Victor Garber Confirms a Fact ‘Everybody Knows': He’s Gay

Entertainment blogger Greg Hernandez had a hunch that notoriously private actor Victor Garber (Smash, Titanic) had never publicly discussed his sexuality, even though, at least in the Broadway community and among industry insiders, he was living in a glass closet. So Hernandez decided to ask during an interview during the TV Critics Association Press Tour:

GarberWe were being rushed off the stage so the next panel could be set up so I thanked him and we parted ways. I sat down but couldn’t help wondering: "Did he come out and I missed it?"

So I got up, walked into the lobby of the Langham Huntington Hotel and found Garber. I just decided to ask him: "Wikipedia lists Rainer Andreesen as your partner. I wondered if that’s something that’s public, that you've confirmed."

He seemed surprised by the question but said: "I don’t really talk about it but everybody knows."

Garber then added: "He's going to be out here with me for the SAG Awards."

And there you have it.


  1. aneas taint says

    LOVE HIM. Not because of this, which has been known for-truly-ever but just because he is so damned likable.

  2. Dback says

    My sister is going to be crushed to have his official confirmation–she’s had it BAD for him since “Titanic.”

  3. Chris says

    Nice. I saw him at Good in the W Village like 15 years ago when I was new to NYC and barely knew who he was. I think I had just seen him in First Wives Club. He was at a table of gay guys and I thought, “Hmmm. I guess he’s gay.” I’ve checked here and there over the years to see if he ever came out. Glad he finally did!

  4. topher says

    Ok, this guy is like 65 and didn’t say anything at all about being gay till now, yet he gets all the praise. But Jodie Foster did the unforgivable yesterday (if you go by the amount of negative comments on this website) and she’s an old irrelevant hoe who should shut her pipe hole. Got it, gays.

  5. Warren says

    About 20 years ago I was filming a scene as an extra in the movie “Singles” and he had a cameo. At the lunch break, he sat down at the table with me and my friend and struck up a conversation. We chatted for about an hour, neither my friend nor I realizing who he was (I knew him from “Godspell” but had no idea that this actor with one line was Victor Garber). He was so cool, classy and easygoing. I like to tell myself he was flirting and I missed a great opportunity. Oh well. :)

  6. bkmn says

    You have class Victor.

    So glad to see you feeling comfortable out and about.

    Here is to your future endeavors! (endeavours for our Canadien friends)

  7. Houndentenor says

    Everybody knew. There’s no reason he couldn’t have been open about it before now. I think there’s a lot of pressure on actors (from their agents and from producers) to stay in the closet. I’m glad everyone is cutting him some slack but I agree with the other poster that this is no different than Jodie Foster. He never tried to hide it. He just never talked about it.

  8. ChristopherM says

    Wow, he actually said it. I guess he should prepare for his reality show now, Here Comes Victor Boo Boo, right Jodie?

  9. ChristopherM says

    Wow, he actually said it. I guess he should prepare for his reality show now, Here Comes Victor Boo Boo, right Jodie?

  10. says

    Peoples obsession with actors, comedians, sports figures, or politicians coming out or not does nothing but quite frankly sicken me.

    A person’s sexual proclivities is no one but that person’s business. I’m not going to go see more movies or less movies by an actor/actress simply because they are or are not a member of the LGBT community.

    Coming out as gay does not affect my believing of an actor’s character portrayal, talent does.

    Quite frankly, I respect actors who make it a non-issue. Simply saying my private life is my own. Neither denying nor affirming their sexuality.

    To be honest most peoples sexuality is fluid and changes over time. You may have had experiences or u may not have had them yet. You may go from a top, to versatile, to bottom, to asexual to varying combinations over time.

    The only time a person’s sexual activities are of any concern to me is if I am currently in a sexual relationship with that person.

    Sexuality has nothing to do with ones abilities as an actor, comedian, politician, cleric, sports figure or any other public or private profession. Skill, talent, & education does.

