Manti Te'o's Hoaxer Says He's a Recovering Homosexual, Like 'a Recovering Drug Addict'


Wednesday I posted a clip of Manti Te'o hoaxer Ronaiah Tuiasosopo telling Dr. Phil that he is gay and confused. In a new clip Tuiasosopo reveals that he really is confused, labeling himself a "recovering homosexual".


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  1. I think he's recovering from the fraud he perpetuated on Manti Te'o. Such people should not be considered reliable as sources of wisdom.

    If he had said he's trying to get out of the gay scene and its depressing nature, I might have forgiven him. However, he seems as if he is trying to rationalize away his character and personality flaws by blaming homosexuality. A lot of people do that - ie they use the homosexuality excuse as a cover.

    Posted by: stephen lucas | Feb 1, 2013 9:11:59 AM

  2. His eyes are all over the place in that interview. Seems like someone is telling/forcing him to say this crap ("Recovering from homosexuality"?!)...

    Posted by: MikeKV | Feb 1, 2013 9:13:36 AM

  3. Blamer.

    Posted by: kodiak | Feb 1, 2013 9:13:54 AM

  4. I don't know who is more idiot of the two.
    Fortunately for Mati T'eo he has a lot of competence in NFL in that department

    Posted by: jjose712 | Feb 1, 2013 9:22:50 AM

  5. Sad. This is a very troubled guy who needs help, not fairy tales and lies about 'recovery.'

    Posted by: Lars | Feb 1, 2013 9:25:39 AM

  6. First it was weird, now it is sad.

    Posted by: Matt26 | Feb 1, 2013 9:29:20 AM

  7. Yes, when I have a problem, the first person I think to run to is Dr. Phil.

    I am so f**king over this garbage story. He's 3 weeks from being signed to a reality series.

    Posted by: 99% | Feb 1, 2013 9:58:36 AM

  8. somebody make a beef injection joke.

    Posted by: Hugh | Feb 1, 2013 10:00:15 AM

  9. Confused is an understatement. He needs a (pro-gay) therapist.

    Posted by: Jack M | Feb 1, 2013 10:09:08 AM

  10. From "The Boys In The Band":

    Harold: You're a sad and pathetic man. You're a homosexual and you don't want to be, but there's nothing you can do to change it. Not all the prayers to your god, not all the analysis you can buy in all the years you've go left to live. You may one day be able to know a heterosexual life if you want it desperately enough. If you pursue it with the fervor with which you annihilate. But you'll always be homosexual as well. Always Michael. Always. Until the day you die.


    That's from 1968, so much for TBITB being "dated" and "ancient history".

    Posted by: Henry Holland | Feb 1, 2013 10:12:47 AM

  11. Yes, the story is 3 weeks past it's expiration date. Move on already...that said, this guys is seriously in need of help..and not the kind on TV...and if someone is in the background feeding him lines, it's probably Gloria Alred as his "attorney"... oh wait, she would be sitting next to him to get camera time ..

    Posted by: mark | Feb 1, 2013 10:29:39 AM

  12. Yeah. I used to have brown eyes, but I'm "recovering". Dumb as an aspiring rock. Poor thing.

    Posted by: Geoff | Feb 1, 2013 10:37:34 AM

  13. A recovering homosexual??? What in hell does that mean? No more cock-tails????

    Posted by: Ted | Feb 1, 2013 10:41:57 AM

  14. Recovering by scamming on some sweet College football jock c*ck? Yeah, sign me up for 28 days.

    Posted by: beef and fur | Feb 1, 2013 10:47:27 AM

  15. Just stop it with pop psychology, he doesnt have "emotional problems", he is just EVIL. He stole a friends identity. He tried to hoax a bunch of other guys online. Then he met the himbo that is Manti Teo. Hes lucky that noone has revenged whether in court or through more...physical means.

    Posted by: hate this guy | Feb 1, 2013 11:07:32 AM

  16. The only thing he needs to "recover" from is being a crazy lying stalker.

    Posted by: FuryOfFirestorm | Feb 1, 2013 11:27:33 AM

  17. His parents suck. They should be and should have been protecting him but they never did.

    This behavior is typical of immigrated gay Samoans. They're deeply in denial about their sexuality due to strong religious indoctrination once they've set foot on our shores. It's disgusting what the Abrahamic religions do to people. Disgusting.

    Posted by: Marc C | Feb 1, 2013 11:37:27 AM

  18. I would feel bad for him, except, now he is just pissing me off.

    Posted by: Lucas H | Feb 1, 2013 11:40:08 AM

  19. How did Dr. Phil respond? That's the more important part of the conversation.

    Posted by: Alan E. | Feb 1, 2013 12:19:23 PM

  20. But...but....I'M A CHEERLEADER!!!!!

    Posted by: CC | Feb 1, 2013 12:32:07 PM

  21. Sick puppy. Another example of how christianity corrupts a people.

    Posted by: jamal49 | Feb 1, 2013 1:29:09 PM

  22. FuryOfFirestorm: Do you really think he stalked T'eo, because i think the whole fake girlfriend is as fake as the proper girlfriend.

    T'eo may be far from being gay right now, but he is not that far of the next gay scandal, in my opinion

    Posted by: jjose712 | Feb 1, 2013 3:34:45 PM

  23. I just watched Part 2 I feel for him Like me he was raped as a child.He created Lennay to escape he never told anyone about the sexual abuse.Like many male survivors he is confused.Also he did the Lennay voice.I see how Manti was fooled he sounds like a woman on phone.The combination of his religion,ethnicity and family background in football and sexual abuse was perfect storm.

    Posted by: Kim | Feb 1, 2013 5:21:09 PM

  24. Also his dad said he loves him unconditionally when Dr Phil said he may be gay.Being raped as a child is his only sexual experience.

    Posted by: Kim | Feb 1, 2013 5:47:52 PM

  25. I, unfortunately, believe this guy is mostly telling the truth and appears to have internalized homophobia resulting from his culture, religion and other environmental factors that have created his fear and ignorance about being a happy and well adjusted gay man.....his twisted view of being gay is obvious and add to that the idea of being a "recovering" homosexual

    Posted by: Bernie | Feb 1, 2013 7:59:30 PM

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