Ohio Mayor Resigns After Questioning Presence of a ‘Queer’ Officer on the Police Force

Pomeroy, Ohio Mayor Mary McAngus resigned today after complaints that she had questioned the Police Chief about the existence of a "queer" officer on the force and saying she didn't want his partner stopping by the police station.

McangusThe Columbus Dispatch reports:

[Police Chief] Proffitt last month submitted to the village council an information packet that included his six-page sworn statement. He warned the council that the mayor’s behavior could get the village of 2,000 residents sued.

Proffitt wrote that McAngus called him into her office about two weeks after Calendine was hired. She said she heard “that Kyle was a queer” and asked what the chief was going to do about it. Nothing, he replied, because that would be discrimination.

“She stated ‘I don’t like a Queer working for the Village, I might be old-fashioned, but I don’t like it.’  ” Proffitt wrote in the statement.

The mayor persisted in making crude comments about the officer and his partner to police department employees, Proffitt said. She asked a newly hired officer if he knew that Calendine was gay and whether that bothered him.When the officer said no, she asked him if he, too, was gay, and smiled and stared at him until the uncomfortable officer said he had to get back to work, Proffitt said.

McAngus showed no remorse for her behavior in her resignation, saying that it was "due to circumstances."

(image via pomeroy daily sentinel)


  1. Mikey says

    My favorite part of this story is that with the (admittedly limited) information, it appears as if she’s singular in her views. Everyone else mostly seems uncomfortable about this batty old woman and her tired views. I found this story rather funny.

  2. chris says

    It sounds harsh but: One of the many from the generation whose death will make things better for all of us.

  3. Chuck says

    ‘McAngus showed no remorse for her behavior in her resignation, saying that it was “due to circumstances.”‘

    Circumstances my queer foot, you old fag-hating hussy. You resigned because you knew you had embarrassed yourself beyond redemption, if not beyond litigation. You should be absolutely mortified with yourself, but you’re too evil and full of hate and bigotry for that.

  4. Mary says

    An anti-gay woman named Mary? No! I don’t believe it! (just joking!)

    But this woman seems particularly bitter about gays. What for we don’t know. Best that she resign. And not wanting “a queer working for the Village?” Has she asked the village people yet?

    Homophobes can be hilarious (when they lose, of course. When they cause damage they are anything BUT funny.)

  5. jason says

    Women fear male homosexuality but they fear it less if it is segregated. Segregated means safe and non-threatening like a tiger in a zoo enclosure.

    Once we’re out, the claws of women come out. We gay and bi guys disrupt the power balances that enable women to control men’s behavior.

  6. UFFDA says

    STEVE – those four words are unmistakable. It doesn’t make you smart.

    And old hick mayor bag? How about an old fashioned kick in the stomach.

  7. HUH says

    Oh shut up JASON/RICK. Go peddle your misogynistic views somewhere else. Quit saying “we”, you don’t represent “us”. Idiot.

  8. kit says

    I celebrate the fact that when this hateful old bag started up with her foul garbage, it seems like everyone who encountered her backed away staring at the freak and then put together a dossier against her. She then had to resign. We have come a long way! Within her lifetime, she has gone from mainstream “normal” with regard to her views to “freakish monster who could get everyone sued because of her crazed hatred.” We did that — all of us together who stood up for our rights and refused to accept the bigoted world’s view of us. Tonight, I celebrate her downfall! (Tomorrow, I get back to work on the rest of her ilk…)

  9. BETTY says

    POE: she can keep it at home! She is the mayor of a town, not the pastor. She represents everyone in that town, the gays included. If she doesn’t like that, she shouldn’t have run for mayor. End of story. She was starting a witch hunt, a hunt that could have meant the town would have been sued for discrimination. Why should the taxpayers have to foot the bill for her religious persecution?

  10. BETTY says

    Also, religious freedom doesn’t mean you have the freedom to discriminate against gay people, racial minorities, disabled people or just people you don’t like.

  11. bkmn says

    Ignorant, small minded and outdated apply to this woman.

    Now, as for the people that elected her….

  12. TomTallis says

    Pomeroy, OH is a town on the Ohio River, bordering on West Virginia. It’s as deep south, Bible belt as it gets. It’s also a wide spot in the road that you can safely bypass and know you haven’t missed a darn thing.

  13. andrew says

    Mayor McAngus is being too hard on herself. She isn’t “old fashioned” she is just your garden variety BIGOT!

  14. Kevin Foster says

    Odd thing is, employment discrimination by sexual orientation isn’t even illegal in the state of Ohio. Certain municipalities have supposedly outlawed the practice, but I have to wonder if Pomeroy is one of them?

  15. andrew says

    I am offended by her anti gay remarks and slurs. I am also offended by the MANY posters on Towleroad who constantly use the word OLD as a slur. That is ageism, Cut it the f*ck out.

  16. SC David says

    She resigned due to “circumstances?” The only relevant circumstance is that she is an ignorant bigot who’s out of step with contemporary values. Kudos to the police force for standing up to her.

