Towleroad Talking Points: The Holocaust Isn’t Sexy


A look back at today's top stories


If you are having trouble deciding who you are rooting for in the Super Bowl on Sunday, maybe the fact that Chris Culliver of the 49ers doesn't want gays in the NFL will help you pick (p.s. – he 'apologized'). Lawmakers in Tennessee are again trying to make it an extremely intolerant place as the "Don't Say Gay" bill is back and worse than ever. The Prime Minister of Singapore has a really well reasoned answer for why the law that criminalizes homosexuality will remain; just because it's already there. Also the Westboro Baptist church is throwing their crazy into the ring against the Prop 8 trial

Oh and apparently invoking the Holocaust while trying to attract dudes is not a cool thing to do



While Manti Te'o has tried to make it clear that he is "faaaar from" gay, the man behind the hoax appears to be just the opposite. Today he told Dr. Phil (below) that he was obsessed with Te'o. Congrats to former Gomer Pyle actor Jim Nabors who recently married his longtime partner! And Jon Stewart takes a look at the inroads gays are making in the Boy Scouts and the NFL



With the White House's recent statements regarding gay inclusion in immigration reform, our Ari Waldman takes a look at what the possibilities for and roadblocks to LGBT inclusion are. Former Rep. Gabby Gifords made a stirring speech in front of the Senate Judiciary hearing on gun violence today. It's worth a listen. 



Heads up to the San Francisco defense, your plan to tickle tackle Dennis Pitta may not work. And Life by the Numbers is encroaching on ASAPScience's territory

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