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Dick Morris: I Don't Believe the Courts Should 'Jam' Gay Marriage 'Down Anybody's Throat'


Piers Morgan shredded political strategist Dick Morris last night for his disastrous predictions of a Romney landslide, an error for which he has been cast out from FOX News.

Said Morris: "I was wrong. I was wrong at the top of my lungs."

Later, the discussion veered into one about the GOP and its positions on social issues, like abortion and gay marriage.

Said Morris:

"My view on gay marriage is that if a state decides to go for gay marriage, the legislature or the voters, that's great. That's up to them. I've got no problem with it. I don't believe that the courts should jam it down anybody's throat.

As for his personal view? "If people want it they should be able to do it but it's got to be a decision of the community."


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  1. I am vehemently against religious organizations getting tax-exemption benefit from the government.
    Why is it being "jammed" down my throat then?

    Another ignorant loser that is heading straight to the dustbin of history.

    Posted by: gayalltheway | Feb 7, 2013 2:00:48 PM

  2. I think jamming down their throat is EXACTLY what should happen.

    They had no problem jamming the ban down OUR throats.

    Posted by: Randy | Feb 7, 2013 2:56:23 PM

  3. Straight people shove their marriage business down the throats of gay people, why not be equal and let the gay marriage people shove their business down straights throats?

    Posted by: Straight | Feb 7, 2013 5:43:32 PM

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