1. Butch says

    So Gallun doesn’t feel badly about the potential damage she did, she feels badly that the video got noticed. Class.

  2. says

    Health classes show this garbage.

    And science classes teach Creationism.

    Political classes teach “Manifest Destiny”,”American Exceptionalism” and “The Greatest Generation”.

    Aren’t you all being just drugged ?
    you sure need a Federal Central Regulatory Education Authority / Big Government to weed out these delusions which seem to gain currency among the impressionable.

    And there’s no mention of “reparative therapy” for straights wanting to be accepted as gay…… Melman et al.

  3. BETTY says

    So the religious folk blow their gaskets when the word gay is mentioned in schools because “it’s the parent’s job to teach that” (as if they do!), and schools shouldn’t be “promoting that lifestyle”, but it’s OK to mention gay here? I guess it’s only alright as long as it’s THEIR anti-gay bull!

  4. Alex Parrish says

    Appalling! Heads should roll on account of this! THis is based on garbage-psuedo-science and misguided religion. Real kids are hurt by this trash. What follows-up this movie? Maybe — “I’m black but a therapist counseled me and now I ‘act white’ so now there is no racism”

    This makes me so angry that I am practically sputtering.

    SOMEONE NEEDS TO BE FIRED OVER THIS. I don’t know how to undo the damage which has already been done — but intelligent folks should start considering how to do that.

  5. Jay says

    Brilliant concept, Maryland!

    Hey, now that you got that one solved, how about a new video for skin bleaching techniques for people who get picked on because they aren’t quite white enough? Or maybe a video for the constantly laughed at flat-chested 13 year old girl talking about the benefits of breast enlargement?

    Or better still: Why don’t you make a video for Jewish and Muslim kids extolling the benefits of converting to Christianity? Oh…and make sure you don’t actively condemn Mormons and Catholics…but be sure to point out that those options really aren’t in any ones best interests!


  6. says

    and this is JUST coming to light?! schools or any institution showcasing ‘ex gay’ videos to gay or straight youth is absolutely NO DIFFERENT than showing skin bleaching technique videos to darker skin children then saying “if some darker skined kids choose not to bleach their skin, that’s their choice, but we’re giving the option for those who want it”


    We need to deliver that message loud & clear because these quacks are now after our youth knowing the adult LGBT have out smarted and out strengthened them.

  7. Observer says

    How was this even allowed? I hope ONE gay childs parents comes forward and grabs a lawyer. Because this is damaging and any gay child exposed to this would be emotionally potentially damaged. That schools would teach this means they need to be in a court room and see the consquences of contributing to anti gay bullying.

  8. Brad says

    The acting in the video is craptastic! I’ve never seen such fake insincerity from people who don’t know what they’re doing. “My sexual attraction to girls gradually faded away.” she says. Yeah, right and gradually acquired blue eyes and blond hair even though it’s not in my genes.

  9. Scott Johaensen says

    This is disgusting and outrageous. And that an entire county was behind it’s endorsement is most shocking. This needs to make national headlines, with LGBT organizations throughout the country making sure they prevent thinsg like this.

  10. LazerLight says

    Good lord, how many years was this video shown in the school? how many kids minds did it effect? this is awful, and awful it’s just now being reported. So much covert anti gay ilk trying to promote their brand of hate to the young.

  11. JustSayin says

    I’m sure it didn’t damage any little minds any worse than the crap on tv and the radio every freakin’ day.

    It’s too bad that a personal intimate experience such as sexuality is so politicized and the focus of so much diatribe. OK, I never had the “choice” to change my sexuality, but am I truly comfortable telling everyone that it’s impossible and that nobody can ? No. It’s really none of my business what your sexuality is and what you try to do with it. And it’s none of anybody else’s either.

    Kids don’t need a teacher to dictate to them what is possible and what is not, and they certainly don’t need a mob of angry and insecure internet fags doing it either.

    Just Sayin’ !

  12. Blake says

    He’s disabled comments on his videos like all cowards youtube do, but you can still leave him a nice note about his shittastic videos on his channel comment page.

