American Family Association Doesn’t Want Gay Corpses in Arlington National Cemetery

The American Family Association has sent out an action alert regarding the military benefits that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced yesterday would be extended to the same-sex partners and families of gay servicemembers — nearly the full extent permitted under current law (a Q&A about the benefits can be found here).

ArlingtonThe AFA is upset about the announcement, and is urging its followers to contact the DoD. In the proposed text of the letter attached to their action alert, they pay particular attention to the fact that gay people will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery with the dignity and honor of their straight counterparts.

The text reads:

Under your watch, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has effectively devastated our nation's military by allowing the "gay agenda" to take priority over national defense.

This week, his decision to grant "marriage" benefits to homosexuals in the military presents an unacceptable risk to good order, discipline, morale and unit cohesion – qualities essential for combat readiness.

Most disturbing is his decision to allow homosexual partners to be buried on the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery.

I urge you to do your part in restoring sanity to the Department of Defense and stop social experimentation in the military.


  1. ***** says

    I was going to say that did they not realize that there are already gay people buried there, but then I realized that it is the AFA that is the subject of the article. How does the world survive with such organized ignorance? Nevermind–I just thought about organized religion.

  2. Bill says

    It seems the AFA thinks some members of the military deserve less benefits than others. Meanwhile our secretary of defense is simply doing what is required after DADT was repealed by Congress, so naturally these AFA idiots blame him.

  3. BETTY says

    Even in death the AFA doesn’t want “the gays” around them. Gay people can die to fight for their freedom and protection and the freedom and protection of the families the AFA “represent”, but gay soldiers are not good enough to be buried along with their loved one with the same honor of a heterosexual?

    What the hell concern is it of the AFA where somebody is being buried anyways?

  4. Moz's says

    Hollowed ground?

    It is a revenge burial site. Robert E Lee’s front yard and because he went with the south the FED said these deaths are on your hands and buried the dead on his front yard

    Yeah it has become natonaly sacred due to the bodies of those who have served this nationbeing there but the holy sky fairy didnt create it

  5. walter says

    at least these people served their country which probably more than most of the bigoted afa did. and in the history of Arlington there are probably of hundreds of gays already buried there. these damn bigots are getting worse they are losing the battle and are getting desparate

  6. Lymis says

    @ Craig

    Spouses. My parents are buried in Arlington. Each eligible servicemember gets a single plot. If they are married, the first to die is buried double-deep, and the subsequent spouse is buried at the usual depth. It’s not a double plot or a second grave.

    In the case of my parents, since my father’s first wife predeceased him, my parents were both cremated, and dad buried near the headstone, with mom buried where his feet would have gone. Each family gets a single headstone, with the servicemember on the front, and the spouse(s) on the back.

    There are no graves in Arlington that don’t contain a servicemember.

  7. woodroad34 says

    Well, God will remember the AFA and come the Rapture, AFA members will be flapping their arms wondering why they’re not flying to Heaven. Oh, AFA members, that’s not Global Warming–the heat is coming from the pits of Hell you’ve been spirited off to; check your name cards at the Devil’s table.

  8. Matt N says

    Obviously, the AFA isn’t that concerned about this affecting the military’s “combat readiness” if the thing they find “most disturbing” is that the spouse of a gay person will be allowed be buried in the same cemetery as their veteran spouse.

    I mean, really…

  9. Gerard says

    The title of this post is misleading (I initially thought it was a headline from Queerty when it appeared in my RSS reader). It makes it sound like the AFA is lamenting the burial of gay soldiers (not just their civilian partners) in an effort to make the AFA sounds worse than they are. The AFA is already making themselves look bad; you don’t need to help them by mussing your journalistic values in the process.

  10. unruly says

    @Lymis you’re a little wrong on this: “There are no graves in Arlington that don’t contain a servicemember.” There are slaves buried at Arlington under “citizen.”

  11. says

    It’s not enough that the AFA didn’t want gays in the military and have contributed to their deaths through their hateful propaganda, now they won’t even let gay soldiers rest in peace.

