Jon Stewart Looks at Obama’s Oath, Michelle’s Bangs: VIDEO

Sonia Sotomayor:





  1. Markt says

    Stewart is way more intelligent and quick-witted. We would be better off with him on the Court. Scalia must run right over her. Could she convince any of the other judges on any matter? Her answers were so hollow I thought I heard an echo – a boring, cliche ridden echo. I was going to buy her book – this interview saved me the money.

  2. E. Manhattan says

    @Mike in NYC – Her speech, like her movements, is rather slow and deliberate, and occasionally halting. If you go by stereotypes, this must mean that she’s not smart. But read her judicial opinions, and it’s clear that she is definitely Supreme Court material.

    A friendly aquaintance of mine, long ago, Jim Pollack, also talked very slowly and deliberately.

    He was used to people thinking he was not very bright – waitresses would be condescending, cashiers would get impatient with him, people at parties would often dismiss him without actually listening to what he had to say.

    In fact, though, he was a highly respected NASA scientist, was very influential in both earth science and astrophysics, and was a profoundly good human being with a good sense of humor. A few of us used to get together to play cards, and he was great company – he spoke slowly, but was well worth listening to. And in a time when it was not professionally safe to be openly gay, he had the courage to be openly gay at work.

    Knowing Jim and a number of other non-standard people over the years has taught me to take my time with people, and to avoid jumping to conclusions about them quickly. There are some marvelous people in the world who don’t excel at snappy patter or bon mots, and who use standard phrases to express themselves – but who are exceptional in both their field of work and as good humans.

    You may change your mind about Justice Sotomayor, as her career on the Supreme Court unfolds. Or not. But as she says, she’s protected from quick and shallow opinions of her made by people who don’t read her judicial opinions. She’s got the job for life.

    I’m glad she’s there, myself.

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