  13. Stefan says

    @Justsayin: There is a huge difference between information spread on the internet and information presented by authority figures. The issue is not about whether someone can change sexuality or not. Maybe some people can. But that makes them qualitatively different than many, many gay people for whom sexuality is an orientation and not a preference. What the video does is promote a culture in which potential victims and potential bullies can believe that being gay or not is *always* a personal behavioral decision. From what most of us know, it rarely is.

    It’s likely that some lawsuits will result from this, and it’s important that happens. Nothing changes policy more quickly than the threat of being brought publicly to court.

  14. says

    This can’t be real. I mean seriously now……you have GOT to be kidding me.

    If this is for real, I sure hope gay groups around the state hold the school district accountable and demand some answers. Damaging doesn’t begin to describe this video.

  15. Kyle says

    Just Saying= F-CK OFF you POS troll!
    hows that for some honesty? You homophobe nasty vile c-nts need to be the ones commiting suicide. Mother f-cker.
    I hope you endure nothing but hell in your life (including terminal illness) for your careless brushing off of blatant homophobia.

  16. BamaMan says

    Guys, ignore the trolls. The post crap and side with the anti gay narrative in every article and we ignore them. They are angry because we’re a new breed of gay who don’t settle for prejudice and ‘take it’

    To the school: I hope you’re willing to rationally explain your actions and explain how this isn’t bias and partial, not to mention furthering fueling confusion to many gay, bisexual and questioning youth under your umbrella.

  17. Bill says

    @Observer: “How was thie even allowed?” is a valid question. It is conceivable that overworked state regulators looked at the trailers and mistakenly thought those were representative of the videos in total. The first trailer seems to suggest that the video is about encouraging children to help peers who are being bullied to make that sort of behavior unacceptable. The second is about a woman who claims to have had same-sex attractions in her early teens, and opposite-sex attractions later. Nothing in either trailer suggests the use of any sort of “therapy” to change one’s sexual orientation. Neither trailer by itself would raise any red flags. It could be that misleading trailers are not the norm for educational videos, and the regulators were tricked into approving them.

  18. says

    If my child had to sit through that video, my lawyer would be on the other end of the phone. Everything is wrong with that video being indoctrinated intot he minds of impressionable kids, some of which are gay and this video does everything to make them feel more shamed and lonely.

  19. Carlos says

    Not cool at all! someones got some explaining to do. And my heart goesout to the many gay kids who were forced to watch this, and probably walked away feeling even more miserable.

    Equality Maryland— get on this and demand some answers. Enough with LGBT being told to just “deal with it” when it relates to homophobia.

  20. LesbianMOM says

    I would think with the alarming number of gay youth suicides that gay organizations and groups would want to address this incident, and more over, be sure a message is sent that other schools don’t adopt such destructive videos as well. Here’s to hoping they do just that because this is not okay.

  21. Greg says

    ….and we wonder why gay kids kill themselves at such horrific rates.

    Is it any wonder when these kinds of messages is all they see & hear. And from their school administrators no less.

  22. DW says

    JUSTSAYIN, a lot of us “angry and insecure Internet fags” have had personal experience with how damaging “ex-gay” pseudo-science can be to struggling youth. I’m all for encouraging people to discover their sexuality without coercion, but this propaganda is just the opposite — it’s about reinforcing ideological programming and conformity, to which adolescents are already more than vulnerable enough.

    The religious supremacists who foist this horsesh*t on society can no longer rely on brute force, so instead they whine about “intolerance” of their viewpoint. Some viewpoints are demonstrably false, and this is one of them. There is absolutely NO evidence that “ex-gay” therapy works, and plenty that it causes incalculable pain, self-hatred and suicide.

  23. Amir S. says

    I went to a school in Nebraska that taught us something similar. My friend and I, both being gay but not out at the time, were terribly confused by this. There was a time he was considering going to our guidance counselor to seek advice about being gay and how to open up. Then we were forced to hear a lecture from our teacher with a lot of the points made in the video. They present it as an option, but it’s done in a calculating way to make you question yourself even more as a gay kid, when you’re already confused and feeling really alone. Needless to say, it took 6 months for my gay friend to take his own life. People don’t realize how dangerous and hurtful things like this can be to a gay child who doesn’t have a family, peers, church to turn to and then has to see his only school essentially tell him that what he’s feeling can and should be reversed if he chooses to. It’s overwhelming for our gay kids and we’ve failed them.

