Gay Man Attacked on NYC Subway; Onlookers Do Nothing

A 23-year-old gay man and his partner were attacked on the No.2 train in NYC on Monday night, the NY Daily News reports:

FrankellyUrena Morel Frankelly and his partner were on a southbound No. 2 train Monday night when a woman took a picture of them eating and her friend called them names.

“Why you taking a picture?” the victim asked.

“Feed you face, f—–" the suspect shouted back. Another woman with her chimed in, apparently asking the partner: “Why you with that f—–?”

Following the exchange, Frankelly was attacked (a man joined the two women) and repeatedly punched, the paper adds. Frankelly's eye was cut and swollen shut.

His partner said nobody came to their aid: “Everyone was watching — no one helped us. That was a very scary situation for us…Right now we’d just prefer to be alone.”

The NYPD has launched a hate crime investigation, the NY Post reports.

(image via NY Daily News)

Posted February 20, 2013 at 9:00am ETC by Andy Towle
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