NOM Blasts Obama for Including Gay Binational Couples in Immigration Reform

National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown took a break from defending 'traditional marriage' yesterday to blast Obama for including binational same-sex couples in immigration reform:

Brian_brown"This is yet another example of the President playing politics rather than enforcing our nation’s laws and offering a true, workable solution. First, his Administration threw in the towel and refused to defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Then, he came out of the closet on gay marriage. Now, he is apparently proposing a direct violation of DOMA, currying added favor with gay activists, many of whom have lavished contributions on his reelection campaign. Our nation has a lot of serious issues to resolve concerning immigration policy, but providing a safe haven for gays and lesbians from foreign countries in violation of American law is not one of them. Responsible immigration reform includes protecting America’s borders, providing access to needed workers, keeping terrorists out of our country and determining what to do with the millions of people already here illegally. This proposal from President Obama concerning homosexual immigration is not serious immigration reform."

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  1. Fodolodo says

    This is just an utterly stupid and uninformed comment from a clearly clueless person. How does passing a law allowing gays and lesbians to sponsor their permanent partners for immigration purposes amount to “providing a safe haven for gays and lesbians from foreign countries in violation of American law”? Brian Brown doesn’t even seem to get what this is about.

  2. Josh says

    Money is his GOD! He is in the business of hating the gays and he knows that his time is up! A very sad human being. If the Supereme Court strikes down DOMA he will be in BIG trouble. His salary will be a lot less and he would need to actually find a real job.

  3. Matt N says

    A “direct violation of DOMA”? How so?

    DOMA doesn’t say anything about relationships other than marriage.

    If Brian wants to lobby Congress to pass a new law that says the federal government won’t recognize any same-sex relationship in any form, he’s welcome to try :)

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