  24. D.J says

    Disgusting and shameful! someone dropped the ball here and pulling the video isn’t enough. How many kids saw it and how many years had they been forced to see it as part of the curriculum?

  25. TressGoal1992 says

    If they’re going to present a video about sexuality can be changed, then they need to do the exact same one of a straight teenager looking right into the camera and speaking about how his experiences with gay friends anabled him to also switch sexualities and become gay, and the happy, and fulfilled life he now leads as a gay teenager. Otherwise, this is flawed, bias and prejudice in it’s method and anti gay (which it obviously is, but I’m presenting an argument about how the bigots will attempt to pass it off as educational when they refuse to do a counter video of a straight teen who chose being gay and is perfectly happy with it)

  26. Texas Idol says

    Just picture it:

    Scenario: dark skinned youth across America, both brown and black, were being taunted and belittled every day for the darkness of their skin. Then many started taking their own lives. One dark skinned youth each day taking their lives, expressing in their suicide letter that the color of their skin and the endless bashing they endured as a result has made it too hard to go on. That they would rather take their own lives for being darker skinned, and the hate they endure for it.

    Then a school disrict in a prominent state comes out and starts promoting videos to all youth, especially targeting darker skinned youth, about ways to bleach their skin and how they have the option for not being so dark skinned. With successful examples of how other people managed to go many shades lighter.

    Now imagine the outrage: Exactly.

    We as adult LGBT owe more to our lgbt youth than to sit idle while things like this occur. Stand up, speak up and demand justice for the kids who don’t have a voice.

  27. Klien says

    @ Texas Idol
    Not only did that sum it up perfectly, but giving that spot on example perfectly put it in perspective, and that is EXACTLY how young gay kids feel.


    WTF? and this wasn’t a Christian school just a regular public school? Seriously, WTF is happening in America?

  29. Gio says

    Just watching that video gave me the creeps. Awful, just awful. Can’t imagine being 14 and already confused and having that BS drilled in my head.

  30. Laguna Beach Res says

    Dang, we may not have marriage equality, but I can assure you that video and just the principle behind this video would never ever be passed in California schools. We have so much protection in our state schools for our LGBT kids because we know how vulnerable they can be. We don’t exploit that. I know Maryland equality leaders will be on top of this one, because that state worked so beautifully to pass marriage equality. There just needs to be some accountability on the part of school adminst.

  31. J says

    In 2013. In the United States, where we constantly boast about freedoms this and freedoms that, our school leaders are attempting to manipulate a childs inherent wiring and change it. This is straight out of some fundamentalist third world nation.

    real shame.

  32. J. Walsh says

    LOL love it! Homosexuality is a lifestyle choice and the sooner people reconcile that it doesn’t have to be, the sooner we can get back to normal.

  33. Chance says

    I find the pompous and self-righteous ‘dark skin’ and ‘skin bleaching’ analogies people are making here incredibly offensive. Stop comparing homosexuality to race. The latter is inherent trait that comes from familial lineage, the former is not. There is no such thing as “skin bleaching.” The world sees a person of color as soon as said person walks into it. The world doesn’t see a gay person unless he wants them too. Significant difference. And I say this as gay man of color. As soon as I hear these arbitrary and condescending race/gay comparisons, I immediately go on the defensive. Apples and oranges.

  34. Dan B says

    For those of you who follow the follies of the “ex-gay” movement, check out the page of the confused closet case who actually made and marketed the video (URL is towards the end of the first clip; posting it seems to get me filtered as spam).
    The script practically writes itself: went to Liberty University, worked for an “abstinence-only” interest group that managed to get federal funding from Bush, poor self-image, obsessed with keeping other people from having sex, and loves to tout his mental health “credentials.”

