News: Mark Hamill, Mitt Romney, Harvey Milk, Orson Scott Card

RoadOrson Scott Card's homophobic worldview worries Ender's Game adaptation producers.

SkywalkerRoadMark Hamill in talks to appear in Star Wars: Episode VII.

RoadVideo: Ke$ha blows a cannoli, feeds it to friends baby bird-style.

RoadMitt Romney to speak at CPAC:
“The thousands gathered at CPAC this year are eager to hear from the
former 2012 GOP presidential candidate at his first public appearance
since the elections. We look forward to hearing Governor Romney’s
comments on the current state of affairs in America and the world, and
his perspective on the future of the conservative movement.”

RoadCyprus considers civll partnerships: "The draft bill passed through the Cabinet last Thursday and the legal services will need to process and approve it before passing it on to parliament for discussion and voting."

RoadIdiot manhandles a manatee calf, lets his daughter sit on it.

RoadKristen Wiig joining Arrested Development?

RoadShia LaBeouf airs private emails, revealing differences with Alec Baldwin that caused him to leave the Broadway show Orphans. Plagiarized apology?

License_milkRoadIs this Harvey Milk's unofficial "marriage license"? "While the document does not use the word 'marriage,' the hand-written note outlines the 'terms, conditions and clauses' of a contract between Harvey Milk and Joe Scott Smith to be "lovers from this day on." It is signed and dated on December 22, 1971."

RoadWhat your face needs to be 'Oscar-ready'.

RoadMatt Rettenmund lines up history's hottest 100 male models.

RoadIs HIV being shortchanged by major donors? "Major philanthropists are ignoring the continuing AIDS crisis in the United States, and people are dying because of it. Sounds harsh? It is, but only because it's true. The Chronicle of Philanthropy recently released a list of the top 50 American donors in 2012, and only two donors, Jon Stryker and David Geffen, gave significant funds to combat HIV and AIDS in the United States."

RoadVideo: Penguin with a case of the nerves.

RoadObama job approval rating at three-year high.

SunspotRoadNASA observes massive, growing sunspot more than six Earths across.

RoadGoogle in talks with Warby Parker to design more fashionable frames for the Glass. "They join other companies that are grappling with these design challenges, including big companies like Apple, Nike and Jawbone and smaller ones like Pebble, MetaWatch and Misfit Wearables."

RoadTop GOP Senator Chuck Grassley inadvertently embraces Roe v. Wade: "nothing can be done to your body without your permission. It’d be a violation of the constitutional right to privacy if that were to happen."

RoadStill waiting for an LGBT Cabinet appointment from Obama: "One that has sparked media attention recently is the potential appointment of gay California Assembly Speaker John Perez as a replacement for Hilda Solis as labor secretary. John O’Connor, executive director of Equality California, said Perez would be an excellent choice as labor secretary because he’s a champion of both LGBT people and the working class."


  1. says

    since the GOPeunuchs aren’t allowed into CPAC, i’ll help ’em out by sharing Romney’s speech for them, here:


    “Hey, other white people. I’m a rich son who inherited millions, and I believe in a business owner’s right to run their business any way he pleases, and not so much about the rights of his workers. Notice i said “his” – i don’t believe women have any place in the business world, unless they’re in a kitchen or in one of my many binders. Now, aint it great those gays aren’t here? WHOOEEE, I just can’t stand them. Now, I know you may think a man with 18 grandkids shouldn’t say anti-gay things because the law of numbers are against me, and I probably have a gay grandchild or four, but as I learned from Elohim from His star-planet kingdom of Kolob – if you wear magical underpants you can convince yourself of anything. Also, Jesus didnt’ care about feeding or clothing the poor because He didn’t like losers. I’m Mitt Romney”

  2. says

    I’m Canadian and my opinions are SO important to those of you in the USA.

    Maybe someday I’ll get out of my mom’s basement and wash the fake makup bruises off my face and get some sun…

    But for now, get sued to my tedious and self righteous banter !

  3. Randy says

    Re: Ender’s Game, I certainly won’t be paying to see it.

    However, in some fanboy circles, it’s still cool to be a homophobic a-hole. The only question is whether there’s enough to return a profit on a film. Possibly…

  4. FancyPants says

    Also, a constitutional right to privacy (in the form of physical autonomy) was not established in Roe v. Wade, but was first implied in Skinner v. Oklahoma in 1942, when forced sterilization of “habitual criminals” was outlawed and was first discussed in Griswold v. Connecticut in 1965. The fundamental right to privacy is older than Roe v. Wade.

  5. james says

    John Perez might be a good choice for Sec of Labor, but he’s an outstanding Speaker of the California State Assembly. I would hate to see him leave that key leadership post. He is making a more of a difference working in that position than he would being a “symbol” in the Cabinet.

  6. Caliban says

    Orson Scott Card is a certified and certifiable homophobic piece of sh*t, cuckoo-nutso on the topic of gays, and he’s one of the PRODUCERS of the Ender’s Game movie. So there is NO WAY to divorce this movie from Card’s very current political positions and activities.

    To me, encouraging a boycott of the film is very worthy project for our community. Gays and our allies shouldn’t see it, and that includes film reviewers.

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