1. David Hearne says

    This is where the work is being done and meaningful progress is being made. There is nothing more useless than a “gay rights activist” in Washington DC, SF, or NYC.

  2. DRG says

    I think “useless” is an extremely wrong word choice and completely ignorant view of what gay activists in those cities do for the LGBT Community, the nation, or even you DAVID HEARNE. Perhaps you credit the unbelievable changes with Gays in the Military, the “evolution” of Obama’s stance on marriage, the changing enforcement from the DOJ on immigration of same sex couples and the exclusion of AIDS infected, the intense media coverage, the new amicus briefs from corporations and the GOP against prop 8, etc… on small town community and court filings?!? Those types of independent battles are extremely important on local communities, local perceptions, and do wonders for the cause. They do not however lead to sweeping change. That comes from non-profit organizations/lobbying groups (HRC, Trevor Project, Immigration Equality, LAMDA, ACLU, etc…), those “useless gay rights advocates in DC, SF, or NYC”, and the media coverage they produce.

    PS…echo LITTLEKIWI. This. Girl. Rocks.

  3. DRG says

    DAVID HEARNE a tree grows from the seeds, but is planted from the crown. I agree that what this girl is doing and other things like it are great work for our community and the nation as a whole. But I wouldn’t tell all those gay, race, and female victims over the history of our country about how the national dialogue, movements, and activism of their times didn’t help their failed legal, police, and community cases…leaving them dead or lost. Her ability to get the attention of a fair court hearing will stem from the shift in popular thought, tolerance, and education of the community. This principal is already on leave because of it probably because of the national focus. I don’t think either national/big city activism or small local fighting and organizing is better. i think both work together for our cause. don’t belittle something because you are not a part of it and can’t directly ascertain it’s benefits.

  4. David Hearne says

    DRG – I am not a part of the Human Rights Campaign by choice. It is not a gay rights organization, it’s a front and a cash cow. They are involved in issues which are not related to gay rights and which are in conflict with the best interests of the nation. They are discriminatory and undemocratic in their operation.

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