  17. says

    Sorry, Andrew, but “old” is the problem when it comes to sexual orientation bigotry. Every poll shows the younger (and more educated) one is, the more that person supports equality. One solution to speed the march towards equality is to cull the older generations from the herd. The sooner, the better.

  18. Rich says

    @PDX GUY

    I’m not ready to be culled. Your logic would have applied the Final Solution to African-Americans, since they created the margin of victory for Prop 8.

    It may be true that time is on our side, but it ill behooves us to rush it.

  19. Sargon Bighorn says

    PDX you’re WRONG. Lots of OLD Gay folk in Washington State voted for equality while lots of YOUNG bigots in Oregon voted to deny equality. Young people are just as bigoted as Old people. Oregon speaks to that.

  20. andrew says

    @PDX GUY: You are not “sorry”: ” cull the older generations from the herd” You are: PURE EVIL!

  21. andrew says

    @PDX GUY: You are like Pol Pot who had his followers kill off the upper classes and educated classes of Cambodia in order to bring about his version of the pure communist agrarian state.

  22. BuckieSays says

    We have so many friends who are “old”; I have to wonder what kind of person hates what it is inevitable that you’ll become, if you don’t ascribe to a now near extinct death-culture of self destruction and suicide…

    It’s good that we’re evolving as a community, let’s keep it up.

  23. ET says

    I am originally from Pomeroy, but I escaped Meigs County to go to college. My parents and sister still live there. Having endured a miserable childhood/teenage years there, I am shocked–but greatly encouraged–that the gay police officer was so strongly supported by his superior. Still, I worry about how the officer will be treated by the community at large going forward, but for now I will celebrate this victory.

  24. Polyboy says

    Actually Rich, that CNN exit poll data has long been disproved. But it was useful for NOM to use.

  25. Coemgenus says

    Very encouraging – twenty years ago she would not have been called out about it at all.

    Very encouraging to see that her attitude was immediately seen as abnormal. Wonder how many divorces she has in her family?

    Glacial change I know, but slow and steady.

  26. candideinnc says

    Andrew–Don’t worry about the young people and their ageism. Time has a way of curing that.

  27. Aaron says

    The most impressive thing about this story to me is the police chief. Not only did he hire a gay man but he then went to great lengths to support the officer, potentially risking his own career in the process. What a true ally for our community!

  28. says

    It’s obvious that the Police Chief was a professional and would not kowtow to the Mayor who seemed to forget it was the 21st Century. I don’t mind if she lives another 25 years, because she is a reminder of the past bigotry that so many American small towns still have. The ones where the children when they graduate high school only to leave their hometowns because of idiots like the former Mayor.

  29. jamal49 says

    Poor Mary. Probably thought she was preaching to the “Amen!” corner and got busted. She is one of dozens of reasons why I don’t live in Ohio any more. Pretty wretched place, overrun with evangelicals.

  30. Markt says

    Betty, Betty, Betty – Discrimination against people because you “just don’t like them” is perfectly legal everywhere. Specifc groups sometimes have discrimination protections and those people may have some protection.

  31. Caliban says

    Not all older people are against us, but as a general rule older generations ARE less accepting of gays than younger groups. And this particular old bat didn’t just go on a whisper campaign with just about everyone in city government to get the gay officer fired, according to the linked article she told people she wanted his boyfriend “run out of town.”

    And her attitudes are at least in part a function of her age- and her attitudes fossilized at about 1965. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that she also has some choice words about racial and ethnic minorities behind closed doors.

  32. Poe says

    I earlier wrote a comment: “What about her religious freedom?” In case there was any doubt — and apparently there was — that was satire.

    – Poe, as in Poe’s Law

  33. says who says

    I grew up around that area and find this disturbing bu not surprising…I’m guessing I am about her age and let me tell you age has nothing to do with discrimination…it has to do with self education and growth. She stayed in her “good old boy” bubble. Shame on her!

  34. says

    Uh oh, Caliban, you are an evil ageist too. Don’t point out facts to this crowd.

    I am still amazed at how people overreact to a little internet hyperbole.

  35. says

    advanced age does NOT necessarily go hand in hand with bigotry or homophobia. It IS often an indicator about someone’s ability to open their mind to something they had closed it to previously.

    any by the way… she’s 78, and made it clear what a nice person she isn’t, I think we can safely call her old without feeling bad. My Mom is 79, I wouldn’t call her “old” but then again I LOVE her and care about her feelings.

    After what the mayor pulled, I don’t care about HER feelings so I might toss in “evil decrepit wrinkled biddy while I’m at it.”

  36. Mikey says

    Lighten up, Andrew: It’s just part of the reality of her description. Everyone is young, or old–or someone in between. The age of anyone who appears in print is commonly noted. I’m 82 and you can call me old, curmudgeon, or geezer. WTF? I am who I am.

  37. Mikey says

    Lighten up, Andrew: It’s just part of the reality of her description. Everyone is young, or old–or someone in between. The age of anyone who appears in print is commonly noted. I’m 82 and you can call me old, curmudgeon, or geezer. WTF? I am who I am.

  38. noteasilyoffended says

    Love how my comment was deleted. Talk about unnecessary censorship…..