  35. Corey says

    This is really upetting. My stomach actually turns thinking about the poor gay kids who have to sit through these videos and have their minds completely assaulted by bigots who can’t accept that…some people happen to love the same sex.
    Bigots being bigots is one thing. Bigots trying to manipulate the minds of our kids in a public school setting is a dang outrage.

  36. L.A Dude says

    @ Chance
    They aren’t apples and oranges, because black folks like you (and there are a great many homophobic black people, including most black LGBT) are the reason they aren’t apples and oranges. Your sense of empathy, compassion and fighting against discrimination is limited to strictly the color of your skin. You flaunt the fact that you’re black and “black is skin, gay is sin” like that’s going to win over any friends for your movement. The gay community has had a VERY eye opening experience about who our enemies are in our quest for equality and it boils down by and large to the black community. You being black does NOT qualify you to speak on homophobia faced by gay people. Get that CHIP off your shoulder with your sense of entitlement by using your race card to try to put gay people in their place.
    YOU people need to start having your rights voted on, seeing how you’re getting a little too comfortable being the oppressor.

  37. says

    Black community never has and never will have complete ownership over the words civil rights or injustice. You like to assume you do, but you don’t. And constantly trying to discredit discrimination faced by gay people, notably gay youth, and compare it with a litmus test to black suffrage is fascinating to many of us.

    If you’e only capable of waving that civil rights banner for your skin color, don’t expect others to be as complacent as you. As a proud gay man, I will fight for anti gay injustice in every bracket of life, point it out, and yes, make necessary analogies when need be. Just as black folk did during their movement in relation to the Chicano movement, woman’s suffrage and the Holocaust.

    Gay people will not aplogize for fighting for our rights & respect. No matter what your religion and Church tell you. Know that.

  38. MCG says

    pompous and self righteous is a black community constantly telling the gay community their discrimination doesn’t qualify as civil rights. Pompous and self righteous is a black community more concerned about comparisons than *ever* taking a collective stance against homophobia. Pompous and self righteous is consistent polling that indicates black people, be they in California or North Carolina or even Maryland, were the least supportive of gay rights legislation of any other racial makeup. Pompous and self righteous is knowing the imbalance of equality faced by gay people and your automatic reaction as black people consistently being “Nope, you haven’t suffered like my ancestors have!”
    And as evident by comments above, gay people of all races (including a middle eastern latino like myself) are keeping tabs and talk about that fact amongst ourselves.
    Pompous is only seeing suffering from your lens. A fact black America has down to an art.

  39. Karl says

    there’s no such thing as skin bleaching?
    there’s plenty of skin bleaching and many successful results from skin bleaching.
    And if you’re going to get livid based on a mere mention of skin bleaching as an example, then gay people have every right to be up in arms about ex gay conversion programs being more than an example, but an actual fact in our schools.
    you just feel racism is far far worse than homophobia. many of us don’t share that belief and are kinda frankly sick of hearing how much worse racism is than homophobia. it’s insulting and comes off insensitive to gay people who live homophobia on a daily basis.

  40. Michelle-CO says

    There’s always a poster in every comments section who plays the race card, tells gay people who black is the only real suffering, and hijacks the discussion away from the topic at hand and back to a discussion about racism. This is about homophobia. No calculating attempt to turn this into how bad black people have it is going to work. Let’s get back to the topic at hand.

    What is happening in this school, or happened, is a nightmare and worth addressing by school officials. We can’t just let standard homophobia like this pass in schools, because it’s gay kids lives at stake here, and often, they feel they have no one to turn to.

  41. Siox says

    Is anyone else growing extremely tired of this argument by black people
    “people don’t have to know you are gay unless you force them to”

    There’s so much bigotry in what many black people spew regarding gay people, but because they are black and it’s politically incorrect to confront their vast bigotry on the topic of gays, we let it slide. I’m happy to know that people above aren’t letting it slide. Suddenly being gay has become this pillar where we need to get our approval that our rights are worth fighting for from blacks. that they can’t see how flawed and offensive this statement about how we can be in the closet and not have to be openly gay if we want to, is just proves what another person above said. the oppressed yesterday are the new oppressors today.

