1. Bob says

    @BJ — right or wrong, your comment is slander and does not belong in the thread, it’s rude to intrude a sermon, off topic.
    As for “who ought to come out” — waiting for David Muir, for instance, but who I am I to tell him to do something that could hurt his chance to replace Dianne Sawyer?

  2. jason says

    Oh, please, he waited years before coming out. Such a role model…not.

    Anderson, go away. You are not a role model for the gay community. You have enough money to scatter onto the huddled masses. Go and do that instead of foisting yourself on us with your tales of self-absorption.

    Go and clown around with Kathy whatsername in embarrassing skits in Times Square.

  3. Wow says

    It seems a little hypocritical for someone who came out at 45 to try to lecture others about coming out…oh, how important was “visibility” when Anderson was hiding in the closet for 44 years? Anderson have a seat.

  4. GB says

    Mr. “Authority on coming out” Cooper.. I tried to get him to come out when he wouldn’t say Paris Hilton’s name on CNN — remember how l long ago that was? I sent many many emails to him at CNN. Too late. Who cares??

  5. Icebloo says

    ….and there it is ! I thought for a second we would go a full day on Towleroad without mentioning Anderson Cooper but I was wrong again. Thanks to Towleroad I know more about Anderson’s life than I do my own.


  6. Dan says

    boy, most of you guys have a lot of resentment and anger…stop the hate…lets focus that hate on people vote against us or who prosper off of getting other people to hate us…leave these gays alone…they are out and it helps all of us that they are

  7. Zee says

    I didn’t hear any “lecturing” from Anderson, he’s looking at the issue from both sides like he tends to do and he’s not making a judgment. What he said is clear, it’s better to be out, but it’s up to the individual to determine when and how it happens.

  8. Kim says

    If you are not interested in Cooper don’t read post about him.As for people critisizing when he came out.When did you come out? My brother came out in jr high school.He could look down on people who waited until college despite the fact they knew they were Gay in jr high.Anderson told his family and friends in High School.Some of you commenting probably still haven’t told your family but you hide on internet and judge others.

  9. Marc says

    I’m often saddened when I see how awful we gays can be to our own community. Stop it, guys. It’s hard enough dealing with outside people who wish to tear us down, it doesn’t help when we do their work for them. We can be so catty and b*tchy to each other. It has got to stop. If you want love and respect from the crazies, start with showing it to your fellow gay person. Until then, you really don’t deserve it. You’ve proven it’s not important and we aren’t worth it.

    Is that what you want? I sure don’t.
    Be nice. Support one another. We’re all we’ve got sometimes.

  10. Booka says

    Thank you Marc, I get so angry to read the opinions of some of these bitter bitches, calling people out that have done more than they ever will, to promote Gay equality. It is not a matter of money or position, when it comes to making peace with yourself about who you are.Who has the right to judge? Certainly none of those trolls on here.

  11. JT says

    It’s nice Anderson is now an example of an out gay man, but I understand why there’s bitterness towards him.

    I think when someone is not out, especially someone who’s well off, that there’s a perception that the individual is ashamed of being gay. That being gay is something they should hide. I look at Anderson the same way I do Rickey Martin. There really wasn’t a struggle there that so many other people in the community face. You hide who you were until you made your millions, and now that it’s “safe”, you can come out.

    I’m glad he’s out and wish him the best, but I’d rather hear from advocates that accepted their sexuality in spite of the negative consequences they could face. I see them as more courageous, but that’s my own opinion.

  12. Marc says

    You are welcome, Booka.
    And JT, I agree that sometimes some people, due to their circumstances, can come out in more “courageous” ways, but honestly, in the grand scheme of things, I’m not sure why that matters. Anderson is out now, and he’s an example of a well-spoken, kind-hearted, successful gay man. Sure, he made his millions and then came out, but I don’t know why that would make anyone bitter. He’s out now. I think once someone comes out, we can cut them some slack. None of us lived in his shoes. None of us know what his internal struggles were like as a public figure. I don’t think we have any right to our bitterness. I’m sure we all waited to come out in life for various reasons. Some of us waited longer than others. I came out at 19 and wondered why I didn’t come out when I was 9. To me, I was a decade too late. Some others come out at 29 and wish they had come out at 19. It’s all a matter of perspective.

