1. K in VA says

    Ellen reaches an audience of millions, and gets us allies and friends none of the rest of us can reach. And she does it all with a laugh and a smile. We all owe her so much!

  2. Richard says

    Ellen (and Jon Stewart) keep me from losing my mind in the face of day to day bigotry in this country…

  3. Jerry says

    God bless Ellen for all she’s done and continues to do for her fellow LGBTs. She commands the respect of so many because of her light-hearted take on issues combined with her humor. Gentle persuasion for anyone making up their (open) minds about gays!

  4. Lymis says

    Every time I see her do something like this, I’m even more impressed than before. I’m sorry that she was treated so shabbily when she first came out, but she has done so much more with her talk show than she could have possibly done with a sitcom that it’s amazing.

    And one more poke in the eye to the people who at the time were gloating that they got her pulled off the air.

  5. Josh says

    Ellen is so effective. Maybe she can pick up a set at JCPenney’s before it goes out of business in 2013 a predicted.