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Gay Adult Film Actor Donny Wright Arrested for Drunken 'Mischief' at Louisville Firehouse


Louisville Police arrested a man who broke into Metro Fire House and was found getting busy on the firefighters' gear, WHAS reports:

Metro Firefighters say they heard glass shattering on one of their bay doors and when they went to investigate, they found 27-year-old Nicholas Gonzales masturbting on gear he removed from lockers.

Firefighters were able to detain the intoxicated Gonzales until police arrived. When asked why he broke in the firehouse, Gonzales said “because he wanted to.”

Gonzales is aka gay adult film actor Donny Wright. He was charged with burglary, public intoxication and criminal mischief.

(via gawker)

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  1. This is one porn actor who has seen too many pornos. He probably expected them to join in.

    Hot fireman watching him JO: "What. Are. You. Doing? Stop. Uh. That's. Hot. [rubs crotch] Can. I. Join?" [music: bow-chicka-bow-chicka-bow-wow-bow-WOW]

    Posted by: CMLion | Feb 27, 2013 6:20:24 PM

  2. Donny need some substance abuse counseling. I bet that if he was sober, he would act more responsibly.

    Posted by: jeff | Apr 14, 2013 2:57:38 PM

  3. Pretty sickened by the comments on this one... This was a crime, there is nothing "hot" about this.

    Is that what we want in our society, a bunch of hypersexual people breaking into public or private property to jerk off all over stuff? RIDICULOUS that people are actually looking at this event as something desirable.

    I know that most of the brain-dead guys on this site that wrote positive comments on this story are probably not THAT serious, its easy to post stupid crap like this when it's partially anonymous and you dont really have to answer to your crazy.

    Shame on you guys... totally disgusting behavior, for him and for you.

    Posted by: Phil | May 7, 2013 10:56:28 AM

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