1. unruly says

    Andrew, you have some horrible musical taste if you think the future ubiquity of this song is a good thing.

  2. Michael says

    That boy must be using a lot of hair relaxer or spending plenty of time with a blow dryer. Good-by super curly hair of 90’s.

  3. George F says

    There is a new Justin on the block nowadays…I really doubt there is space for 2 Justins taking over the Pop world superstardom…
    So I dont think Timberlake’s return is gonna be as successful as some predict… And this song keeps getting bad reviews on the web…

  4. T.s. says

    This would have always been vapid garbage, but (fickle as pop tastes are) it sounds just plain silly coming from Timberlake after a musical hiatus. The media machine is already hard at work trying to make us give a damn, because if it were anyone but Timberlake no one would notice this uncrafted turd. They don’t need your help, but then…maybe you do really like it. It takes all types…

  5. Brian in Texas says

    He was obviously going for a jazzy R&B sound on this track. Not everything can be bubble gum pop or a club song. This is not my favorite song of his, but I like it for what it is and am looking forward to the rest of the album.

  6. Brad says

    Can this man sing without the help of a bunch of electronics? Him and his pal Britney Spears both sound like they have to use AutoTune to sing.