  11. Jersey says

    Wow and he didn’t feel the need to throw every brave soul who came before him (including Honey Boo Boo) under the bus as he did this, impressive.

  12. johnosahon says

    ok, he did not say “i am GAY”, he said “I don’t really talk about it but everybody knows.”, so why are people not crucifying him like Jodie Foster. What’s the difference between what he said and what she said, other than the extra 10 minutes blahing she did?

    Anyways congrats Victor

  13. Ted says

    Damn! Victor Garber -pick me, pick me! I knew from your guest role on Will & GRac e, i could just tell!!

  14. says

    Victor’s boyfriend is smokin’hot. You can find lots of pictures of them together on Google.

    Believe it or not, back in the day Victor used to go with

    (wait for it)

    Nathan Lane.

  15. Stefan says

    I guess the difference between him and Jodie Foster is that he didn’t give this odd and slightly angry diatribe that sort of inadvertently criticized people who do live a more public life.

  16. Josh says

    @Chad Hunt:
    Right, because no one knows anything about straight celebrities’ dating/marriage/sex lives. Let’s all focus on something totally irrelevant and pretend there isn’t a double standard. Lalalalalalalala… homophobia doesn’t exist… lalalalalalalalalalala

  17. Prof Sancho Panza says

    Forget “Titanic”! He was the first Anthony in “Sweeney Todd” and the first John Wilkes Booth in “Assassins.” (Gotta go for the Sondheim credits here.) A really fine stage performer.

  18. S.L. says

    I thought it was common knowledge that Victor Garber was openly gay. I swear I’ve read interviews in the past where he openly talked about his male partner. Certainly in Canada and in theatre circles it’s well known. Maybe he’s just not a big enough Hollywood star for people to care and ask about the details of his personal life.

    Someone should tell blogger Greg Hernandez that just because *he* didn’t know someone was gay doesn’t mean that person is “in the closet”. You can’t even say Victor Garber was in a “glass closet”. If you didn’t know Victor Garber was gay, it’s certainly no fault of his.

  19. Rational says

    Jesus is Gay (Victor was Jesus off Broadway as well as in the Movie of Godspell)…but I didn’t think it was a secret, all of us working at the theatre knew in 1972…

  20. LIZA says

    @Jersey: Jodie did not throw everyone who came before her under a bus. Re-read/re-view what she said. Quit making things up bitter queen.

    CHRISTOPHERM according to YOUR standard he never actually said “it”. Your standard is saying “I’m gay” and he never actually said those words in the article. You are playing loose with the facts again (i.e. Jane Lynch being pissed, when the cutaway clearly shows her smiling). Why do you give everyone else a free pass but skewer Jodie Foster? Why don’t you just come out and say it: you don’t like her.

    The double standard on here is appaling.

  21. bandanajack says

    well, i like to consider myself one of the voices of reason here, and i was deeply offended at her likening coming out in the recent past, not to mention the times when stating that you were gay could cost you your career and even your life, to courting a media circus. that media circus was the price her predecessors paid so that she MIGHT live the quiet life she understandably wanted to live. likening them, and even those of use here to honey boo boo because we are openly gay is DEEPLY offensive.

    she owes lance bass, ellen degeneris, chely wright, luke mcfarland et al a real apology, and not one of those, sorry if i offended anyone, non-apologies.

    i should bite my tongue for saying it, but right now i can’t help thinking that she and mel gibson deserve one another…

  22. Steve says

    Aside from their different fame level, he and Foster are the same. People generally knew they were gay. They didn’t make a secret about it. They just didn’t hold a press conference and write a book. It was exactly what Foster referred to in her speech.

  23. ChristopherM says

    Liza, I actually do like some of her movies. But by YOUR standards, Garber just came out in a similar way, only less meandering and without insulting everyone who came before him. Not to mention without giving shout outs to a racist spouse abuser or whining for his privacy while yammering on about his kids and his mother. Why don’t YOU just admit you want to schtup her.

