News: Antonin Scalia, Gummy You, Harry Styles, Frank Rich, Austin

RoadSocarides: Mehlman's mission. Geidner: Mehlman's quest.

RoadDepartment of Defense tries to fix ban on gay web sites, doesn't.

CliburnRoadPianist Van Cliburn dies at 78: "His publicist, Mary Lou Falcone, confirmed the death, saying that Mr. Cliburn had been treated for bone cancer and that he died at his home, which he shared with Thomas L. Smith, who survives him."

RoadVIDEO: Harry Styles of One Direction gets hit in the nuts with a shoe.

RoadHarvard Magazine: How same-sex marriage came to be. "People who believe that gay marriage contravenes God’s will are not likely to stop opposing it simply because their prospects of success are diminishing. Moreover, religious conservatives who condemn gay marriage will continue to influence Republican politicians who need their support to win primary elections. Thus, an intense struggle over marriage equality is likely to continue for several more years, even though the ultimate outcome is no longer seriously in doubt."

RoadJustin Timberlake to duet with Marcus Mumford on new soundtrack.

RoadGay llama farmer whose plight was highlighted by Buzzfeed, receives thousands in donations, and thanks supporters: "I would like to take a moment and thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for the love that everyone has shown for me and the animals. I appreciate your words of encouragement and understanding."

RoadJustice Antonin Scalia calls key provision of the Voting Rights Act a "racial entitlement".

GummyRoadA gummy replica of yourself?

RoadButch lesbian writes about hating the TSA: "They need to make some changes. There should be another way to do this, another way to handle those of us who don't conform to gender stereotypes, so that we don't feel less than human. I'll let you know what the TSA says. How awesome would it be if something came of this? Until then -- and I've said this before, but it bears repeating -- remember that it's butch to be yourself, no matter the cost or what some stupid machine thinks of you."

RoadGay man who spent 21 years in prison for child molestation before being exonerated wants his name cleared.

RoadFrank Rich on the Republican scramble to support marriage equality: "The die is cast on this issue, and the signatories are belatedly getting ahead of history before it flattens them like a tank. Generational turnover alone assumes gay marriage will be a done deal in America; public opinion on this issue has moved faster than any civil-rights battle in our history."

RoadPrince Harry gets his groove on in Lesotho.

RoadKathy Bates joining American Horror Story in Season 3.

HippiehollowRoadAustin, TX gay summer social scene, Splash Days at Lake Travis threatened by boating limits at Hippie Hollow.

RoadJudge upholds Canada's hate speech laws: "The judgment in the case of William Whatcott of Saskatchewan reaffirms the Canadian approach to hate speech, that it can be limited by law to address the problem of hate speech, unlike the American approach, in which speech cannot be limited except in the most extreme circumstances."

RoadInside the Vanity Fair Oscar party.

RoadPluto's new moon to be named Vulcan. "Vulcan received nearly 200,000 votes among the 450,000 cast during a two-week contest."

RoadSarah Palin: Feds are "stockpiling bullets in case of civil unrest".

RoadNYT profiles Idaho couple in piece about the disparities in same-sex marriage law between states: "Mr. Johnston and Mr. Irwin, as both proudly gay and proudly Idahoan, said they had thought about taking a Sunday drive to get married, then dismissed the idea out of hand. Marrying across the border and returning home to a place where none of it had legal meaning, they said, or picking up and moving to Washington to obtain marriage protections, would mark equal measures of surrender and defeat. For them, the battle for rights and recognition is to be waged here at home, in a deeply conservative state where same-sex marriage remains, for now, an unlikely dream."

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  1. The next step for Sarah Palin is her digging a bunker in the Alaskan soil and kidnapping a kid and holding him at gunpoint. She's that close. Unfortunately, many others in the US believe her. This is all due to our terrible educational system, which produces morons like these.

    Posted by: Jack M | Feb 27, 2013 3:56:54 PM

  2. On the Canadian story about hate speech...your headline reports that "a judge" rendered a decision. A judge may have written the decision for the majority but more importantly the link shows it was a decision by the Supreme Court of Canada...that carries a lot more weight than your headline suggests.

