1. jason says

    Rihanna is known to have collaborated with extremely homophobic dancehall singers whose lyrics incite listeners to kill gays and lesbians.

    Andy Towle – he who rails against homophobic wing nuts and their enablers- is known to periodically promote Rihanna.

    Conclusion: Andy Towle may not always have the best interests of the gay community at heart.

  2. paul says

    OK chill out boys…Towleroad is a site that definitely has our best interests at heart. What next ? Are you going to stop going to bars in Hells Kitchen because they play RIHANNA all the time !!! What about the gym ? I can guarantee they play her there ? Have either of you actually met Rihanna ? Do you know for a fact that she is homophobic ? Have you any proof that Katy Perry or Beyonce or any of the other female artists that you pray at the temple of aren’t equally homophobic ? Lets save our energy for talking about our real enemies…just read the news today you will find many of them.

  3. Max says

    I can’t stand how she shoves Jesus and Christianity and The Bible down everyone’s throats and will make lame tweets like “all your answers to every question is in the Bible. go against that and ur wrong” but then will go and do an interview about her her vagina needs some d*ck, or send naked pictures of herself everywhere. everything about her rubs me the wrong way.

  4. Carlos says

    I think her songs are awful, they get annoying after 4 listens, and she needs bangs.

    I don’t get the love for her, and I especially don’t get the gay fanboys who fawn over this one. She ain’t all that.

  5. Name: says

    She’s following in the footsteps of Whitney even shooting a video in a bathtub. Good luck to her and her fag bashing boyfriend. Why would you post such a thing.

  6. Siox says

    @ Paul
    I don’t consider Rihanna a gay enemy, but the two people you compared her two are light years ahead of her in terms of real support for LGBT. Beyonce spoke up for marriage equality, Obama supporting marriage equality, spoke against gay bullying, her sister Solange has done with with Trevor Project, she wrote a beautiful piece when Frank Ocean publically shared his experience with being with a man. She featured a transexual in one of her videos and consistently highlights her gay fans and trans fans by posting their videos on her facebook page. Not to mention the numerous gay interview she’s done.
    Katy Perry’s work with the trevor project also can’t go overlooked.

    Rihanna’s done jack for us. She doesn’t HAVE to do anything for the LGBT community. But she’s no gay icon, and to refer to her as such is a big slap in the face to artists who take our money and then invest it in projects that benefit our community.

  7. Reality101 says

    Rihanna called Chris Brown a f*got and that’s what made them fight. They are a mess, and everything about those two is vile. Why we’re taking precious space on this blog to highlight anything to do with either of them, when there’s so many more quality (and talented) people to highlight is a dang shame.
    Towleroad. Please no Kardashian, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Kesha posts. These people don’t enhance your site or are the reason that draw most of us on here.

  8. sam says

    Paul, gay rights isn’t a game. Andy Towle has made a name for himself fighting homophobia. He should know better than to promote Rihanna. If Andy Towle can’t understand this, he should give it away.

  9. LatinDude says

    I don’t get her. I’m sorry. I’ve tried. She’s so damn hyped you can’t help but try to figure out why the media hypes her. But I listen to her sing live or interviews she does or even most of her music and it’s all so vacant.

    I don’t get it.

  10. Roccio says

    I love Andy and towleroad {but don’t love that it’s not regisetered members only for posting comments} but I love what Andy does on here, HOWEVER, there’s some posts that make me scratch my head and seem out of place on a site like this. Rihanna posts, and Chris Brown posts are them. Let perez hilton report on trash. Keep towleroad clean please.

  11. sam says

    Rihanna comes from Barbados, a country where male homosexuality is illegal and punishable by jail. Not once – repeat, not once – have I heard Rihanna come to our defense on this. Rumor has it that she may not be
    gay-friendly in her private life.

  12. George F says

    Rihanna is Pop…Many gays are Pop..Including Mr Towle …I get why she is promoted here.
    HOWEVER the fact that she is a Chris Brown/Bible defender makes her IMHO a questionable choice for gay people to promote.
    It is not like she neeeds the promotion anyway… She is on top of the Pop culture pyramid already ….

  13. Buffy says

    Why do Rihanna haters constantly talk about her? If you think she isn’t so important, why keep talking about her? Get on with your lives, she is gonna be here for a while. Team Rih

  14. Paul says

    Siox. Nowhere in the posting does it refer to Rihanna as a gay icon. If you read my comment I simply asked people to not judge someone they have never met. How do you know that Rihanna is homophobic? You are making comments based on assumption. There are just as many rumors about Rihanna being a lesbian too. She certainly seemed very gay friendly when she was on the Graham Norton Show in the UK. I also didn’t say that gay rights is a ‘game’. She is a young pop star. Andy posted a song. Seriously why are we directing our energies in this way ? As i said before there are real enemies out there and real issues for us to deal with. Why not take a look at some of the elected officials in this country. As i said before if you feel that strongly then stop going to gay bars that play Rihanna songs.

  15. BJO says

    not sure why it’s mostly the unhappy, bitchy gays who post. spend some time getting yourself happy and stop trying to rip everyone else down… keep on doing what you’re doing, Andy.

  16. Sergio says

    I agree with others on here – Rihanna should not be considered news on a gay site considering she does nothing for gays, collaborates with anti-gay artists, and also considering her boyfriend is a homophobe who throws gay slurs around like it’s no big deal. Gays that like her need to wake up and quit supporting this pig.

  17. MortalLions says

    She strikes me as homophobic and that she’s with a known homophobe makes her trash. I agree with many others. Why is she being promoted on this blog? No other gay blog features her unless it’s to point out her stupidity.

  18. JJ says

    I find it suspect how she makes constant references to the Bible, is with a man who’s displayed homophobia, yet has never publically supported gay rights in any manner or even commented on the gay community. I find her suspect.

  19. Natamaxxx says

    It’s such a shame, really. I first became aware of her when that “Good Girl Gone Bad” album was released. Vocally, she’s not the best singer in the world, but she had the right amount of playfulness and enthusiasm for the music she was making – pure pop confection – and that was alright by me b/c I genuinely enjoyed “Umbrella”, “Don’t Stop The Music” and some others from that offering. But it wasn’t until after that “darker” turn she made that I began to lose interest and enthusiasm for her. I understand that music artists need to explore themselves in order to keep creating, but I hate it when they take that to automatically mean MORE sex and MORE violence being incorporated into everything they do. So now she’s pretty much raunch and rudness all the time, with some of the worst material I’ve ever heard being put out there. Homophobic or not, I can’t even bring myself to care.

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