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Suze Orman Speaks out About Gay Marriage Inequality, Demands Federal Recognition: VIDEO


Suze Orman appeared on CNN today to talk about how lack of federal recognition for their marriages harms gay and lesbian couples financially.

Said Orman:

"How would all the heterosexual couples feel who are married if all of a sudden the wife or the husband knew that upon the death of one of them if they have a certain size estate they're going to lose up to possibly half of that estate? They wouldn't stand for it."


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  1. I have a policy of only reading and responding to posts by regular posters on here: Jamal49, Chi Town Kev, Francis, USC Trojans Fan, Duration & Convexity, David Eirhstien, Cali Ban, and a few more I'm forgetting. I ignore the regulars who always have something negative and snarky to say, and I figure all the "new handles" that pop up are the same poster. And they might as well be.

    If you focus strictly on the well adjusted gay posters, and not the trolls and self hating crowd, you'll enjoy the experience. Although I will admit, those sites that have you login to a screename make for a more pleasant experience as they promote a sense of getting to know each other and eliminating trolls.

    Posted by: T.J | Feb 23, 2013 7:06:50 PM

  2. Yes. Why not make it like a private club? Since you dreary snobs all seem to agree on everything. Many of the great gays have been witty bitches -- least we forget. It comes natural to many. Better than segregating mundane --safe-- socially agreeable thought. I'm doing my job, and being true to myself. It's needed here. As the saying goes-- F-you if you can't take a joke. You all make it so easy! Thank you.

    Posted by: Fluffer | Feb 23, 2013 8:41:26 PM

  3. sure ARE a Fluffer. I like this screename better than David Hearne. That was too generic. Fluffer suits you and your brain perfectly well.

    Posted by: my 2 cents | Feb 23, 2013 9:37:44 PM

  4. Fluffer: hows the ex gay conversion program coming along? we hear so many of you all end up taking your own lives. One can only hope, right?

    Posted by: Nuffer | Feb 23, 2013 9:38:33 PM

  5. Set back for Equality. Another death wishing, and totally wrong homo. But yet so "sure" about their comment. No conversion here.

    Posted by: fluffer | Feb 24, 2013 4:06:07 PM

  6. Sorry for my rude comment. I'm completely closeted, you see, and I get very angry whenever I see fems who are Out and have happy lives. My entire family and all of my friends hate fems, and I'm really effeminate deep down, and I have to pretend that I'm not in order for them to not hate me. It's a hard way to live, and I apologize for projecting my hatred onto those fems. It's not fem guys fault that my family hates my guts, after all. It's my own, for being such a pissy little coward.

    Posted by: audi-owner | Feb 24, 2013 4:11:05 PM

  7. I had to pay an extra $1200 in Federal taxes this year to cover my partners medical benefits and other benefits provided by the company that I wouldn't have had to pay if we were able to be married.

    Posted by: uflyguy | Feb 25, 2013 1:35:36 AM

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