1. Bill says

    @ratbastard: with a population of about 300 million in the U.S. alone, you can find some pretty weird people. What is going on is that the communication technology we now have makes it possible for the 1 out of 100 million cases to get national attention.

    Don’t assume there is any rational purpose as there may not be. You know, like the so-called Taliban sympathizer recently arrested for trying to blow up a bank in the hope of causing a civil war, with the FBI providing fake explosives. Some questions are being raised about it, mainly because the perpetrator appears to be suffering from an unspecified mental illness and might have been sucked into the plot by the FBI’s efforts to see if he would try to do anything. You can read an analysis at (it is a copy of a Mercury News article, but I couldn’t find the original on line, although I saw the start of an article today while passing a newspaper rack).

  2. cathy says

    I am always confuses as to what god they pray to because is not god everything good why would he promote hate and judgement i think anyone preaching any negative views should rethink and god is the only one that should judge.

  3. andrew says

    @Cathy: Read the Old Testament. The Israelite tribal god Yahweh that Christians and Jews have rehabilitated and call him Our Heavenly Father” was a hatefvul warrior god whose favorite passtime was inflicting pain and sorrgow on humans. Evil people like the Phelps family are simply following the lead of that hateful biblical god. You know the god who drowned the entire population of the earth except for Noah’s family because he was mad about their “sins” Don’t you wonder what awful sins the little children had committed that he would drown them? ETC ETC

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