1. they're big ones says

    Ha, ha: They said they wouldn’t and I made them do it!

    No more Mr. Nice Black Guy, now he’s getting in touch with his inner Caucasian. Kicked ’em right in the old tea pot.

  2. Rob says

    And there is your “Best Actor” Oscar worthy performance for 2012. Get in line all you fellow thespians out in Hollywood. Obama’s got this one in the bag. Quite a performance. Tragedy is more his style in the end.

    Smoke and Mirrors suit him so well.

    41% Tax Increase : 1% Budget Cut
    Bravo! That is some CEO success Mr. President.

    Next time you use the word balanced we will know exactly what you mean by that. All for me… none for you.

    Kind of like that knife and gun routine you did back in your vaudeville days.

  3. Jonathan says

    This entire “fiscal cliff” is theater of the absurd. The GOP only represents the rich and corporations, and the democrats represent corporations and merely pay lip service to the quickly disappearing middle class.

    Watch in the near future as Obama barters away the last of the New Deal entitlements.

  4. Husky14620 says

    @Jonathan They’re NOT entitlements, their EARNED BENEFITS! I’ve been paying into Social Security and Medicare since my very first paycheck. I’m not “entitled” to them, I’ve earned them and paid for them for years. And I’ve even had them partially stolen from me already, thanks the the Repugs changing the retirement age and the rules that determine how they are calculated.

    Entitlements are something given to royalty. Like the billions given to fictitious entities by corporate welfare, the billions in golden parachutes for the criminal CEO’s who bankrupt companies and get paid bonuses for doing so, and the Rolls-Royce level health care that our elected officials give themselves while telling us to be grateful for our 50% premium hikes (I won’t call it Cadillac, because that doesn’t do it justice).

  5. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    The “Fiscal Cliff” legislation was so important to Pres. Obama that Marine-One was already warming-up it’s engines during the President’s 1120pm presser once it passed. He went straight from the Press Briefing Room to the helipad, he couldn’t even be bothered to wait overnight to sign it…instead it will languish on his desk while he plays with his daughters on a nice, warm beach in Hawaii.

    **I’m so glad he cares… **sarcasm-off**

    Meanwhile…Obama, Boehner and Reid told New Jersey, Long Island and Staten Island’s storm-ravaged tens-of-thousands to “drop dead” ’til February for Sandy relief funds. Katrina relief was funded in less than 30 days…it’s been 65-days and counting.

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