1. andrew says

    This is where Hollywood hacks need to come in and rewrite the script by setting it in a gay bathhouse, keep the beefcake, lose the zombies, and Bradley Cooper can still be inundated and scream, “They’re just too sexy!”

  2. liz says


    So whats with the genetic lottery? I think a person is not born with perfection its something that you learn from others before you. Like a baby you need to always work on your self because it simply keeps you busy…in a good way

  3. liz says

    I also believe in morals…you see morals is a fun concepts in reading thoughts and intuition. Morals is the gateway to a womens heart. Morals is why she would buy you a beer or a vodka. Morals is knowing that she is always right and youer wrong and you better live with that because “she” is not a nice person!

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