not defending this po’ fool. I’m defending me and Frederick Douglass.

  21. Belthazar says

    Anytime someone starts a sentence, I hate to stereotype…, We want to be respectful of everyone…, or I don’t mean to offend anyone…, there is the inevitable “BUT”. Meaning, that is exactly what they want to do.

  22. says

    Yep Derrick there are good and bad stereotypes, that is for sure. 😉 Actually the ones I was referring to was that $EC schools are football factories that don’t even pretend to educate their athletes. They gave this guy a college diploma, think about that.

  23. Chitown Kev says

    Not too much racism here and derrick has already responded to it, so I won’t even go there.

    I will confess that my first thought at what this no-talking idiot said was that maybe you don’t do the gay guys, Chris, but do the gay guys do you, sweet-ums.

    That is the question

  24. David Hearne says

    Here’s a productive idea.

    Send a Valentine with a one dollar bill in it to Federation of Gay Games
    584 Castro Street Suite 343
    San Francisco, CA 94114

    And sign it, “sweet stuff”

  25. Derrick from Philly says


    yes, Lord. Could you imagine going home with Kwame? No ordinary person has a bed big enough to fit him. But I can fatasize. Oh, yes.

  26. Bill says

    @Francis: it might be kind of hard to run him out of San Francisco as the 49ers are moving to Santa Clara in 2014 – a new stadium is under construction there. The 49ers administrative and training facilities have been in Santa Clara for some time, and their current stadium (Candlestick Park) is nearly within sprinting distance of San Francisco’s border.

    You don’t have to be into football to know about the new stadium – just the real or imagined impact on already crowded freeways.

  27. Derrick from Philly says

    “Didn’t. I tell you guys that the SF 49 ers were one of the most homophobic teams around? You refused to believe me.

    Oh, Lord, we had to have atleast one Norma Desmond moment this evening.

  28. Jim in San Mateo says

    This idiot is cordially invited to go play for the Detroit Lyons. He is not mentally qualified to play on a Championship caliber team like the 49ers.

  29. stephen lucas says

    So far, the SF Chronicle has failed to cover this story. What are they afraid of?

    Will it finally expose the SF t49 era as being one of the most homophobic in the league?

  30. stephen lucas says

    This illustrates that, just because something has the SF name in front of it, it’s not necessarily gay-friendly. It perfectly demonstrates the fraud of liberalism.

    Liberals are good at making It Gets Better videos but, once the mask slips, it reveals a very ugly person.

  31. says

    So this turd would exclude Mark Bingham the gay rugby player and hero of Flight 93, from his locker room.

    Well, we know what you are,Chris, and you would not have had the sheer guts and personal strength of Mark Bingham.
    Your deep bigotry reeks of cowardice not heroism.

  32. stephen lucas says

    These are actually some of the nastiest anti-gay comments I’ve ever heard from an NFL player. If you read them, you will see that they are actually threatening in their nature – as in “if we find a gay player in our team, we’ll remove him.”. Nasty stuff.

    How ironic that a player from a team with San Francisco in front of its name has expressed such repulsive views!!

  33. stephen lucas says

    Also, the SF 49 ‘ers will probably ask Chris to issue a token apology for the benefit of our consumption. It will then continue to be the very homophobic team that it actually is.

  34. SFshawn says

    Having grown up in “Conservative” Orange County California which is one of the most,if not THE MOST conservative County in the United States for my first 25 years and living the last 25 years in the THE MOST liberal city in the USA-San Francisco(Castro). I will take the “liberal,openminded residents/tourists”of San Francisco over the “conservative,closeminded,ignorant,
    judgemental residents/tourists of Orange County. Whatever the ‘fraud of liberalism’ is I’d prefer it over the serious fraud of conservativism if there is even such a thing?

  35. Peter M. says

    Wow, just wow…
    And of all teams/cities, the 49ers/San Francisco.

    Unbelievable, I can’t understand how he thinks he’ll get away with this in San Francisco.

  36. andrew says

    More shocking than Culliver’s homophobia is his inability to speak the English language. Did he attend college? If so, he certainly deserves a refund.

  37. Bob says

    I feel terrible for how the centuries of oppression have caused such fragile masculinity in so many Black men, but I am totally sick of some of them, like this fool, spreading oppression and ignorance.

  38. Caliban says

    There’s a kernel of truth to most stereotypes and while there are many thoughtful, educated and intelligent athletes, the “dumb jock” label is often well deserved.

    Culliver is doubly stupid, not just for his ignorance about gays but for not seeing that the winds have changed, even in professional sports. How many fines have been levied against players for homophobic language on the field? Several. How many players have been forced by team management to walk back homophobic statements? Plenty. How many teams have given at least lip-service to “You Can Play” or “It Gets Better”? Many.

    This kind of sh*t doesn’t fly anymore.

    The countdown to a lame-@ss apology from this dope starts…. now.

  39. Guy says

    Dump him … after the Super Bowl.

    As of 30 minutes ago, this story has appeared everywhere online except on the site of the San Francisco Chronicle, the City’s main newspaper.

  40. Peter M. says

    “The San Francisco 49ers reject the comments that were made yesterday, and have addressed the matter with Chris. There is no place for discrimination within our organization at any level. We have and always will proudly support the LGBT community.”

    That’s all?!! They REJECT (well I hope they don’t agree with it goddamm)it and adressed the matter?!? Sack that SOB!!!

    That has to be the lamest statement I’ve ever heard. Shame on you 49ers!

  41. Steve says

    And suddenly I’ve gone from not caring at all to rooting for the Baltimore team named after a poem. Our folks in SF better man up and hold this guy accountable.

