1. DannyEastVillage says

    I’d like to think they’ve boyfriends – and that the baiting, homophobic loudmouth ends up being outed down the road as a closeted hypocrite – just the way it happens in the real world.

  2. Stefan says

    Did anyone watch this last night? I’d never seen it before, but the way it played out seemed awfully tidy. Basically almost no negative repercussions even being hinted at. Is that really how it would happen? Really?

  3. mark says

    You have to watch the whole 3 episode arch for the full effect of the coming out. The acting felt very real. Travis Smith played the quarterback with alot of hope, anger and fear that felt pretty real. The writing was pretty weak. The quarterback comes out because he loves his long term, successful, very stable boyfriend. Everyone (family, coach, etc.) immediately accepts him expect a slightly cartoonish villain/teammate.

    But hey, thats the type of show it is…the fact that bored housewives are expected to route for the gay guy immediately probably a sign of progress.

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