American Family Association Doesn’t Want Gay Corpses in Arlington National Cemetery

The American Family Association has sent out an action alert regarding the military benefits that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced yesterday would be extended to the same-sex partners and families of gay servicemembers — nearly the full extent permitted under current law (a Q&A about the benefits can be found here).

ArlingtonThe AFA is upset about the announcement, and is urging its followers to contact the DoD. In the proposed text of the letter attached to their action alert, they pay particular attention to the fact that gay people will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery with the dignity and honor of their straight counterparts.

The text reads:

Under your watch, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has effectively devastated our nation's military by allowing the "gay agenda" to take priority over national defense.

This week, his decision to grant "marriage" benefits to homosexuals in the military presents an unacceptable risk to good order, discipline, morale and unit cohesion – qualities essential for combat readiness.

Most disturbing is his decision to allow homosexual partners to be buried on the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery.

I urge you to do your part in restoring sanity to the Department of Defense and stop social experimentation in the military.