1. Matt26 says

    The pic speaks a thousand words.
    The biggest headline in Sweden at the moment is a huge car accident with hundreds of cars involved outside Åstorp in E4. At the moment three dead and many injured.

  2. ratbastard says

    A Scandinavian Winter:

    Intense cold, snow, long dark nights, short bleak days….there’s a reason why alcohol consumption is so popular in Sweden and the Nordic countries.


  3. Michael W. says

    D’OH! Okay. I get it now…for some reason, the headline made it sound (in my head) like she plowed it into the building on purpose, so it made me wonder how she got the train off the tracks. Sorry, I’m an idiot!

  4. Bill says

    @Cully: “How does one drive a train somewhere the tracks don’t go?”

    Easy – you just go around a curve too fast, or
    over a switch that is set in the wrong direction for the track you are on.

    Railroads have a signaling system similar to traffic lights indicating whether a train should proceed beyond some point or stop. The “cleaning lady” could easily have ignored that, assuming a switch setting resulted in the derailment.

  5. iban4yesu says

    @ Cully,

    By the time it collided with the building, the train’s speed was 80km/h and it(at least, the front part of the train) flew 25 meters to ram into the house, according to Aftonbladet.

  6. beef and fur says

    Keys to a train. Funny. Practically anyone can walk into a rail yard and board a running locomotive (especially in cold weather – diesels are left running 24/7)and they are not locked. Getting out of the yard is another story.

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