1. UFFDA says

    OMG aren’t they cute! I do wish they had done it to music though.

    Only dancers and gymnasts get in such good shape.

    CANDIDENIC – If it were Black Men Can’t Dance the racist boo hoo would be deafening. In fact the expession as a racist comment throws all brains under the bus.

  2. Bunbury says

    So University of Nebraska doesn’t think this is gay but they expelled two wrestlers for appearing in gay videos? Seems like a double standard. Still, this is really HOT!

  3. Markt says

    Those guys have worked hard; and some are performing pretty difficult moves. They take the time and spirit to give a gift of same-sex erotica, and most of the comments just complain about the music. Turn off the sound whenever it says Harlem Shake. It’s easy.

  4. Stefan says

    @ATLJASON–They also perform in jockstraps in my imagination. I’m waiting patiently for video confirmation of that.

    And yes, it’s not the Harlem Shake and the song is awful. But if it makes stuff like this happen, than yay.

  5. Ronny says

    Grew up in Nebraska, went to school at UNL and knew a lot of gymnasts and wrestlers. Have to say, they were usually the nicest of the athletes to deal with, while most of the football players I dealt with were asses. And yes, a few were gay, but not as many as I wished. But Harlem shake can go away.

  6. benjamin says

    Anything that gathers a group of gorgeous men to dance suggestively together half-naked with one another is just fine with me. Go Huskers!

    (One can always mute the volume)

  7. Yaoi says

    I’ve never thought about doing gymnastics until now. I guess I want to learn to do everything they were doing after I start learning martial arts.

    So much to learn.

  8. says

    What an elaborate ad to get people to visit the University of Nebraska. Judging from the comments, it seems to have worked. I was there last spring to see about getting into engineering, it is a nice campus.

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