GOProud Still Banned from CPAC; Log Cabin Won’t Participate

Gay conservative groups Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud won't be participating in this year's Conservative Political Action Conference, the HuffPost reports:

Lasalvia"We were kicked out last year and nothing has changed and we wont be at CPAC," GOProud's Jimmy LaSalvia said in an interview. "The last communication I've had from them is that we were kicked out. Nothing has changed."

"At the present time, we have no plans to participate in CPAC this year," Log Cabin Republicans spokesman West Honeycutt told The Huffington Post.

The absence of both groups from this year's CPAC schedule surprised some political observers, who argued that it seemed like the last vestige of the culture war currently winding down within the Republican Party.


  1. Maguitac says

    No means NO.

    They don’t want you. They don’t think they should include the likes of you. They don’t think YOU are worthy of being around the likes of them. Their mind is made up.

    I am flabbergasted at the persistence of grown-ups wanting so badly to be part of a discriminating-bigoted gang, that they absolutely disregard the harm it is doing the group they supposedly represent.

    CPAC is very much aware of the group THEY represent, and thus select only like-minded members: Homophobic, xenophobic, misogynists. Wish “GOProud” and Log Cabin would work a bit more on their self-esteem and stop kissing the rich white kid’s ass.

    Maybe start their own annual conference, and work at much better representing the average political LGBT American.

  2. Me says

    There are too many old goats entrenched in outdated battle lines, and the young goats don’t view it as an issue to put their name on the line for, so this will linger. But things are changing for sure. If elected Republicans could be totally honest, you’d find that many (if not most) of them either support gay rights or don’t care one way or the other.

  3. Michaelandfred says

    Don’t they remind you of the guy who comes back to the same club week after week taking the same abuse and getting upset when they don’t let him in? I’ve never understood this. Why would I want to go someplace where they so obviously don’t want or like me?

  4. Maguitac says

    “If elected Republicans could be totally honest”…

    No elected Republican would ever be allowed to be honest: Pledges to Grover Norquist and Karl Rove keep anyone from ever truly representing the well-being of the majority, but rather work in protecting and affluenting an uppity wealthy faction.

  5. hugo says

    Several CPAC attendees are actually quite mad at this. They were planning to rely on the GOProudlers and LogCabinians to hook them up with some post-conference entertainment.

  6. HadenoughBS says

    You say the GOP is turning over a new leaf to attract new voters that aren’t just older, white, Protestant and male? Really?? You’ve got to be kidding me! Who wrote their “Rules for Success” manual – Mittens Presidential election team???

  7. says

    The “culture war” is currently “winding down” within the Republican Party, eh? I think most elected Republicans failed to get that memo–or, rather, they got it and hid it under the carpet. And when they finally do change, long after they’ve lost the war, it won’t be because of cloutless GOProud or the LCR’s, that’s for sure.

  8. Ryan says

    Why are our resident gay conservatives never commenting on these posts? I’d love to hear their thoughts on why the party they support continually does what it can to turn its back on LGBT people, even those who claim to be a part of it.

  9. says

    Does this mean this eunuch wimps will finally stop complaining about “intolerant liberals” and finally address that their own party, and movement, is utterly ashamed of them and doesn’t tolerate, respect or accept them in any way?


    it must suck to be a gay conservative. no self-respecting gay man will ever date you, and you never have the spines to command respect anywhere you go.

    oh well. Not a problem for us liberals.

  10. says

    I’ll always bring it up – we don’t WANT GOProud members to attend CPAC; their previous attendance is documented to show that all they did was use their presence to slander and denigrate and demean “other gay people.”


    seriously – GOProud exists to prove gay liberals right.

    Who are GOProud members? They’re Samuel L. Jackson’s character from “Django Unchained” – nothing more and certainly nothing less.

  11. MichaelJ says

    In this instance, I actually have more respect for CPAC than for GOProud. CPAC is sticking to their principles and not being oppotunistic by throwing some crumbs, such as tolerating GOProud’s participation, to GOProud in the hopes of getting more money from the group’s members (who are likely to be pretty affluent). GOProud, on the other hand, is sucking up to CPAC in the hopes that they will be spared from CPAC’s self-righteous wrath, not giving a damn about what happens to other gay people.

  12. anon says

    The real question is whether total attendance a CPAC is down this year. Their influence in the last election was baneful, as they supported the worst candidates in several cases, all of whom ended up losing big-time. e.g. all the “rape” candidates.

  13. walter says

    wasn’t la salvia who said the gop was becoming more tolerant and understanding. sorry jimmy just the same old group of hateful bigots no change they still hate gays blacks hispanics and women and everyone else who isnt old and white.

  14. dms says

    Wow. I just don’t understand how any gay man can identify with a party who hates them so much. Jewish Nazis? Black KKKers? Gay Republicans. It’s a pity that there is not a party for gay people who have conservative views on the economy and defense, etc. But to keep trying to get in the big red door is just pathetic.

  15. says

    remember when Jimmy fabricated a story about being attacked by “black youths” whom he then “scared off by reaching into his bag, which made them think he had a gun, so they fled”?

    yeah. i remember that, too. it was funny.

    GOProud – making up lies about the people the GOP hates in order to gain one more day of almost-tolerance.

    as usual, that almost-tolerance is denied.

    the problem is not that they’re gay, the problem is that they’re such wimpy doormats about it.

  16. andrew says

    Can you imagine wanting to attend a convention to listen to speeches by Sarah Palin, FORMER Congressman West and the Adulterer-In-Chief and strong defender of family values Newt Gingrich. I would rather have a Root Canal procedure. Much less painful.

  17. Montana says

    This reminds me of the former Soviet Union where, time and time again, the party would roll out the same LOSERs of the past and try to force them down the people’s throat, in this case the GOP. I mean come on, the only two that can make a decent run for the white house is Chris “krispy kreme” Christie who loathes CPAC, and CPAC frontrunner “W” brother Jeb Bush.

    I like his name implies Chris “krispy kreme” Christie, until he get his weight down and stops going to the Hospital (like on July 28, 2011) he will be just a noise, he is the only one that can win, but CPAC apparently does want to win. Jeb Bush, of course just has the problem that he was in charge of the Florida when his brother “W” got in the first time (what a joke) and where he passed the crazy “stand your ground” law and the remaining GOP party tried to stop US Citizens from voting by giving them long lines this last Presidential election , but hey, its Florida, its like a third world country down there.

  18. Rich says

    I am thrilled that GOPROUD was banned from participating at the CPAC. I hope they and all their members will FINALLY realize that gay republicans are not wanted…will never ever be accepted…and they should just let it go. The republican party HATES you because you’re gay…they hate your friends, they hate and blame your parents & family. And yet, you place your vote for them? How in the world can you be happy with this? All GOPROUD & Log Cabin members are IMHO complete IDIOTS. And every gay republican deserves all the ridicule that can be thrown at you.

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