1. garry says

    That was, by Celine’s standards, a restrained performance (all her usual OTT vocal inflections and affectations are not so easy in a tonal language!) Her Mandarin was very good, though; remarkably well done.
    Li hai, Celine! Ferosh as always!

  2. ratbastard says

    Impressive, assuming nothing like lip-synching was involved.

    That said, no one reading this should forget how vile the Chinese communist government is. They go to great lengths to appear ‘normal’, they are far from it. In many ways this is akin to performing for the Nazis in Germany or Joe Stalin. It really is. And many business people, celebrities, etc., have sold out.

  3. Dave says

    The part about passion and emotion are what helped her learn to sing in the language.

    Not so much, it was most likely the 5 million dollars China paid for her 1 song performance.

  4. atomic says

    Well, if you’re going to go down that all-too-familiar Sinophobic route, then perhaps you should realize that much the same could be said of the corruption of the United States government. They go through great lengths to appear “normal” too. Except that they’ve had a lot more practice.

    The only meaningful difference between the US and China is that the corruption of the former stems from the corporations who exert influence over the government, rather than from the politicians who exert influence over the corporations. Oh, and the US is better at paying lip service to notions like “freedom” and “liberty,” when in reality Americans are just as oppressed. While you think you’re free to say what you want, it’s all being recorded just the same. Even China doesn’t make you walk through porno scanners. Americans are just too stupid to realize they are only as free as the corporations allow them to be so as to facilitate profit.

  5. Matt26 says

    I think it was lip synched. Celine has a great voice, but she needs right songs and this wasn’t. With the correct songs she is in her own league.

  6. Devonasa says

    She is perfect! Her stage presence is just undeniable, and her voice has withstood the test of time.

  7. WebHybrid says

    From a visitor to a culture that assigns a low value to public expression of “passion and emotion,” what a brainless statement from the vapid, intellect-free Dion.

    Notice how thrilled and excited the audience is after the song. That’s the point.

    While one certainly can hear clarity and skill in the notes she sings (in any language), I hadn’t thought it was possible for Dion to become more insincere and annoying with age. But there you have it – a “great performance,” i.e., a gimmicky vocalization.

  8. beef and fur says

    Only on Towleroad can the misfits find a way to turn something as vapid as a Celine Dion post into a political soliloquy about the evils of the USA.

  9. Paul says

    I’m not a huge fan (honestly I find her a little annoying sometimes) but she does have an amazing voice and if you if you say she can’t sing, you know f… all about music.

  10. MArk says

    I believe she’s the first westerner musician with a name to make the crossover to the asian market, interesting and I liked it

  11. says

    Really cool to see Celine Dion going cross-cultural and singing in Mandarin Chinese. It’s always cool to see artists reach out to their fan base in their native languages!

  12. John Conolley says

    I’ve only heard her sing a couple of times, but as singers go, I’d say she’s pretty damned good. Why is she made fun of so much?

    If you think Chinese is a terrible sounding language, check out Haida.

  13. G.I. Joe says

    The sinophobia in these comments is sickening. The cries of a falling empire, I guess. (FYI, I’m not Chinese of even Asian).

  14. ratbastard says

    @G.I. Joe,

    Sinophobia? C’mon, don’t pull that sh*t…I don’t hate or fear Chinese people or Asian people in general. I criticized the Chinese Communist Party government. They are vile. And people everywhere should find the prospect of a super power ruled with a relative iron fist by a totalitarian, authoritarian regime with very limited levels of democracy, disturbing.