News: Obama and Tiger, Shockwave, Djesus, Berlin

1NewsIcon Only 11% of Americans think that Congress reflects the nation's values, according to right-wing polling site Rasmussen.

Tigerobama1NewsIcon President Obama and Tiger Woods played golf together in Florida today.

1NewsIcon Kendra Wilkinson versus Greg Louganis.

1NewsIcon 150,000 people went out to see the Pope deliver his final public mass.

1NewsIcon New Mexico church has been fighting for marriage equality since 1984.

1NewsIcon Rev. Bayani Rico and his gay son work side-by-side at an Episcopal school in California.

1NewsIcon "Djesus Uncrossed"

1NewsIcon Gay films were front and center at Berlin Film Festival: "The Alfred Bauer Prize for innovation, named for the founder of the
Berlinale, went to perhaps the most eccentric film in the competition, the French Canadian director Denis Côté's 'Vic and Flo Saw a Bear,' a darkly comic and melodramatic lesbian love story. The Australian director Kim Mordaunt won the best first feature award for 'The Rocket.' And the Teddy Award for best gay-themed film went to the Polish director Malgoska Szumowska's 'In the Name of …,' about a Catholic priest struggling with his homosexuality."

Mark_kamins1NewsIcon RIP Mark Kamins: "Pioneering DJ and producer Mark Kamins, who was instrumental in facilitating the signing of Madonna to Sire Records in 1982, has died. He was 57."

1NewsIcon Was Oscar Pistorius trying to revive slain girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp when police arrived at his home?

1NewsIcon he Die Hard franchise is still box office gold. The fifth installment topped the weekend box office with an estimated $30 million in ticket sales.

1NewsIcon An Illinois Catholic school will not give students extra credit for attending an anti-gay marriage rally. "A Notre Dame instructor in an ecclesiology class offered students 20 points extra credit if they attend the lobby day. The offer also included information on a bus trip, sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Peoria, to the event. After much debate and attention, Principal Charlie Roy posted an update on the school's website Friday, stating the extra credit will not be offered to those students."

1NewsIcon Baltimore firefighter accused of being a pimp on the side.

1NewsIcon A Cameroonian lawyer vilified for defending gay and lesbians activists has fled to the United States and is seeking asylum: "The threats against Togue that began in Cameroon have not stopped on US soil, where he continues to be subjected to menacing phone calls and text messages. 'They say they are going to kidnap my children, that they'll turn them into queers. I feel very vulnerable,' he said. His family has been in the United States since November, and he joined them in January."

1NewsIcon This is what progress looks like: "Colin Clark, who was suspended last season for directing a gay slur at a Seattle Sounders ball boy – and vehemently apologized afterward – on Saturday made clear his support of [gay player] Robbie Rogers."

1NewsIcon The meteor that struck Russia Friday sent subsonic shockwaves around the world.



  1. Bill says

    There is no such thing as a subsonic shock wave. What you had is low-frequency sound waves – at frequencies below the minimum frequency a human ear can detect. It turns out that the attenuation of sound is frequency dependent, with low frequency sound waves losing less energy over a given distance than higher frequency ones. So, if you are along ways off, looking at very low frequency sound is a good way of obtaining some data..

  2. anon says

    Yes, I was going to say that all shock waves are supersonic. After they decay the longest propagating waves are infrasonic, or so low in frequency you can’t hear them. All sounds travel at the speed of sound, so they can’t be subsonic or supersonic.

  3. Paul R says

    Anon’s comment is completely off–there are far more than one type of shock wave–and doesn’t even maintain consistency between its first and last sentence.

  4. Bill says

    @Beekeeper: one of the top schools in the U.S.

    What was being pointed out is that the article Towleroad cited simply mentioned the detection of very low frequency sound waves in other parts of the world. Those were used to estimate the amount of energy released. That article did not use the term “subsonic shockwaves”. Towleroad simply got the terminology confused.

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