Towleroad Talking Points: People are Still Awesome in 2013



A look back at today's top stories


A day after Obama's second inauguration and despite the fact that the White House clarified that Obama believes gay marriage is not a federal issue, people worldwide are still buzzing about the major statement the President made for in his inaugural address. Unsurprisingly, Peter Sprigg (head of the hateful FRC) was not very happy about Obama's pro-gay statements. Even though Stephen Colbert was displeased about the lack of rhymes in his poem, openly gay poet Richard Blanco was still honored to read his work at yesterday's ceremony.

Also Jon Stewart takes a look at the most important story from yesterday, Michelle Obama's bangs!




While in Sundance to promote his two new films, James Franco told MTV News that he has been dealing with gay rumors since he was a teenager. In a rare candid interview, Prince Harry compares killing real people to playing a video game. Yikes. Also watch Rachel Dratch run a Julia Roberts themed obstacle course. #DrinkYourJuiceShelby.



In 2010 a YouTube video touting the awesomeness of people got 55 million views. Turns out people are still just as awesome. And Karl Lagerfeld made a statement at the close of his show at Paris Fashion Week today by sending esbian brides down the runway

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