  24. says

    Victor played Mayor Moscone inn “Milk” which was a great source of fun for everyone working on that film, as the straight actor (Sean Penn) played the gay activist and the gay actor (Victor) played the straight Mayor.

    Victor is teriffic in “Argo.”

  25. Jere says

    Here is the thing about Jodie Foster and Victor Garber, two actors about whom “everybody” already knew. First, not everybody knew, as clearly evidenced by this thread. A prominent person can be as open as you want with friends and family, but, until he or she says it on the record in the press, they are not out “officially.” The press will still, for whatever reason, pussyfoot around the issue and not ever raise the subject. Now, whenever Garber or Foster are next on a press junket promoting something, the questions are fair game. They, of course, do not have to answer those questions, but, at least, the veil has been lifted and the questions can be asked, just as they are asked of every hetero actor out there.

  26. Joseph L. says

    Jodie Foster did not throw anyone under the bus. She gave examples of people who live their so-called private lives in the media, and said she was not one of those people. I’ve seen the “duh” reactions from the community to celebs coming out in the general media, but never such virulence as against Jodie Foster, who donates tons of money to LGBT causes like the Trevor Project. Then when Victor Garber comes out and says he doesn’t really discuss his private life in the media, (and doesn’t say “gay” either, but, like Jodie, confirms his partner) people are like “yay go him.” What a stupid double standard. Everyone in their own time… celebs do not have a duty to come out to the media. Yes, it’s nice when they do, but to actually knock them for it is appalling.

  27. Betty Treacle says

    I didn’t know. Ergo everybody did not know. Ergo he was wrong.

    But congratulations on coming out in 2013 anyway. You’re a bit late for the party, but you can come anyway.

  28. Joey says

    It is amazing to me the criticism of Jodie Foster. She is a real, actual person who does not need to live up to the new conformity which says everyone in the public eye must come out. I was there when Harvey Milk said come out come out and I did and have for the last 40 years but I refuse to lecture someone who had far more to lose than I. It was a brilliantly delivered speech given to grown-ups who understand life isn’t lived to please others.

  29. EchtKultig says

    “I thought it was common knowledge that Victor Garber was openly gay. I swear I’ve read interviews in the past where he openly talked about his male partner.”

    I agree. I feel like I saw him on a list of out actors years ago.

  30. db says

    To be fair, how many interviews with Garber are there? He’s a great actor and performer but he’s not someone who’s going on a lot of talk shows.

  31. LIZA says

    CHRISTOPHER: Nice try putting it back on me and my “standards”. But you and your “mean girl” friends on here are the one who set the bar and that was for people to actually say “I’m gay” otherwise they didn’t really come out. Then when Victor comes out but doesn’t say the words “I’m gay” but lives his life in the same way as Jodie (doesn’t discuss their private life every chance they get, comes out in a matter of fact, non-spectacle way) you guys want to give him sainthood while slammming her like she is the worst person in the world. Look, we get that you don’t like her. We also get that you are pissed that she is still friends with Mel, but get over it.

    As for dismissing people who disagree with you that we want to “schtup” her. I’m a man and I have no interest in doing her. Just because “Liza” is my post name, doesn’t mean I’m a woman. You are the one acting like a catty little high school girl in her clique of b*tchy friends. Some people need to grow up, this isn’t high school.

  32. GregV says

    I’m surprised this is news. I’ve been admiring pics on the internet of the handsome couple Victor and Rainer for years. I didn’t think anyone thought Rainer was a secret.
    And to be fair, he wasn’t asked if he was gay in this case. He was asked if Rainer is his partner and he answered that everybody knows that he is. (A bisexual could have answered in the same way, as is also the case with Jodie Foster’s Golden Globes speech, in which she never mentioned her orientation).
    I also remember seeing Maverick 19 years ago and talking to my straight friend after the movie about the fact that he had the hots for Jodie Foster and that she’s gay. I don’t remember how I knew, but I remember that it didn’t seem to be a secret.