  42. Stefan says

    Well, someone is clearly trying to make a play for Cissy Houston.

    In his defense, he is right that you can’t enjoy that “sweet stuff” in the locker room. Unless you’re the only ones there, of course.

  43. Tad says

    This guy shows his ignorance, his pathetic lack of respect for others, and his wobbly (unsure) sense of himself. He needs to be traded to out of the NFL and AFL and into some run down league where he belongs.

  44. John says

    I don’t know why anyone here is making a big deal out of the fact that he plays for the 49ers. Players don’t choose which teams they play for. It’s not as though each team is made up of players who resided in that city prior to being drafted. So of course players aren’t going to adapt their values to the city they play for.

    NFL players, like most professional athletes in team sports, are bought and sold like chattel. Some wealthy team owners pay a lot of money for those players. The players don’t get usually get a whole lot of say about where they end up.

  45. Thomas Cardellino says

    Merely a bipedal animal, yet he’s a millionaire and hate-filled. And, more importantly, he uses a position of influence to take us back to the days when even blacks were prohibited from playing in the NFL. I agree with those who’ve basically stated that he does protest too much because I believe Artie Lange didn’t ask him if he was gay, but he answers that unasked question? And then describes it as “sweet?” By the way, however, as a 23 year resident of San Francisco, let me clarify that there are some fierce haters living within the City with even more of them living more openly hatefully in the surrounding hinterlands. I still carry a whistle and mace for apprehension about bashings.

  46. Bill says

    @Guy: while there might not have been anything on when you checked, there is an article about it now.

    My guess: they’ll send this guy to diversity training. They’ll also suggest he refrain from being interviewed until he’s had a number of sessions with a diction coach. Someone like Henry Higgins from George Bernard Shaw’s play Pygmalion or My Fair Lady, which was based on the play. Can you imagine him being taught to say, “The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain,” with an upper-class English accent? Here’s the result you can expect:

  47. Sean says

    Btw, anyone who wants to whine about racism needs to fess up to the fact they have NEVER lived in a mostly black neighborhood. I was never, ever, racist until I lived in Harlem and witnessed countless times the complete void of manners.

    And, btw, yes, some of my best friends are black.

  48. dixichuk says

    Assuming Mr. Culliver can read, he should check out NFL history books. The plight of his forebearers may have more in common with gays than he realizes.
    “as the game became more popular and NFL teams found they had more to lose by alienating racially prejudiced whites, black players were slowly purged from NFL rosters…the league-wide segregationist policy instituted in 1933 did hold for more than a decade, shutting out talented black athletes like Jackie Robinson and creating the false impression that pro football had always been a white game.”
    Who knew Jackie Robinson chose baseball as a back up career?

  49. Patrick says

    I wish I could address this directly to those pro athletes who are gay.

    Doesn’t this just piss you off? Don’t these comments want to make you kick his ass (not that I’m advocating violence)? When are you guys going to get the balls to stand up to clowns like this.

  50. David Hearne says

    One of these days, municipalities will figure out that pro sports teams are a scam. They claim to generate tax base, but they don’t really. They extort tax dollars from jock sniffing politicians, and they keep as many of the dollars spent on this waste of time to themselves. The rest of the money goes to their friends. Down here, the Tampa Bay Rays keep threatening to leave St Pete and your average citizen keeps saying ‘Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.” while politicians act like a major employer is leaving town. These guys aren’t from here. Half of them don’t live here. And the people they do employ are basically day laborers who would get just as much work if the Thunderdome went back to being a concert venue.

  51. Tom221 says

    Interesting. Either the interviewer is a real jerk for laughing and encouraging this guy, or he knew exactly what he was doing to out this guy’s bigotry. If the interviewer had made some kind of “gay is ok” statement from the start, Culliver may have played along.

    Either way, it worked out well for us.

    And you know – it’s a shame the apology doesn’t sound sincere. But the attention this is getting IS sincere. And that’s where the positive ramifications will come from.

  52. Mark says

    I find it hard to be outraged by someone whose speech requires subtitles. Too bad Barbara Billingsley’s not still alive to translate his unintelligible babbling.

  53. says

    I have news for you, Chrissie-poo! I’ve been in your locker room and I know where you live. Of course this was a couple of decades ago, and it helped that I was with someone who owned a VIP box in Candlestick (known to us by another, less prosaic, synonym). But yes… this big, ol’ Gayer-than-thou-ever-wisheth-to-be DRAG QUEEN has been in your locker room, seen all the nekkid menz, and – from behind – it was rather impressive. From the front? …hmmm, not so much. And, for the most part, the nekkid menz I met could hold a conversation in something that resembled English.

    And IMP – love the moniker, BTW – I would sincerely hope the idea of him debating Kluwe was sarcasm on your part. In order to debate effectively one must speak the same language as one’s opponent. Mr. Kluwe speaks English… just sayin’.

  54. michael says

    “I don’t do the gay guys man,” Culliver said, according to Yahoo. “I don’t do that. No, we don’t got no gay people on the team, they gotta get up out of here if they do.”

    whats that, ignorant-black speak? i got news bucko, you aint all that and a bag-o-chips. trust me, no gay guys are looking at you much less wanting to jump that nasty a*&.

  55. Scott says

    Why are you still talking about this? His team leadership publicly chastised him. Let’s not give this any more attention. The guy’s immature and ignorant. Let’s move on.

  56. Bellah says

    Upon reviewing these comments I wonder why it is ok to trash this guy with only the worst examples of Racism and homophobia. There should be a story done about the community that thinks these responses are ok.

  57. t says

    dont have a problem with gay men playing football. Would have a problem with them in the locker room just as i would have a problem with women in the locker room.

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