1. TANK says

    I know that some of the pathetic, middle-aged queens around here are going to attack me for saying this, but Man-Tie has gay face to an extreme degree. If he’s not a big ol’ queen, then I’m Little St. Hugh of Lincoln! Anyone who doubts that Manti isn’t gay needs to have their gaydar taken in for a bigtime tuneup! I know some people won’t like what Tank has to say, but hey, I gotta keep it real, guys!

  2. Jack M says

    Since reading about the NFL overstepping their boundaries and asking potential hirees about their sexuality, I’m more inclined to sympathize with guys like Teo. Why doesn’t the NFL just shut up and get about the business of football? A player’s personal life is none of their business, period.

  3. distinguetraces says

    Many religiously trained social conservatives who are not gay have “gay face”, too many for it to be coincidence.

    I believe it has something to do with being trained from a very early age to suppress and falsify your emotional – especially your sexual – responses. It give the whole facial musculature an air a distinctive mask-like appearance.

  4. Ray says

    The thing I don’t understand is the glee with which some of my fellow gay brothers seem to take at the outing of Manti Te’o as a closeted person.

    While I understand that celebrities are treated as if they are not really human beings but I would think there was be some compassion for his situation.

    Culturally it would be difficult for him to come out and professionally it would be extremely difficult for him to come out.

    Visibility is one of the best cures for homophobia but coming out (as many of you know) is still for many people a painful tough thing to do.

    It is a process that deserves our love and compassion. Not snarky little bits of gossip.

  5. jaragon says

    Gay or straight Teo brought this silliness on himself-I’m sure there are plenty of willing real life girls who want to pretend they are his girlfriend.