    Posted by: shanestud | Feb 27, 2013 4:02:39 PM

  3. Canada's hate-speech laws are explicit, specific, and discerning. We like.

    Palin....lovely. That's right - stir the pot, make people more afraid. Shameful.

    as for marriage, the whole "state by state" thing seems just too preposterous for words.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Feb 27, 2013 4:12:42 PM

  4. Van Cliburn passing should be a full article on here for obvious reasons. An all-round class act.

    Posted by: Bollux | Feb 27, 2013 4:19:43 PM

  5. Can't wait for that Scalia influenced vote of marriage.

    Posted by: GB | Feb 27, 2013 4:40:15 PM

  6. So, Towleroad leads with Richard Socarides kissing Ken Mehlman's ass (admittedly, not unexpected: Socarides and Mehlman are practically the same person) and buries Frank Rich's evisceration of Mehlman and his fellow GOP Johnny-come-latelies?
    It's good to be a personal friend of Towleroad, apparently.

    Posted by: 24play | Feb 27, 2013 5:28:10 PM

  7. Do we need any further evidence that Scalia is not fit to sit on the Supreme Court?

    Posted by: David | Feb 27, 2013 6:40:10 PM

  8. As noted above regarding "Judge upholds Canada's hate speech laws" it was the Supreme Court of Canada in a UNANIMOUS decision. Not just a "judge".

    Posted by: Jim Elliott | Feb 27, 2013 7:00:48 PM

  9. The Canadian Supreme Court decision was only made by a 6-judge panel, not the full 9-member court, due to rapid change of the makeup of the court.

    If you believe in hate speech laws, there is one disturbing aspect to this decision. Two fliers were NOT considered hate speech. Two photocopies of classified ads had Whatcott's handwritten comments on them stating the ads were for "men seeking boys" and included a biblical reference calling for the death penalty. The court said it was unreasonable to find the second two flyers "contain expression that a reasonable person ... would find as exposing or likely to expose persons of same-sex orientation to detestation and vilification" and further claimed (as if printed on a completely separate document) that the religious reference itself didn't refer to gay people, so it had nothing to do with gay people.

    What is more likely to expose someone to detestation and vilification more than being labelled a child molester? The Catholic church is the only group of people to be able to go forward after such a label is placed on them. Even property has to be rehabilitated (e.g. Maple Leaf Gardens).

    Further, the court described these fliers as "contributions to the public debate", implying they have a level of credibility that even the court buys, and this won't be lost on conservatives, who now have the Supreme Court's stamp of approval for the child molester libel. It would have been better had the court struck down the laws outright.

    Posted by: Randy | Feb 27, 2013 9:42:16 PM

  10. Then why has the US Dept. of Homeland Security ordered 700-MILLION rounds of handgun ammunition in the last three years? With an option for additional 800-MILLION rounds in the next 2-years.

    The Social Security Admin. ordered 175,000-rounds...for "training"?

    Posted by: Ted B. (Charging Rhino) | Feb 27, 2013 10:08:48 PM

  11. Prince Harry. No shirtless pics, what's up with that? Loves me some ginger...

    Posted by: millerbeach | Feb 28, 2013 5:30:02 AM

  12. re: Van Cliburn

    Astonishing that no writer at Towleroad grasps either the magnitude of Cliburn's contribution to American arts and culture;

    or the magnitude of they hypocrisy of a nation that would thrust Cliburn up as a hero when it served a political purpose, but force him to live his life with the rights of a second-class citizen when it came to his right to marry.

    It is sickening to see the conservative media outlets in Texas blather on about what a hero Cliburn was for raising Texas' cultural profile, all while ignoring his domestic life, or obliquely referring to him being "survived by a friend with whom he shared his home".

    Unlike Towleroad, though, which almost fails to acknowledge Cliburn whatsoever.

    Hypocrite, meet Cretin.

    Posted by: If Only Cliburn Had a Shirtless Video | Mar 1, 2013 1:10:06 AM

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