    When I said that things would change when every person over 70 was dead, was not an ageist statement. The generation over 70 is of a different time and set of “values”. For the most part, that generation does not look favorably on homosexuality. Yeah, yeah, there are exceptions, but study after poll after study show what I am saying. So, when everyone over 70 is gone, a large dose of their “value system” will die with them. It’s not insensitivity, it is deductive. Go ahead, Andy, censor me again and then refer to your article on unnecessary censorship.

  39. Swiminbuff says

    Kudos to the Police Chief.
    I do wonder about Officer Calendine yhough. Is he the only gay in the village or does he really have a partner. What can life be like for a gay couple in a village of 2000? A gay cop in a village of 2000, pretty amazing really.

  40. andrew says

    @Mikey: Do you want PDX to “cull you from the herd”? I don’t think that I am overreacting when I call someone “pure evil” who is suggesting killing off the older generations and according to PDX’s logic the less educated as well. That kind of reprehensible talk is dangerous. Its not just internet hyperbole. Its Pol Pot tactics.

  41. Bernie says

    this story cracks me up as the homophobe resigned because her hatred was ignored. score one for the team!

  42. Randy says

    WOW. Whether they are Pro-gay or anti-gay the citizens of that town must be shaking their heads that they had elected such an ignorant demented bat. (And, Andrew, “old” doesn’t necessarily refer to age but can also apply to someone like her who is so behind the times!!!) At least someone got her to quit (doubt she had sense to quit on her own) before the town had to waste money on a quickie recall election before the lawsuits against the town was filed.

  43. Bill says

    @Chuck: her problems could be due to circumstances. Maybe she had the misfortune to be raised by Bible-thumping, snake-handling fundamentalists and never outgrew that bad experience.

  44. Bollux says

    The cop is an adorable big-eyed ginger too. Ohio-side river towns are quite unique. Some of them are beautifully preserved old money enclaves of Victorian architecture. Others are rundown toxic barge stops with Victorian values. It’s the West Virginia bank where you really need a translator, hazmat suit and plenty of cannibal repellent if you unfortunately venture there.

  45. daeds says

    I want to apologize for my generation for a bunch of people that started out with peace and love some have turned into real nut bags.

  46. woodroad34d says

    It takes a village; one that the “old fashioned” biddy has been ostracized from. Oh, and we know what the circumstances were, you classless idiot.

  47. mmike1969 says

    And I don’t like bigoted assholes like Mary spreading their ignorance while being paid by tax-payer $$$. Good riddance to bad trash.

  48. MK says

    It’s not just the older generation that dislikes homosexuals. I’m 29 and don’t care for queers. I applaud this woman for telling the truth, even if people don’t like it.

  49. Armando says

    I hope she does live to be a ripe old age and see how much the world has changed for the better because people don’t think like her anymore. Maybe her thinking can change, she’s not dead yet.

  50. Mary says

    Armando, you raised a good point. People are never too old to change. And I’m glad that others are pointing out that it’s not always the older people that prejudice comes from. I attend an evangelical church (very right wing theologically and politically.) A few months ago I learned that a 70 year old woman in my church had travelled to another state to attend her lesbian granddaughter’s same-sex wedding. Her husband refused to “condone” the marriage, but my friend from church went to show love and support for her granddaughter. Although I wasn’t yet pro-SSM , I was secretly proud of her for being so liberal. This woman is a former Catholic ethnic from a blue-collar background. Couple that with being an evangelical and you don’t get a very high likelyhood of her being pro-gay. But the culture is changing. And the church is changing also. There are several people in my church who seem very gay/lesbian. I assume that they seem this way to others also. But no one is questioned about his private life – and there is no gossip about anyone. We’re actually more tolerant in practice than most people would imagine.

  51. Tony says

    From what I’ve seen, most older people 75+, don’t really focus too much on gays to be pointedly homophobic. They have their own issues to focus on. The homophobia that exists in this country is largely from the middle aged. 35 to about 70.

  52. anon says

    Odd story. Not up on Ohio law, but normally it would be up to the township lawyer to determine the risk of a suit (of course, you can always have your day in court, but the question is whether any point of law could have been raised by the plaintiff). They also don’t appear to have liability insurance, which is very strange. In many cases, you can’t sue a govt. when you are an employee, as the case could only be handled by arbitration under the civil service code. So, I’m thinking there was a little more to it than the threat of a lawsuit. Of course, she doesn’t seem to be particularly qualified to be mayor in either case.

  53. andrew says

    @MK: “don’t care for queers”. That sounds like a kind of soft dislike for us. Tell us what it is that you don’t care for about “queers” Mabye we could enlighten you about those issues or at least explain our side.

  54. idiotstick says

    I don’t care if your 18 or 80. If your thinking is outdated, and you can’t be respectful of the people who voted for you, then you should go. See ya dinosaur.

  55. grego says

    the next part of this story should be about the village elders rejecting her dark-ages views. Cudos to the police chief for taking the high road.

  56. grego says

    the next part of this story should be about the village elders rejecting her dark-ages views. Cudos to the police chief for taking the high road.