Boy Scouts Delay Gay Ban Vote Until May

The Boy Scouts says it will not vote today on lifting the ban on gay scouts and leaders but delay it until May, the AP reports:

ScoutsBSA said Wednesday the organization will take action on the resolution at its national meeting in May.

The organization said last week it was considering a shift of its policy, which has led officials to remove gay leaders and scouts. That announcement pushed years of debate over the policy to an even higher level. President Barack Obama – Scouting's honorary president – spoke in favor of letting gay scouts in. Others opposed a shift. Protesters on both sides rallied at BSA headquarters in Irving, outside Dallas.

Scout leaders across the country will now have to decide how to handle a very delicate issue.


  1. says

    Not surprising. I think it was a tactic in preventing more ‘money’ from disappearing and attempting to get positive publicity. They are playing games.

  2. Greg says

    The whole “Vote” on this issue then the delay till May is probably just a tactic to try to convince corporate donors like Intel and UPS to continue to give money. They probably have no intention of changing their policy.

  3. Pete N SFO says

    They’re figuring out how to pacify a vocal minority that unfortunately represents a lot of funding.

    The Court of Public Opinion has already ruled on this one; they’re out of step & seen as enabling discrimination.

    GAME OVER, Mutha Chuckas!

  4. Peter says

    Wonder if the Scout leadership is counting on the American public’s short attention span to make the issue go away.

  5. Anthony says

    I would just pull their funding outright. They’ve had years to consider this and they’ve done nothing.

  6. Bill says

    @Greg: corporate donors have long memories. They are hoping the general public will lose interest so whatever decision they make won’t cause as many waves on either side of the issue.