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Music Legend Clive Davis Reveals He's Bisexual and Currently Involved with a Man: VIDEO


Legendary music producer Clive Davis reveals in a new memoir, The Soundtrack of My Life, that he is bisexual, USA Today reports:

Davis, who is twice divorced, remains close to his family, which includes three sons, a daughter and six grandchildren, and to friends, with whom he vacations regularly. Soundtrack's aforementioned personal revelation acknowledges "something that my children and close friends have always known, but that I knew I would need to discuss in a biography": He considers himself bisexual.

"After my second marriage failed, I met a man who was also grounded in music. Having only had loving relationships and sexual intimacy with women, I opened myself up to the possibility that I could have that with a male, and found that I could."

Davis is currently involved with another man (who isn't in show business), "but I never stopped being attracted to women. Bisexuality is misunderstood; the adage is that you're either straight or gay or lying, but that's not my experience. To call me anything other than bisexual would be inaccurate."

Davis also talked about it with Cynthia McFadden on a Nightline segment which aired last night.

Watch the segment, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. I hope Clive is happy

    Posted by: jaragon | Feb 19, 2013 5:59:39 PM

  2. I thought he was busy committing necrophilia with Whitney Houston's career. He'll squeeze every penny out of her he can for as long as he lives.

    Kelly Clarkson posted as blog entry describing how cruel and patronizing Davis was to her when she was making "My December"--if the debacle involving Whitney Houston didn't already make me dislike him, this is just the cherry on the excrement sundae.

    Posted by: Dback | Feb 19, 2013 9:06:10 PM

  3. Geb, you're free to leave this website. You do not belong here.

    Andrew, I shouldn't have assumed anything of you. I apologize. I'm sorry. Although I disagree with most of the things you say I'm happy to say I agree with you on this.

    MJNYC, I personally know of more "confused" gay men than bisexuals men. I know more gay men who don't know what they want in a partner, are not secure at all in their orientation, are damaged to their core, and are totally not dating material. Most out bisexuals I've ever known are very much assured in who and what they are and like. That's probably why they're out as bi. I've read studies that around 60% of bisexuals remain closeted primarily because they're scared of backlash.

    Posted by: Francis | Feb 19, 2013 10:31:36 PM

  4. @Francis: Thanks for the apology. I do find it hard to understand why you disagree with "MOST" of the things I say. I am a lifelong liberal democrat and most of the positions that I take support the progressive side of the arguments. It may be that my criticisms of the tactics and demogogery of posters like Little Kiwi effects your opinion of me.

    Posted by: andrew | Feb 19, 2013 10:54:02 PM

  5. I'm always vaguely unsettled when I read about "legendary" people I've never in my life heard of. But the book title is putrid - "The Soundtrack of My Life"?! Really?!

    Posted by: Prof Sancho Panza | Feb 20, 2013 12:24:14 AM

  6. ANDREW - if I may say so any resistance to Kiwi's "tactics and demagogery" is much appreciated and should be supported by the adults on this site.

    Posted by: UFFDA | Feb 20, 2013 12:32:37 AM

  7. @UFFDA: I appreciate your comment.

    Posted by: andrew | Feb 20, 2013 1:20:50 AM

  8. I've known about Davis' "bisexuality" since, probably, the early 1980s. He must be terminally ill & finally acknowledging the end of his reign as prima-diva of the recording industry. Will he do anything to combat 'phobia in the industry? Naaaah.

    Posted by: mikeflower | Feb 20, 2013 11:07:33 AM

  9. Good for him. :)

    Posted by: Miguel | Feb 20, 2013 12:18:31 PM

  10. In regards to Clive's sexuality, who cares? As a human, he's a disgusting little man.He manipulates his artists and now has even lied in his bio about incidents.
    In regards to being bi-sexual, I truly believe there needs to be more study and discussion in order to help those who may be struggling with their own issues.
    I knew a beautiful young man who was in theater and dance from a very early age and when we met, he was lead male dancer in a Vegas show featuring female impersonators (he was not an impersonator, just a male dancer) and he had always had same-sex partners/sex.
    We lost contact for a few years until I saw him again at a medical facility.We talked to catch up and he revealed that he had met a cute little showgirl, a hetero female and fell in love and married.He said to me "you know, it was odd because as I grew and went through gay relationships, I began to think something was wrong with me because I found myself occasionally really attracted to women"
    He went on to tell me about the horrible flack he caught from the gay cast of the show when he and his lady love got married. Not one of them came to his wedding and they berated him so horribly about "fooling" himself and saying things like "you'll be back Mary, you're really gay" etc. that he finally had to quit the show. He said he was now "truly happy for the first time in my life"
    I relate this to demonstrate again, how difficult it can be for anyone who doesn't "fit in" or doesn't subscribe to a neat little label. Perhaps if being bi were not such a stigma in BOTH straight and gay communities, he may have found happiness sooner and without all the "bullying" and insults. We are all PEOPLE first. Some are nice, some not so nice.
    Clive Davis in my opinion is one of the latter.

    Posted by: RedRoseQueen1 | Feb 20, 2013 12:47:24 PM

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