1. steve says

    I guess sex is a natural way to draw in viewers and attract attention. At the same time, it does seem to pidgeonhole gay men as hypersexualized creatures. I often find it interesting when these same hypersexualized shows are sponsored by HIV medication and/or liquor companies.

  2. Robert says

    Is this the same show that Little Kiwi was screeching about before it even aired? lulz. Guess I was right.

  3. ripper says

    On principle, I automatically like anything that Stuffed Animal rants against.

    This actually wasn’t bad.

  4. Matt26 says

    Boring, bad writing and acting. I understand there isn’t too much money to make it, but it is still pretty awful. Sorry.
    @Robert, yes it is, I wonder if he still loves this.

  5. says

    i think it’s funny. face it: there’s a world of young gay and queer people who don’t care what “others” are going to think about an entertainment by, and for, a specific audience.

    it’s like Shortbus – if you’re gonna find it “shocking” and “stereotyped” then it’s not for you. so don’t tune in.

    me like :-)

  6. says

    this may come as a truly earth-shaking shock to some of you, but hip young out and proud gays and queers in brooklyn enjoy sex more than they worry about what other people are going to think about them enjoying sex.

    there are “gay programs for straight people” and then there are “gay programs for gay people who don’t worry about what The Straights think”

    this is a webseries. don’t worry – your neutered, de-sexualized and inoffensive-to-puritanical-straights preferred type of programming will continue to air on network television.

    but seriously, clutching your pearls and saying “this is gonna make gays look like we’re all about sex!!” is so 90’s.

    this is whimsically-tweaked look at what happy and out and empowered gay dudes in Brooklyn are like. sorry we’re not chaste enough for you. on second thought, no – i’m not.

  7. AJD says

    Pretty bad, but I can’t say it’s too far from reality… Then again, the first time I planned a threesome, it worked pretty well, but the time I planned a bigger group, five people showed up (out of maybe 15 I invited), and they mostly ignored me and played around with each other.

  8. Kings County says

    This is Brooklyn speaking. I claim no responsibility. Like every county in America, I’m host to quite a few orgies, straight and gay alike, but unlike every county in America I’m also home to many excellent acting coaches.

  9. Matt26 says

    @Little Kiwi, I am sure you understand the critisism isn’t against the theme of the episode (having an orgy and having sex even though the characters seem naive and embarrased on the subject), but how it is written and acted.

  10. says

    whose criticism, Matt26? there are more than a few “omg! this is gonna make us look bad!” ninny-posts.

    don’t like it? don’t watch it. there. i just saved you hours of grief and upset.

  11. ratbastard says

    I wanted to make a detailed comment, but gotta orgy to get to.

    *eye roll*

    Yes, I’m lying. Gotta finish up work and my half eaten tuna sandwich. Then I’m going home. And no orgy.

  12. Not that Rob says

    Simply awful. Not saying it’s bad they’re making it about sex. What’s bad is them using the sex topic to compensate for the horrible acting and writing.

  13. Lars says

    Not a fan of the casual — and, frankly, diagnostically incorrect — use of the R word. Why is it still ok to use this word as an epithet?? It only serves to demean people when misused this way. They should apologize.

  14. johnny says

    I love how Kiwi thinks anyone recoiling from this is so 90s when actually the whole damn thing reeks of the 80s when gay orgies (and loads of AIDS and other STDs) were pretty much happening everywhere, not just NY.

    Sorry, Kiwi, you don’t remember THAT because you weren’t born yet. :-)

    Yup, this is what we gays really need when we’re trying so hard to get marriage equality which will dispel the notion that we’re only about sex, sex, sex. Yup, this is perfect. I don’t see this as “empowered and free-spirited”, I see this as idiotic and counter-productive.

    Seriously, I like sex as much as the next guy, but monogamous gay relationships are what need promotion right now, boring or not. Celebrate free love (a very 60s notion) and the orgy thing AFTER we get our civil rights.

    Timing is everything.

  15. Howard says

    Seriously, if your life is anything even remotely close to this program, you are in desperate need of some counseling.

    Those that can do…those that can’t watch internet shows about it.

  16. adam says

    Why can’t we just keep ‘The Outs’?

    This is pretty bad. And, yeah, no budget blah blah..But they could afford hair and make up..They couldn’t get a better script?

  17. David Hearne says

    So according to Kiwi if you find something cheesy, affected, and poorly crafted it must be because you re envious.

    BTW, Kiwi, it would be envy not jealousy.

  18. says

    Hearne, you and your fellow ninnies need to stop worrying about happy, Out, Proud, empowered gay people who have fun lives and work harder at increasing your own Visibility as gay men.

    you won’t, however. you’ll continue to blame happy Out people for all the things you can’t, and won’t, have.

  19. David Hearne says

    Kiwi – I want you to come out to all of us. Tell us what your mental illness is and what medications you are on or should be on.

  20. G.I. Joe says

    I liked it! Looking forward to more. I thought the acting was good, the guy cute and the story (as much as there can be a story in less than 3 minutes) was good.

  21. Stephen says

    Why would you tell this story when there are as many gay stories yet untold as there are straight ones already in movies and TV? It’s not sexually empowering because there’s no context for this, it’s immature and irrelevant.

    You can make a movie about sex and it can be interesting. “Another Gay Movie” was just a sex romp, but (love it or hate it) what was interesting about it was that it was actively subverting and co-opting a narrative that straight bro-type masses had already embraced to give us something we hadn’t seen before in the gay canon. That’s how you use raunchy gay sex as empowerment.