    If the AFA had their way, gay people wouldn’t even be allowed to have burials – they’d just throw the bodies in a grinder and serve it to their dogs.

  12. Diogenes Arktos says

    “This week, his decision to grant ‘marriage’ benefits to homosexuals in the military presents an unacceptable risk to good order, discipline, morale and unit cohesion – qualities essential for combat readiness.”

    Sorry, AFA, if it hasn’t happened already with the simple repeal of DADT and the admission of gays into the military, it won’t happen with the reality of gay couples.

  13. SayTheTruth says

    Why are these people relevant still. They lost. They must accept it. Clinching to cemeteries must be their last battle, maybe because they are already there.

  14. blonder says

    I’m sure there are plenty of gay men and women already resting at Arlington.
    They fought for their country (being gay) and died (being gay).
    Show respect and who cares if they are gay, straight or race. Disgraceful, AFA! Remember they had/were part of loving families.

  15. Duration & Convexity says

    Andrew aka UFFDA aka David Hearne,
    You desperately try to pretend homophobia doesn’t exist because you resent a galvanized gay community who combats homophobia, speaks about our LGBT stories, shares our struggles, and is visible. You resent that because you are uncomfortable with facing your own prejudice when it comes to the gay community. But it’s clear as day, and in all your posts, and we all see it. Confront your bias, or else this will be a very miserable society for you.

  16. Mikey says

    @ Andrew
    It takes a real special dumb@$$ like yourself to come on a gay blog and demand that gay people not discuss the vital issues, and concerns, including homophobic attempts by their enemies. You want us to all be as complacent as you. Sorry, but many of us passionately care about our community. And make no apologies for it. No go run along and leave the adults alone, little kid.

  17. J.J says

    Andrew is an apologist gay, who is bitter and jaded due to not knowing many gay people.He has other alias screennamed he uses on here, all of which dismiss homophobia and usually defend the homophobic party or individual. When blatant homophobia is displayed like the story above, he requests we all ignore it and move on.

    When subtle homophobia is displayed, he’s first in line to say people are overreacting and that it’s not a big deal. In his world, anti gay bias does not exist and he wants gays to be silenced as a community. I’m glad others are seeing his agenda.

  18. Mark says

    THIS is why every LGBT should demand justice, and fairness and equality. If we don’t have our voices heard, these AFA members want to run us over- even in death.

  19. Bob says

    Of course these people are jerks who are paid by rich old donors to say what the donors want to hear, so I don’t really respond to them, and I certainly don’t try to change them, since I am not writing their paycheck.
    I would ask Towleroad to remind us of the size and reach of these organizations when topics come up. I mean, Westboro is 3 dozen crazies at most, “one million moms” was more like 412, etc. If this AFA has a large outreach, please say so, thanks.

  20. Jim Brown says

    I suppose the AFA would like to dig up all the Jews, Blacks, Muslims, and Women buried there too… anyone who is not a White, Straight, Christian, Upper-Middle Class, Male… oh, and Republican.

  21. Graphicjack says

    Segregation, even in death? Rest in Peace indeed. Well, folks, we now have our desperate water fountain moment. It was only a matter of time with these f$ckwads…

  22. mary says

    The AFA isn’t having any luck opposing gay people who are alive. Maybe they feel that dead gays are the only ones they can succeed against.

    Even as someone who spent many years on the anti-gay side politically, I can find no explanation for their complaint about gay corpses. But as a famous civil rights leader once said “I never did understand why the cemeteries had to be segregated – cause dead people get along with each other really well.”


  23. billyw says

    Somebody should turn the AFA leadership into corpses. If you look up the leadership – I forget their big mouths name on Wiki, just read and you can get the sense that he is a Nazi.

  24. mmike1969 says

    And when I die, I do not want bigoted assholes buried anywhere near me or even in the same city as me. I do not want tainted ashes dirtying the grounds these people attract.

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