Silvio Berlusconi, Marriage Equality Advocate?

Is the former Italian Prime Minister an advocate of equal marriage? LGBT groups are suspicious.

Gay Star News:

Last Monday Berlusconi said:

‘I’m in favor of granting legal status to couples who live together, including gays, if there is a majority that makes it possible to change the civil code’.

But Italy’s gay groups are expressing concern and ‘disillusion’.

Fabrizio Marrazzo, Gay Center’s leader, said: 'The three governments Berlusconi led between 1994 and 2011 did nothing for LGBT people. Concrete proposals are certainly necessary.'

Leading LGBT association Arcigay’s president Flavio Romani said: 'I have legitimate suspicions about such a sudden change of course. Berlusconi should put his pledge in black and white.'

Enrico Oliari, president of a right-wing LGBT association, welcomed Berlusconi’s remarks: ‘Berlusconi’s opening-up over the recognition of gay couples is a piece of news you cannot fail to take account of.’


  1. Paul R says

    What Scott said. This hardly seem like a momentous change of heart. He’s basically saying, I believe in democracy. And he’s not exactly known for his stellar moral compass and is out of power, so it doesn’t matter much.

  2. Charlie-o says

    The Italians just can’t get rid of this embarassment. (I love it!) They’ve got great food, great art, great architecture, great fashion, etc. But they’ve also got Silvio. My Italian friends might get too smug without him.

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