1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I passed Zachary on the sidewalk in front of the Gay Center once, and I cared. It was at the height of his Heroes, brain-eating days and it flipped me out.

  2. gr8guyca says

    If someone ran up and put a microphone in front of me, I’d punch him out. Get out of my face, idiot.

    (Okay, I wouldn’t really punch him, but you get the idea…)

  3. SayTheTruth says

    When I went to N. York I found a very cosmopolitan city, people from all around the world, so it’s hardly surprising that many didn’t have a clue. Plus cities vaccinate you against sudden and noisy actions done by strangers so the first reaction is to shut yourself and/or avoid.

  4. Kevin-in-Honolulu says

    What an obnoxious twit Eichner is and he’s not endearing Zachary to random New Yorkers.

    If Eichner came up to me as he did to people in the video, I would have pushed him aside and asked Quinto “Why are you letting this asshat do this to you?” and then I would suggest to Zachary that we grab a bite to eat somewhere and leave the idiot-with-the-microphone by himself.

  5. RedOnTheGreg says

    Either I would have been totally skeptical that it was really Zachary Quinto, or I would have been totally speechless, or I would have totally tried to do the Vulcan mind meld on his nether regions!

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