1. MikeKV says

    I find this interesting since I was just watching a show about near Earth objects on one of the History channels last night… :)

  2. LemmyC says

    Wow… That’s some serious OT wrath of God stuff… See what you get for allowing same-sex marriage?

  3. Maguita says

    Or that’s what happens when you don’t let Americans adopt Russian orphans… although I believe Russia is still against recognizing same-sex marriage…

    However the situation, while watching the many videos, the same thought kept creeping in my mind: If it this were to happen in the US, we’ll be on high Terrorist alert, because of September 11, our perception of danger has so dramatically changed.

    Hope no death will result of this, and wish the people of Russia to be safe.

  4. ratbastard says


    The deputy speaker of the Russian parliament [Duma] is blaming the U.S., claiming the U.S. has secret weapons and is testing them on Russia. Yes, he is dead serious.


    Many cars in Russia have dash cams in case of accidents. Apparently there’s a lot of road rage and insurance fraud [and corrupt police] in Russia.

  5. Brad says

    The dash cams are due to a very, very common insurance scam in which someone will step in front of your automobile, make you hit them, then sue you.

    It became such an easy way to make money, that any driver with common sense puts a dashcam in their car.

  6. johnny says

    I saw ONE meteor… not “meteors raining down on Russia”….

    Let’s not sensationalize a story that’s already big enough on it’s own…

  7. Maguita says


    I am then glad that the US does not hold exclusive ownership on Rightwingnutteries. For it does sound like something a Palin, McCain, Akin, Limbaugh, or Nugent would seriously state on Fox “News”. And thank you for the info on car insurance.

  8. Chadd says

    It’s a meteor shower and everyone goes running outside when the windows get blown in. They probably didn’t know what it was, but if random s*** was falling from the sky, I think I’d stay indoors…

  9. Joseph says

    @Pete in SFO

    The larger asteroid is passing by later today. Either it’s purely coincidental or it was a splinter of that same asteroid.

  10. Brian says

    There is only one way that Pat Robertson types can explain this fire and brimstone attack on Russia. God is upset with the Russian government’s homophobia. Notice nothing like this happens in gay friendly Sweden.

  11. lucas says

    The fault dear Brutus is not in the stars, but in ourselves…For we are the underlings — Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

    Every once in a while nature makes sure we know just how insignificant we actually are, in the greater scheme. We are all just worm food fighting and battling it out with other food for worms on a tiny planet in an insignificant outpost in space.

  12. Graphicjack says

    No, it was sent by Madonna as an F-you to the idiots who tried suing her for her “gay propaganda” during her concerts in Russia, obviously. Seriously though, I know it’s wrong, but when I read the headline, I sort of hoped a meteor landed on the idiot who wrote that into law.

  13. UFFDA says

    You’ve may have it exactly backwards LUCAS. A meteor shower or strike may well function as a unifying call to arms for the human race.

    Only by extending our conscious powers to include intentional participation in the larger cosmos can we enlarge our deliberate sway over the evolution of our species. Nothing galvanizes humanity like the threat of destruction. Learning with a unified will to direct and control potential hazards from outer space is as surely on the agenda of human reach as every current form of inter-planetary exploration, just as our urge to enlarge once directed exploration of our planet itself, still an ongoing endeavor.

    Human conciousess is incomparably special and unique, meant to endure, to grow and to triumph. When you believe that you fear nothing and are emboldened to live more fully and creatively than ever both as individuals and as a global community. It is confidence over cowering, courage over despair. You get a life by taking hold of it.

  14. Icebloo says

    It’s clear from this video that Russia puts more money into education than the USA ! Russia has BRICK buildings with modern interiors unlike the wooden huts used here in the US which were supposed to be temporary but have not been replaced after 40 years.
    SHAME on us !

  15. new coke says

    I am all for putting dash cams on cars in the USA, but unless there’s a law to do so, you will probably get sued or arrested for invasion of privacy.

  16. Bill says

    @Brian: there’s another “explanation” people like Pat Robertson could use: God was targeting gay-friendly Sweden, missed, and hit Russia by accident. Oops. That also implies that God is not infallible. Robertson is possibly OK with that – nobody will notice if they don’t think ahead and Robertson can barely think at all!

    But let’s give this Deity a break – it’s pretty difficult to aim that accurate from half way across the galaxy, all the more so given how long it would take to reach our planet. No wonder the divine smites seem to nearly always miss their targets.

    On a more serious note, hope none of the injuries in Russia were serious ones.

  17. Bill says

    My guess on the religious nuts. Once they think about it for a while, they’ll blame gays for the meteor. They’ll claim the Russian government wouldn’t have had to pass anti-gay laws if there already wasn’t a big problem, and that “God” was mad about all the gay Russians, not the Russian government.

    It’s crazy, of course, but the only reason we haven’t heard it is that these nuts haven’t thought of it yet.

  18. Bill says

    One technical detail – the Reuters report is almost certainly wrong regarding the claim as quoted by Towleroad that “People heading to work in Chelyabinsk heard what sounded like an explosion, saw a bright light and then felt a shockwave.”

    It turns out that the speed of a shock wave varies with its amplitude (increasing with increased amplitude), and may be larger than the speed of sound in a fluid. The meteor would also have been visible before being heard, although many probably didn’t look up until they felt the shock wave. If a meteor had broken up into pieces following roughly the same trajectory, there could be multiple shock waves (even a single object can generate more than one).

  19. Bill says

    A much bigger one hit Siberia in 1908, just to put things in perspective. Fortunately, that one hit an unpopulated area, but the damage it did was impressive.

  20. @Bill says

    Meteor fragments are worth a buttload – probably more than all the stupid windows that broke. Plus it actually puts a city on the map when before no one had heard of it. So God did them a favor.