Gay Teen’s Home Vandalized In Hate Crime

A gay Florida teen returned home with his boyfriend last week to find it covered in hate-filled red graffiti – both inside and outside of the house. The vandalism included a swastika on the ceiling of his living room. Police are investigating the incident, which targeted 18-year-old Jesse Jeffers, as a hate crime. 

The Pensacola News Journal reports:

The vandalism, which happened between when Jeffers left and returned to his home, was deemed a hate crime by the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, because it targets Jeffers’ lifestyle and sexual orientation. There are only a few hate-crime cases reported each year in Santa Rosa, Haines said, calling them a rare occurrence.

The vandals spray-painted a pair of women’s breasts on the trailer’s exterior. Near the door, several derogatory words were spelled out, along with the phrase “God don’t love you,” with a heart taking the place of the word “love.”

Inside, his drapes, fish tank and front room were also tagged, along with another large swastika painted on his ceiling.

No arrests have yet been made in the case.


  1. TJ says

    My profiling skills make me believe that at least one of the vandals was a girl. When someone uses a <3 instead of the word love, I bet anything a chick wrote that.

  2. Francis says

    I hope this young man stays safe and if he knows who did this to his home than he needs to tell the police. There needs to be charges brought upon the offenders. Most important I hope this young man has someone, whether it be increased police presence in and around where he lives or maybe some friends staying with him and his mom, to protect him and act as support. These sorts of incidents in these rural towns often end up driving people into leaving the town, that’s usually the desired goal.

    Jesse seems like a very self-assured young man. Is there any way to donate to help him with costs to clean the graffiti? I’m going to contact Ellen to see if she would have Jesse on her show and help him out.

  3. Bill says

    @bigolpoofter” What the reporter wrote was, “The vandalism, which happened between when Jeffers left and returned to his home, was deemed a hate crime by the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, because it targets Jeffers’ lifestyle and sexual orientation.”

    It is possible the “lifestyle and sexual orientation” is what the Sheriff’s Office said, and “lifestyle” could refer to a lot of things, including a decision on his part to live in a separate building than the adjacent home where his mother lives (whether that is also a trailer or whether his family had a trailer in addition to a house is not clear from the article).

    @Francis: while he may suspect who did it, he didn’t see it happen, so he is making a very educated guess. The problem is getting enough evidence to convince a jury that they nabbed the right guy. Apparently, he is taking an argument with some people he knows as proof, but that argument could simply be a coincidence. He could be more certain if he recognized the handwriting, but the article didn’t say one way or the other. Regardless, the police will possibly ask for handwriting samples from the people he argued with, and of course will look for fingerprints, DNA samples, or what have you.

  4. Adam says

    ” .. several derogatory words were spelled out ..” I have to wonder how many of those words were misspelled. Hey, I’m just considering the IQ of your typical homophobe vandal …

  5. IQ says

    Is that a threat Mike? Florida is one of the hate states and the anti-gay Christians are working over time spending millions to stir the pot and get others to do their dirty work like NOM the anti-gay hate Christian group National Organization for Marriage who are using blacks and Hispanics to make trouble for LGBT people. It is the leaders of these hate groups that the anti-gay Christian drones follow and the leaders are crazy evil people like little Hitlers.

  6. Francis says

    Good point, Bill, you’re right. Well hopefully there is a breakthrough in this case and the offenders are caught. Seattle Mike and others you’re right that there have been many hate crime hoaxes lately but unless there is clear reason to be suspicious we should never actually discredit what is being reported. That is more or less victimizing someone whose already been victimized.

  7. Mike says

    Look at his face. Look at his eyes in particular, notice the color of the whites, and the puffiness around them. Notice how he is ringing his hands. He had nothing to do with this, and he is very scared. He might even have an idea of who did this, but is so scared that he would not say anything. I know this fear. I know this pain. He is not faking, this is genuine, and please remember folks even at 18 you are really still a kid. If you click on the hyperlink to the local news source you can see another picture of him standing under a swastika. Again the body language would denote that he had nothing to do with this, but I do think he knows who did. I feel extremely sorry for this child, and his boyfriend. I would ask that if any of the moderators of this site find out more, especially if there is a fund set up to help pay for the clean up to please keep us posted.

  8. ratbastard says

    If Jesse says he thinks he knows who did it and he was friends or associated with them in some way, it sounds like it was a falling out over something.

    It’s curious they just spray painted but didn’t actually vandalize or destroy anything, didn’t touch his fish tank and what-not. I find that kind of strange, I’d think they would have actually destroyed property, damaged his trailer, not just spray paint offensive stuff on it, especially once they got inside. And speaking of outside, no one noticed them spray painting the outside of his trailer? Isn’t that kind of strange?

    I’m not trying to bust his b*lls, just think there needs to be clarification. It’s really unfortunate, but many ‘hate’ crimes in the past have turned out to be faked. IMO a real crime generally involves destruction of property, not just words spray painted, or a genuine assault with notable injuries to especially the face like broken nose, fractures, etc., I’m sorry, but this doesn’t pass the smell test. If I’m wrong and it’s reported on TR, I’ll eat my words.

  9. danielle joly says

    je ne comprends pas beaucoup l’anglais mais rien qu’à voir c’est pas très dur à comprendre c’est que l’etre humain ne respercte plus rien, ni son semblable, ni les animaux,ni les choses c’est un peu navrant de vivre dans un ère pareil

  10. steven says

    this happened to me before. the best thing to do is clean this up right away.
    im not sure “ellen” would even be a good idea. she’s a bit fluffy.
    maybe contacting the nearest gay advocacy group might be more appropriate.
    I agree about the female comment and im pretty sure the perps were white from the usage of swastikas. just a guess. and usually there’s an incident or event to cause interest in them as a gay unit. maybe interaction or sighting them leaving the house. too bad the article doesn’t say how long they were away from home and who knew about it.
    my other advice is get a big dog.

  11. jjose712 says

    I think it’s better before blaming him or even thinking he did it, because this theory of blaming the victim because others did that before it’s not good at all.

    I hope this will solved the best way for the guy

  12. Mikey says

    Could we have another Secession and let Florida go? Who needs the gay-hating, so-called Christians who don[t have a clue what Jesus was all about. Was He the one who said Hate thy neighbor, as thyself? Tht must be the way they translate it.

  13. Jonathan says

    This is a horrible story. Maybe if his home had a home security system things might have gone different. I use Protect America and highly recommend them. Be safe, Jesse.

  14. Eugene E Lopez says

    This poor kid i feel really sad having just read this. I hope the best and all the happiness for him and his bf. And i hope like hell they arrest the inbreds who committed this crime.

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