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Mario Basanov feat. Jeremy Glenn: 'More For The Less'

We love it when our favorite artists collaborate; this time Lithuanian deep house producer Mario Basanov has teamed up with Canadian producer-singer Jeremy Glenn. This song has the not-often-found power to send a chill down your spine from the very first beat. 'More For The Less' is a disco-infused deep house track that's meant to get your feet moving immediately as you dive into the track. Mario also provides us with a dub version of the song, which takes on a darker and faster mood for this beautiful track.


Carmen Villain: 'Lifeissin (Prins Thomas Remix)'

Norwegian singer-songwriter Carmen Villain's latest single 'Lifeissin' is a melancholic song in its original form, with a mellow mix of acoustic and electronic elements that make it quite unique. Through the lenses of fellow Norwegian disco master Prins Thomas, who is also labelmates with Lindstrøm and Todd Terje, 'Lifeissin' embodies a dreamy dance vibe, transformed into a beautiful upbeat-ish track that could become a strong late night dancefloor filler.


Róisín Murphy: 'Simulation' (Video)

Though we have featured 'Simulation' here before, including the amazing remix by Mano Le Tough, the official video has finally come out and it is definitely a piece worth sharing. Róisín Murphy is back with a much more underground approach to her aesthetic than some of her very avant garde, over-the-top treatments for her incredible 2008 pop masterpiece Overpowered. Róisín yet again shows her vision that music is not just something to be heard but also experienced visually.



Paradisco on Sundays, 3-8pm
Occupy The Disco has teamed up with THE OUT NYC to create a Sunday afternoon tea dance focused on disco and house music catered specifically to gay music lovers. We have invited our dear friend, Fire Island's legendary DJ Lina Bradford, to provide the music for the party. We have worked with Lina to create a sound that remains true to the classic disco and soulful house music that made her famous but will also provide a brand new experience to be enjoyed. You can also expect to hear some familiar tunes from The OXD Mirror here on Towleroad. More info on our website.



This week's post was written and curated by Tadeu Magalhães.

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  1. says

    That Prins Thomas remix is amazing!

    Are y’all following BRONX (souundcloud: BRONXmusic)? He put out a remix a couple weeks ago of Pattern’s ‘Sunny Days’, a catchy, synthy nu disco jam and in the same vein as Good Night Keaton. It’s addictive and would make me long for spring if I lived somewhere cold (i.e. not Texas).

  2. Rich says

    It’s very frustrating – just one big cruel tease – to see good music promoted here with no easy way to download. There’s exactly one track in this post with an iTunes link, and it just says “Not available in the U.S.”. What’s the point?

  3. says

    @Rich Some of these songs are still not officially released, but only shared by the artists on their official SoundCloud pages. They will soon be available in the US. See below links for pre-order:

    Mario Basanov:


    Some are available already, like Róisín’s ‘Simulation':

    And Jagwar Ma’s:

    Hope this helps :)

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