    We should embrace Anderson and support him. Bitterness toward him because he didn’t come out the way we wanted him to is counterproductive. We should do all we can to support someone in the public eye who can have a positive effect on millions of people who watch him. He’s in a more powerful position to reach the masses than we are. Sure, we can affect change in our own lives, too, and I’m sure we all are. But in terms of numbers and being a “brand name”, I don’t think any of us can compare to where he’s at right now.

    Let’s lift him up. If anything, it’s just the kindest thing to do. If we are bitter, that’s our own business and we can work through that on our own. I’m sure we all know it isn’t healthy and it says more about us than it does about him, right?

    I’m sure he wishes he had been out sooner. We all do. But we’re all human and we do the best we can in any situation. And even if we don’t, that’s when we need the most support from our peers and allies.

  13. Isaak says

    Why does the marker for personal acceptance seem to be with the amount in the bank for so many people?? “They are well off so they should be out”. There are a million other things that are important to a person’s life than a bank account. Stop showing how shallow you are and understand that it’s a deeper aspect to come out.

    And he’s right, do it when it’s right for you, otherwise you’re of no use to anyone.

  14. Paul R says

    Anderson comes from a huge fortune. He didn’t need to wait to make his money. He wanted to be a strong journalist who could interview anyone, whether in Haiti or Louisiana. Everyone knew he’s gay. The resentment toward him is also known as jealousy.

  15. Lee says

    Looking at the comments here (and not just on this article), I can’t help but wonder how we as a community demand acceptance and tolerance from the outside, when we constantly bad-mouth and b*tch about our own. There’s so much biterness and hate (some I assume caused by jeaulousy) within the gay community towards our own members…it’s sad.

  16. Joe says

    Everyone still believes the AC still holds the Vanderbilt money.. Wrong, that money was long gone before he became a household name. Gloria Vanderbilt sold her name to Murjani to pay the bills, she was also swindled by accountants and what not, she Married Wyatt and whatever money he had she lived on. I would venture to guess most of Glorias money is from her books her artwork and Anderson pays the rest, so while he may have the name he did not have the money.

  17. andrew says

    A bit rich for Anderson to be commenting on people who ought to be more forward considering his “open secret” for years to New Yorkers who see him around with his boyfriends/dates. He wrote a book about everything in his life, including his brother’s suicide, yet left out one of the most intimate part of his life. So let’s not pretend Anderson Cooper is some sort of gay role model.

  18. NE1 says

    ugh wendy i love it.. “and use their full name” hehe. for Anderson I think part of it was that he goes to the most hellish places on Earth to report stories and being gay in those places can actually get someone killed. once he started hanging around with Kathy Griffin we all pretty much knew.

  19. Rollins says

    Anderson is a gay role model, IMO.

    Who cares about an “open secret”? At least he never stooped to bearding or denigrating the gay community.

    I’m happy to see him being honored by GLAAD, he deserves it.

  20. David Hearne says

    AT one time I cared whether Jim Cantore was gay. Now I don’t. I never hung on Anderson’s every word and deed, so I actually never knew he was _in_ the closet. Just like Eva Longoria’s husband on DH, I have no idea if he’s gay or straight. Do I care? For some reason I would be interested, but not enough to scour the web for information. Surely one day the National Enquirer will answer all the who is and who isn’t questions for us, on the cover in a list so we don’t actually have to buy it.

    As I understood it, Cooper came out in an interview with Jerry Falwell. I can’t think of a better time to do it…. because it was relevant.

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