  33. antisaint says

    The timing on this is crazy, I happened to wikipedia Victor Garber just a few days ago and found out he was gay. I had no idea, but was happy to hear it. Actually with Jodie, the first time I’d heard she was a lesbian was probably ten years ago, in an article that was joking about celebs in the closet. I didn’t realize it was true.

  34. DAN says

    He was “sinfully delicious” in an episode of Will & Grace. He also played Frasier’s butler in one episode as well.

  35. ThomT says

    I don’t get it. I thought we wanted to reach the point where people didn’t have to confirm or deny their sexual orientation. I’ve not Garber was gay for decades but I’ve never heard him say it. I don’t see that any performer has to make a statement concerning their private life unless they so choose – what does it really matter. I have enjoyed numerous performance by Mr. Garber over the years and hope to enjoy many more. And, as for Ms. Foster’s 10 minute diatribe – what was that all about? Was she just pissed off at someone or what? The repeated shots of Mel Gibson made it appear as though he was unaware Ms. Foster is a lesbian and he was either heartbroken and/or ready to throw up.

  36. Thomasina says

    @S.L.: Here is a Canadian interview from April 2012 in which he mentions Rainer Andreesen as his “companion” (a term that strikes me as a bit awkward but still better than “partner”):

    Aside from his theatrical successes, Garber was asked, what is his proudest achievement?

    “My relationships with my family and my friends. My companion Rainer Andreesen and I have been together almost 13 years in Greenwich Village. We both love New York.”

    I hesitated to ask, but is he Jewish?

    “No, but he is Canadian.”

  37. DAN says

    *Re-posted from another thread:

    Unbelievable! When Jodie comes out at an awards show (again) by confirming what was already known but without saying those two magic words that has become your standard…”I’m gay”…the drama queen nails came out and you’re all over her saying she truly didn’t come out and you vilify her and take her speech out of context! When Victor Garber confirms he is gay but does not say those words “I’m gay” you’re all excited and praising him. When Matt Dallas came out last week he did not say, “I’m gay”, but let everyone know by tweeting a pic of his fiance, you guys couldn’t welcome the little hottie to your club faster! Not one of you posted saying you needed to hear the words’s “I’m gay” out of his mouth.

    You threw a pride parade in Victor and Matt’s honor, Jodie was kicked to the curb. What an absolute disgusting display of a double standard. This community preaches and asks people not to judge us and to accept us, but some of you are the first to the front of the line when it comes to judging others, especially one of our own. It’s sad when we tear down a fellow gay person in a catty, childish display because they didn’t live up to your own definition of how to live. You are no better than a schoolyard bully. It’s no wonder why some people stay in the closet especially those in the public eye. Not only do they have to face bigots in the heterosexual world, but have to deal with those in the gay community who act like a bunch of judgemental highschoolers. Forget it.

  38. says

    Glad he came out.
    Loved his role in Alias… and that show in general. Even named our female dog “Syndey” after the Sydney Bristow character :-)

    Thanks for this article and your reporting. What you do is appreciated.

    I posted it to my LGBT Group on LinkedIn with over 17,000 global members to spur members to read your article and to make comment. I also scooped it at Scoop.It on my LGBT Times news mashup.

    Link to group >>

    All LGBT+ and community allies…. please come join me and 17,000+ of your soon to be great connections on LinkedIn. The member base represents 80% of the world’s countries.

    It’s core value is – Visibility can lead to awareness which can lead to equality. Come stand with us and increase our visibility on the globe’s largest professional networking site. Be a professional who just happens to be LGBT – or a welcomed community ally

  39. GARY says

    @Chad Hunt — you make the point beautifully; being gay is no big deal. However, it is important for celebrities, atheletes, politicians, etc., to come out, as doing so puts real faces on gay people and demonstrates that we really are just like everyone else.

  40. GARY says

    @Chad Hunt — you make the point beautifully; being gay is no big deal. However, it is important for celebrities, atheletes, politicians, etc., to come out, as doing so puts real faces on gay people and demonstrates that we really are just like everyone else.