1. George F says

    I am in love with Macklemore! And his album is full of potential hits… Lots of positives on him I see…

  2. castaway says

    Love this guy! Where it used to be hip to hate, he’s done so much to turn that right around. I wish him/them much continued success!

  3. says

    Fantastic man and human being! I have his CD and I’m wearing it out. Love his music and I’m the one who hated rap! Go Mack, keep it up, all the way to the top!

  4. ble.d_out.color says

    You know, I’m usually not a fan of hip hop mainly because of it’s overdone machismo and clear lack of conscience on socially charged issues, but Macklemore is seriously turning me into a believer. Much love to Mack and Ryan Lewis :D. I hope the entire queer community rallies around them and brings them much success for years to come in return for their bravery in standing up for what’s right.