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Former Bears QB Jim Miller: Religious Culture Won't Allow a Gay Player in the NFL 'and We Should Wise Up and Accept It'

Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim Miller appeared on "The McNeil and Spiegel Show" on WSCR-AM 670 in Chicago today and weighed in on the topic of gays in the NFL, the Chicago Tribune reports:

Miller“There are some religions that are just not going to accept a gay individual in the locker room,” Miller told "The McNeil and Spiegel Show" on WSCR-AM 670. “So now, are you as an organization going to bring that element into your locker room and think everything is going to be OK?

"Last time I checked, whether it’s Christianity or Muslims or other religions that are out there, they’re just not going to accept it. They're just not. It's just not realistic for Mike Florio or any progressive or liberal to think that everything is going to be OK in the locker room and we should all just wise up and accept it.”

Asked his stance on whether gays should be accepted, Miller said, “I could care less. You can play football or you can’t. I’m just giving you my point of view that certain factions of a locker room will not accept it. ... That's the reality of the situation.”

In a radio interview this week, NFL prospect Nick Kasa reported that some NFL scouts had asked him about his sexual orientation, prompting an investigation by the NFL. Kasa's remarks followed statements earlier in the week from sportswriter Mike Florio indicating that there was interest from recruiters in knowing whether Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o is gay, that it was "the elephant in the room" at the Combine, and that scouts were too nervous to ask.

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  1. Mr. Miller might be shocked to discover that 60% of churches in Seattle are "Welcoming and affirming" (Christian for "we welcome and affirm LGBT people). It's probably close to that in Chicago and many other NFL cities. So he has made the erroneous statement that "Christian" means believing that LGBT people are sinners.

    There's a big difference among Christian theologians in how the "clobber passages" - "not lying with a man as with a woman" for instance - are interpreted. Back when that was written women were property so lying with a man meant that one had to be a slave.

    And as for touching that pigskin, well there's a pretty clear passage about that in the Holy Book.

    Posted by: Dan B Seattle | Feb 27, 2013 9:46:09 PM

  2. Jim Miller should accept that he's one of the most forgetable players in NFL history.

    Posted by: Tim | Feb 27, 2013 10:34:42 PM

  3. Hey Derrick. I know he's not black!!!!! Just a little satire for some of the goofballs that always talk about how homophobic blacks are.

    Posted by: Mel Smith | Feb 27, 2013 10:45:23 PM

  4. So we should all allow and tolerate bigotry because there are more bigots than the targets of their bigotry?

    Posted by: Ryan | Feb 27, 2013 11:33:14 PM

  5. You know, I am really, really sick of the guys kicking and screaming about the acceptance of gay rights being the same exact ones that couldn't get laid even if they were gay.

    Someone, anyone, go find me a pretty straight man that isn't all for gays being on equal footing.

    Posted by: Michael | Feb 27, 2013 11:34:22 PM

  6. former somebody, now a nobody, wants another 15 minutes of fame
    story as old as the hills

    Posted by: EchtKultig | Feb 27, 2013 11:59:32 PM

  7. That maybe true but here's the thing...

    They already are in the in the locker room and they were there when you, Mr I could care less, and they have seen your ass baby!

    As for religions, they can shove it!

    Posted by: Ray | Feb 28, 2013 12:32:21 AM

  8. We tend to forget these days that before the mid-1940s, both professional football and professional baseball in the United States were almost totally segregated.

    If you read any of the biographies and autobiographies of the first black players, you'll see that most players and fans at the time felt that there would never be black players either.

    Religion was involved in that disgusting situation too.

    Posted by: Eric | Feb 28, 2013 12:53:07 AM

  9. Guess what Jim, if statistics hold true, you've already shared a locker room with a gay man on one of your football teams. Religion has nothing to do with reality...

    Posted by: Robert M. | Feb 28, 2013 1:33:55 AM

  10. He just needs his c**k sucked. Like most mens of that persuasion...

    Posted by: So over it | Feb 28, 2013 1:47:24 AM

  11. The BIG difference between idiots accepting Blacks in the locker room and Gays -- they put up with Blacks because of their known abilities, but there is no stereotype of Gay athletes being good.

    Posted by: Bob | Feb 28, 2013 4:09:12 AM

  12. You mean there is a religion that holds service in a locker room? A MENS locker room and I am just now finding out about this wonderful religion? Who knew? Wow, an expert on football AND religion! Boy, am I glad to be a Bears fan! I guess he will be uninvited from the next Mensa picnic.

    Posted by: millerbeach | Feb 28, 2013 5:02:39 AM

  13. And yet thousands of gay people use gym locker rooms on a daily basis.

    Posted by: Glenn | Feb 28, 2013 5:14:39 AM

  14. Gay men in the locker room are going to stare at naked men. That is a given. Let's stop pretending that they won't. If the cheerleaders and the football players shared the same locker room, the cheerleaders would get sized up, harassed...or maybe even some sexual conduct would happen. Allowing gays in the locker room will trigger the same things. It's funny to me how people pretend that it's all paranoid thinking and that gay men would just use the facilities to shower, get dressed and leave like everyone else. Go to any gym and you'll see a number of gay pervs who're obviously loitering in the locker room and every shower curtain has holes that the gays punched in so that they can peep and stare at other guys. Go to any neighborhood park and you'll see gays loitering in bushes and in cars. But we're supposed to pretend none of that exists. The bottom line is that gay men can't be trusted in enclosed environments with other men. If you let gays on the team then the locker room better be redesigned to heighten privacy. An open shower would be very dangerous.

