Nigel Barker Making Film About Longtime Gay Activist David Mixner

Photographer, former America's Next Top Model judge and current host of The Face on Oxygen, Nigel Barker sits down with OUT's Jay Schwartz to talk about his new show, and a couple of other things:

BarkerYou receive a lot of support from the LGBT community. Why is that?

That community has always been very close to me. The fashion business as a whole is run by people from the gay community. I imagine the community as a whole is interested in what I’m doing because I’m so open about everything I do. It’s a weird question for me. I like to think of the gay community as not the gay community. I just see people. I’m blessed to have anyone support the work that I do.

Can you tell me about the film you’re working on now?

I’m working on new film about a man named David Mixner. He’s a human rights activist and a gay rights activist and he is one of the most prolific men in the gay community. He’s become a friend of mine through Alan Cumming. We’re creating his life into a film and it’s really going to tell the story of the gay community and HIV through the '80s and up until now. One of his protégés is Jeremy Bernard who is the social secretary of the White House on the Obama administration. I’ve directed four films, but this will be the first feature film.

As a friend of David's, I'm confident that the source material is rich, personally and historically. Best of luck with it!


  1. Jonathan says

    David Mixner has an incredible life story. “Stranger Among Friends” was a fascinating read. I’ll definitely look forward to this!

  2. OSTRICH says

    Why does gay liberation and every form of balls out activism either repel or scare me and what can I do about it? Yes, what’s the cure for what seems to be a certain inate conservatism?

  3. Chris R. says

    He’s amazing. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him with my partner at an event, and he was so personable and genuine. I thank him greatly for highlighting the rich history of the gay community. It takes straight men like him to champion us and make an impact on society.

  4. FF says

    David’s story is one for the ages. This courageous man has so much to tell. Our lives are so much better because of David. Gay men owe themselves a date to see this film when it’s released. Definitely long overdue.