  42. Chance says

    Oh, and L.A. Dude, you’re not fooling anyone with all of those aliases that just happened to show up right behind you spouting the same sentiments. *laughs*


  43. Chance says

    Oh, and L.A. Dude, you’re not fooling anyone with all of those aliases that just happened to show up right behind you spouting the same sentiments. *laughs*


  44. Chance says

    @L.A. Dude
    First of all, you’re a r@cist SOB.

    Second of all, I said that I was a gay man of color — nowhere did I say that I was “black,” yet you immediately and ignorantly jumped to that conclusion, because it is YOU who has the chip on his decaying shoulder, and probably sits around waiting for issues like this to come up so that you can feel justified in espousing your petty and STUPID r@cism.

    I happen to be of Lebanese and East Indian descent. Idiot.

    Clearly you have issues with black people. What’s the matter, did you see a black guy at the urinal with a noticeably larger p*nis than yours? Or perhaps when you were in school, you got your ass kicked in gym class by a few. Is that why you’re mad? Whatever the reason is, stay mad. Chew on it until you choke, you clown.

    My position stands: comparing race to sexual orientation, and the bigotry that comes with each, are two completely different extremes and ultimately apples and oranges.

    Eff you.

  45. says

    @ chance

    There is nothing offensive about Gay community highlighting the similarities of discrimination with other groups, even African American. You took that as meaning gay people believe it’s the exact same story. They never said that, but we did draw on the similarities to which there are some. To deny that is to deny gay history, and civil rights history, an humanity. You seem so self revolved that you can’t seem to register that point.

  46. Peter M. says

    Something is rotten in the state of Maryland and in Prince George’s County Public Schools:
    … Richard A. Cohen, who is a member of the PGCPS Health Council (…)
    …Six health classes have shown “Acception” since last fall, according to PGCPS spokesman Briant K. Coleman—and more were expected to use it this year, State education regulators also approved the video, according to Coleman. But on Wednesday, PGCPS pulled the video pending further review, only to terminate the program permanently later that day.
    But Prince George’s County Public Schools still seems confused about why the curriculum was controversial in the first place. “We pulled the video because there was too much focus on alternative lifestyles,” Coleman writes in email. (…)

    Can you belive it, they pulled it because it was too gay-friendly…
    Geez… and I thought Maryland was among the more enlightened states, guess that was wishful thinking.

  47. Kris says

    Chance, it’s only offending you and other black individuals who think like you, to be compared to gay people because you feel being gay is inferior to being black and feel one is worthy of more respect and heightened sense of it while the other is less of value. It boils straight down to your own unresolved homophobia, realized or not.
    Also, you being gay means very little. Some of the most self hating homophobic people I’ve encountered in my life stated they were gay. Being gay an subscribing to anti gay sentiments are not mutually exclusive.

  48. Bill says

    @LUIS-HERNANDEZ: What is hopefully happening is that the people who let it through are acting like spam filters. The spammers occasionally figure out ways to get around the filters, and then the filters get modified in response.

    Maybe someone should ask the people responsible how this video got through. It’s understandable if the ex-gay nuts simply found a hole in the procedures used to keep them out. You have a situation where the nominally good guys get blamed for a single failure while the bad guys get to try as much as they like to trip the good guys up.

  49. Francis says

    Let’s not act surprised. Prince George is a pretty socially conservative place, and we know what that equals. These people are going after our youth and are trying to get them early, infect kids with bigotry early. We definitely cannot have that. Hold these bigots’ feet to the fire and contact GLAAD, contact Equality Maryland, contact LGBTQ organizations in the country. This is an outrage.

  50. Francis says

    PG country school officials saw the video and gave it the check. That’s on them. Either it’s ignorance or it’s homophobia. Well, we need to get down to the bottom of it and see what the answer is, and then there needs to be some sort of effort to reverse the damages made. It’s time to stand up for our youth, no holds barred.

  51. says

    The side arguments on this site are so ridiculous. Focus on the bigotry of the original storyline. What this school did is inexcusable and forcefully anti gay. They should be forced to acknowledge this and promise to not engage in such anti gay propeganda in a school setting.