1. alexander says

    Good for her. Stand up for your civil liberties everywhere, We are everywhere. ^_^ It does get better.

  2. Michael Heynz says

    Lori Pitner wouldn’t know a gang if one sat down on her lap and gave her a bigole wet kiss. In the face. With a chair.

  3. Francis says

    Incredibly brave young woman. Incredibly brave. This is what LGBTQ students are forced to deal with countrywide. Institutionalized homophobia. And Bayli Silberstein isn’t going to let that hate continue on her watch without making noise about it.

    Only 14. This area of Florida, Lake County, is definitely conservative so it’s not surprising this is occurring. The ACLU is already on the case and threatening to sue the school board so we’ll see what happens. Email the Lake County school board superintendent and Carver Middle School principal and let them know why GSA’s are so important and should be implemented!

  4. JackFknTwist says

    Anythig which helps kids resist ullying by little thugs is to be appauded.
    She is brave and has more backbone than those parents who oppose the straight -gay club.

  5. Klien says

    This is awesome. No other words need to be said.

    And yes, she has every right to start that club. I don’t even want to name drop some of the CRAZY clubs our school allowed.

  6. Icebloo says

    All you GRUBS (Gay Republicans) should be ashamed that this kid has more balls than all of you put together !

    The reason so many gay kids are getting bullied is because gays are failing to STAND UP and be counted and the Republicans and religions are continuing to say it’s OK to hate gay people.

    Gay bullying is a direct result of right wing policies.

  7. Bernie says

    and now this “brain trust” has given gays the bragging rights of being in a “gang”………We can add that to all the other crazy stuff we have been accused of…..these kind of comments do nothing but help us….keep it up

  8. Marc says

    I wish the Justice department would step in and support Gay-Straight Alliances in public schools just as the Justice department went after racist school districts in the 1960’s and after. Lake county is one of those places in Florida which is absolutly fearful of change from the status quo. In communities full of bigotry such as this (I live nearby and know from experience) outside help is needed to protect people such as Bayli Silberstein (for who I have the greatest respect, speaking out for ones rights in a conservative community takes guts).