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The Science Behind Pornography Addiction: VIDEO


The ASAP Science guys fill you in on how it rewires your brain, why some of you keep going back, how it's affecting your reality, and what you can do about it.


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  1. I'm with @Buckie. In fact, I generally find that people who masturbate at all are utterly tedious. Or people who have sex of any kind, really. Or frequent Starbucks, or play video games, or listen to pop music. They just aren't putting in the time they could be to make themselves more than forgettable. When I was teaching children in Darfur how to read, I can't tell you how many ten-year-old refugees would beg me to show them an American action movie. "I just built a latrine," I would say, "so you wouldn't have to play in raw sewage, and this is your goal? Banality?" (I can't remember their names, which is my point.) "Why don't you take up painting or learn to cook something more interesting than porridge?"

    Posted by: JJ | Feb 20, 2013 7:27:27 PM

  2. JJ - that was brilliant. I'm calling people up to read it to them. Thanks.

    Posted by: UFFDA | Feb 20, 2013 10:25:17 PM

  3. Johnny, no, people cannot be addicted to "anything."

    Addiction is a specific, medical term, causing a specific set of metabolic changes and particular ways of treatment.

    You are speaking well outside your understanding.

    Posted by: Steven | Feb 20, 2013 10:32:34 PM

  4. What causes me to watch gay porn is the beautiful, muscular, personable and wholesome guys who star in gay porn. If you don't believe me check out the porn gods like Connor, Kent, Dawson, Aiden et al at Corbin Fisher or Brandon, Jess, Joshua et al at Sean Cody, or check out Kris Evans, Dario Dolce et al at Bel Ami. These guys are off the charts gorgeous and engage in beautiful, hot, sweaty and awesome sex. O.K, I got to go take a cold shower now!

    Posted by: andrew | Feb 20, 2013 11:09:58 PM

  5. The only thing that bothers me about porn is I know many 'performers' do it because they have serious substance abuse issues and are often desperate people in other ways. Neither females nor males get into porn and prostitution because their lives are on track and they're going places. And when it's particularly degrading type of porn, it's even more likely the performer[s] are desperate people. This should bother normal, basically decent people.

    Posted by: ratbastard | Feb 20, 2013 11:19:16 PM

  6. @Ratbastard: Most of the guys at the first class studios like Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher Bel Ami and others are physically fit and healthy. Many are college students, personal trainers and wholesome young guys. The picture you paint is of the past and mabye still exists at some of the second rate porn studios. There is no way you can look at most of the guys at the studios that I mentioned and paint that awful negative picture. Check em out!

    Posted by: andrew | Feb 20, 2013 11:33:30 PM

  7. porn triggers the biology of survival. wonder what darwin would think.

    Posted by: mark | Feb 21, 2013 1:42:18 AM

  8. This is a real "marriage" killer. You'll find over time it all gets very boring, but when it works it threatens the real thing. Your partner's head will be somewhere else, with someone else, doing something else. Hazard of monogamy when they can't mess around. You may kiss the same.

    Posted by: GB | Feb 21, 2013 4:18:29 PM

  9. Helping straight boys watch straight porn is the best.

    Posted by: Jake | Feb 21, 2013 7:08:29 PM

  10. Misleading and oversimplified to the point of approaching complete BS.

    Love the part about how they explain the study of the effects of "porn addiction" on rats, after blithely admitting that rats lack the capacity to consume porn at all. As well as the part they skip over about how this cycle they diagram may be the case for some people, but certainly not all.

    Who the hell has ever suffered from "porn withdrawal?" If that were a thing, I'd have spent the last 20 years curled up in the fetal position in a corner somewhere broken out in a cold sweat.

    Posted by: FFS | Feb 22, 2013 6:25:59 AM

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