1. jjose712 says

    I know he was some kind of iconic athlete, but come on. He was a mediocre cyclist before the cancer, and suddenly, after recovering he became the greatest ever. After something that probably destroy anyone’s career he started to win what he wasn’t able before the illness.
    There’s no surprise at all that he dope himself.
    And the worse part is that if he wasn’t such an arrogant, he probably woud come clean of all this, but he had to retun to show the world he was the best. Well, that’s the result

  2. Andrew says

    They work for me and I’m using the comp at my job that hasn’t been updated since the Hoover Administration. The problem is on your end.

    Stewart is awesome as always.

  3. anon says

    Athletes are nothing special even if their performances are special sometimes. If there is a gaydar, why isn’t there a jerkdar? My jerkdar is much better than my gaydar.

  4. Bill says

    One unanswered question: how did he avoid a positive test over so many years given that they supposedly keep old samples so those can be retested. It’s one thing to pick a combination and dosage of drugs that can’t be detected today, but it isn’t so easy to pick ones today that won’t be detectable 5 years from now when the tests have improved in sensitivity and/or accuracy.

    Was there insider information about when testing would be done? Did they somehow swap in older samples or samples from someone else? Were they just lucky?

  5. Diogenes Arktos says

    @V-8: LOL I thought I might get a response to the Turing reference on a gay website, so I didn’t try Babbage. OTOH – there was a discussion of set theory and the continuum hypothesis a few months ago.

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