    Posted by: Anthony | Feb 28, 2013 7:40:28 AM

  15. @Anthony:
    First, thanks for insulting me, a-hole. You've just hypersexualized and dehumanized gays--not dissimilar to the hypersexualization and dehumanization of blacks long used to justify the practice of racism. Further, your comment seems to aim even to dehumanize and stigmatize each INDIVIDUAL gay man. Face it, Anthony, in fact YOU are the monster here, not us.

    Second, and more to the point, what about all the gay men who CURRENTLY and have ALWAYS changed alongside other men in locker rooms with no incident whatsoever.

    Finally, your comment strikes me as self-loathing, like you are at least bi-closeted and are half-proclaiming that you judge your repressed bi side as subhuman. I.e., dude, you seem like a gay-hater because you hate yourself. So stop pushing your self-hate on others, and maybe try RESPECTING yourself for a change, Anthony, ok.

    By the way, Miller seems likely repressed and self-hating, too; of course he's so ugly--physically and in his personality, etc.--that maybe only a mother could love him. Bless him. :) Just get his white hood off him!

    Posted by: Just_a_guy | Feb 28, 2013 8:32:32 AM

  16. I didn't know that a locker room was essentially the same thing as mass. Your religion and what it tells you should not matter in the locker room. If NFL players treated other players as their religion demanded of them, how would Muslim and Christian players even be able to be on the same team, you know, given that to each religion, "non-believers" are basically doomed to go to hell and should not be associated with. And what about players who commit adultery, or have a child out of wedlock? How do the religious players deal with them?

    Jesus Christ, do these (former) NFL players not even realize how stupid they make all NFL players look? How come not more open-minded, progressive sportmen speak out against this?

    Posted by: Lee | Feb 28, 2013 8:50:59 AM

  17. Religion? Since when does 'Religion' have ANYTHING to do with Football? There are SO many things wrong with this! If we can have Gays and Straights DIE with each other in the military, we can have Gays and Straights play together on a stupid game. The mentality of many Americans is like that of 3rd Graders!

    Posted by: Jim Brown | Feb 28, 2013 8:57:08 AM

  18. One crazy closet case post. Interesting. Always a sign that a story at towleroad is "touching a nerve".

    Posted by: EchtKultig | Feb 28, 2013 9:32:15 AM

  19. What in the hell does "religious culture" have anything to do with an egotistical,violent,money grubbing sport....oh..I get stupid of me...its just like the suppressing/oppressing murdering raping torturous church...Are you ready for some football Jesus...SMFH

    Posted by: LiberalLarry | Feb 28, 2013 9:59:57 AM

  20. Yep, all those NFL players are all God fearing Christians, Muslims & Jews and they all live by the Bible, the Koran and The Torah every day of their lives. Now what about all those stories of spousal abuse, marital infidelity, children out of wedlock, alchohol and drug abuse, gambling, gun violence, not to mention that we do know there have been more than a few gay NFL players (maybe even more than in any other professional sport in the US). Of yeah, the NFL and its stadiums are real religious institutions!!! Get over it. If a gay player could help his team win the Super Bowl his fellow team mates would definitely be falling on their knees in front of him.

    Posted by: Swiminbuff | Feb 28, 2013 10:24:42 AM

  21. Sorry--what does one have to do with the other? Religion v. Locker Room? I don't get it.

    Posted by: Al | Feb 28, 2013 10:28:50 AM

  22. “There are some religions that are just not going to accept a gay individual in the office. So now, are you as an organization going to bring that element into your business and think everything is going to be OK?

    "Last time I checked, whether it’s Christianity or Muslims or other religions that are out there, they’re just not going to accept it. They're just not. It's just not realistic for David Geffin or any progressive or liberal to think that everything is going to be OK in the board room and we should all just wise up and accept it.”


    Posted by: teegee | Feb 28, 2013 10:32:53 AM

  23. So, Teegee, you agree that religion can be used to justify bigotry. Remember that when someone disagrees with your religion.

    Posted by: 1♥ | Feb 28, 2013 10:53:20 AM

  24. Yes, all those athletes who shoot people, drive drunk and beat up their girlfriends are religious, and having to endure gay people in the locker room would be too much to ask.

    Posted by: RomanHans | Feb 28, 2013 10:55:00 AM

  25. isn't a football made of the flesh of a dead pig & isn't that also an abomination so Mr. Miller & his beliefs can go f*uck himself!

    Posted by: catch 22 | Feb 28, 2013 12:32:20 PM

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