1. UFFDA says

    Chills and OMG did he mean a real husband of his own? Yes he did! Right on television. Two men who look normal. Count me among the many, I think very many, who are thrilled beyond belief.

  2. johnny says

    Rise, she’ll be the one with skin cancer later and that man will remain gorgeous the rest of his life.

    Yay for the ad with standard issue gay men who aren’t flouncing all over the place dressed in brightly-colored speedos.

  3. Caliban says

    Pretty amazing ad. Very casual, didn’t go for stereotypes, a cheap “Oh no, he’s gay!” punchline or a “gay panic” reaction from the husband, who’s sitting at the bar with a gay man.

    All in all, a much classier ad than we’ve become used to.

  4. Stefan says

    Rise–They were trying to lead you into a narrative of an “average” guy mildly flirting with a sexy woman, then seeming to get rebuffed. It’s a standard tv trope. And then they turned it on its head. I’m not seeing how it fits the definition of sexism at all.

  5. ATLJason says

    My partner and I saw this last night during Idol when it aired and both of us sat up and said “WOW!” Next battle in the war: acceptance on mainstream TV. Winning!

  6. ATLJason says

    My partner and I saw this last night during Idol when it aired and both of us sat up and said “WOW!” Next battle in the war: acceptance on mainstream TV. Winning!

  7. UFFDA says

    So glad most everyone likes this ad! It’s where we have to go/flow, and will with time. It seems to me that most gay men have always been in extreme acting-out reaction to majority disapproval, a painful and fairly predictable way of responding to rejection which results in a reductively “negative” culture.

    At the same time this (ad man’s) unblinking casualness is highly unlikely in the current real world, but it’s a great ideal and a good start.

    Atually that lady was pretty hot, her husband looked cool as well, and, well, I see a budding four way.

  8. David Hearne says

    Greg –

    No, they are saying it’s disappointing if you have bought an iPad. And they are correct. I bought my mom an iPad 2 for Christmas. The sales clerk told me that it didn’t have Siri, but that it had dictation in email (which is something my mom wanted) and Bluetooth (which is something I wanted for my mom). It has no integrated dictation in email, you have to dictate in Dragon and then paste into email (which means it is nearly worthless) and the so-called Bluetooth is some kind of proprietary bullwookie that only pairs with iphone and has no universal file exchange (like your macbook does) so that you can send files from your Android phone (because Samsung Galaxy makes iPhone look primitive) or do a number of things that we expect Apple computers to do flawlessly.

    Apple flucked us over on Ipad. I will be getting a Galaxy tablet for myself.

  9. David Hearne says

    Show of hands:

    How many of you read at the beach? I have tried it and found it to be annoying. Reading at the beach is like wearing headphones and listening to music at the beach. Are you really so bored with the beautiful weather and water and the people watching etc… that you need to read or listen to music? Rest and drift in the ambient noise and hypnotic light on the water.

  10. DW says

    Sequel: both pricey devices get gummed up with sand and sunscreen. I have the perfect technology already: it’s called a paperback. (Bonus: unlike with an e-reader, you can check out your hot fellow sun-worshipper’s title without creepily leaning over, which makes for a handy

  11. Billy says

    I don’t really see the point of the ad, but it IS surprising to see it on TV. Amazon may be a scarily giant company but man, some of these companies really support us in important ways.

    And yeah, the main guy is stunningly hot.

  12. Stefan says

    DAVID HEARNE–I tried reading at the beach once and also couldn’t figure out why anyone does it. I was at Lake Michigan last summer on a beautiful holiday weekend, with warm water near the shore (doesn’t always happen in Michigan). The family next to me had a daughter using a Kindle under an umbrella, the Mom on her cell phone with a friend the whole time, and the son on some kind of iPhone/mini thing with ear buds. None of them ever even put a toe in the water or explored the dunes or anything. I wonder if they even felt the sand between their toes once. It was kinda sad.

  13. Barry in NH says

    It amazes me that a company like Amazon has taken the time to create a television commercial targeted for ALL networks that is GLBT-inclusive and non-stereotypical. Yet, there are some who have nothing better to do than complain and tear it apart.

    Personally, I found it to be a simple and classy ad with a twist that I didn’t see coming. It left me with a huge smile on my face and made me feel like times are truly getting better.

    If anyone thinks they can do a better job, I welcome them to try. Otherwise, think before you start complaining!

  14. spending money says

    A quiet landmark and quiet milestone. I can honestly say that’s now my #1 favorite commercial, ever, over my entire lifetime.

    If Jeff Bezos’s Amazon and anti-marriage equality Meg Whitman’s eBay have the same product, the choice is obvious. That was even before this commercial. But now, anything I can get on Amazon, well, they are definitely getting my business.

  15. Gio says

    It’s not enough to just be happy about this..PLEASE kindly consider writing, TWEETING, facebooking kindle and thanking them, because if they only hear from the bigots and not hear from us….they’ll never know support for this exists!

    Please thank them. This makes a huge impact.

  16. FFS says

    I agree with the criticism that the hot guy’s shirt is both unnecessary and offensive. Not to mention ugly.

    The moral of this ad is clearly, “Don’t let ugly shirts happen to hot gays.”

  17. ***** says

    As there are more and more married troops and gay couples and non stereotypical gay people featured in commercials, the novelty will wear off and it will become common placed to see gay people in the ads driving the cars, shopping at the market, buying valentines gifts, flowers, candy, cars, and all manner of products helping the world to go around and doing all those things which compromise the gay lifestyle… time will pass and many will wonder “what is the fecking big deal” and we shall have to get together and give the right wingers someone else to grip and complain about as we all move forward through the fog.

  18. ***** says

    The more times that grandma sees a hot couple, male or female kissing, the quicker she and grandpa are going to get over it…..especially if it is the grandson and the boyfriend, or the granddaughter and her girlfriend…. Just small pecks here and there and coming around the side of the barn, or while working in the cornfield, or sitting at lunch down by the cottonwood creek….all will contribute to the idea that couples are in love and there is not a great deal of difference in their expressions of love. The next step will be the introduction of either the biological grandchildren or the adopted grandchildren. Babies are going to go a long way to smooth over some of these changes in lifestyles and inform families and their member as to just how little difference there is in their various family members and their lifestyles especially when their first or second grandchild is a part of the picture.

  19. Cyndy says

    Let’s hope other advertisers take the subtle approach as Amazon did and we don’t have a sudden explosion of gay characters in ads. Just like every scene with a group of..children, adults, moms, dads, whatever all have to be racially diverse. A bit obvious. Perhaps a Pampers ad with two dads or moms. Wait for it…unfortunately the radical groups will respond to what should be a non issue.

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