Man Arrested In Rome For Torture And Murder Of Gay Men

A British national named Jason Peter Marshall has been arrested for the torture of one gay man and the murder of another. Marshall, was arrested Friday for the torture of a gay tour guide he had met on a gay chat room. The suspect pretended to be a British intelligence officer and also robbed the man, before fleeing the victim's home.

Jason-Peter-MarshallThe Telegraph reports:

"They ate dinner, watched TV and kissed but did not have sex," said a Rome police officer connected to the investigation. "Then the victim noticed that Marshall was carrying a gun and demanded to know why," he said. "Marshall claimed to be working for MI5 and involved in security at the British embassy in Rome. When the victim did not believe him, Marshall flew into a violent rage."

The victim alleged Marshall then punched him repeatedly and suffocated him with cushions. "He tortured him for hours to get him to reveal his bank card code," said the officer. Four hundred euros (£348) was also stolen from the apartment.

Marshall is suspected in the murder of another man last month in a town just outside of Rome. It is believed he also met that man on an online gay chat room. 


  1. Ninong says

    @CHRIS: No, it wasn’t a game, unless you consider murder a game.

    The body of one of previous victims was discovered Feb. 2. He is suspected of engaging in sex with that man before beating him to death with a telescopic baton, which was in possession when he was apprehended. Also discovered in possession was his iPad, where the police discovered evidence of his contacts with the murder victim in that online gay chatroom. He used that victim’s bank card, too.

    Looks like they will have more than enough evidence to convict this murderer.

  2. David Hearne says

    @ Bumble Bee

    You can buy a telescopic baton at most military surplus, survivalist, or gun stores. You have to have a permit to carry one in backward states.

  3. ratbastard says

    1) The guy is most likely gay himself

    2) He’s a sociopath/psychopath, and probably a sexual sadist.

    Who wants to bet he’s hurt and killed more than these two Italian guys?

    Unfortunately, the Italian and European justice systems are quite lame. He will not get want should be coming to him. If he were tried in the U.S. and convicted he’d receive a more appropriate sentence for the crimes he’s committed.

  4. Aaron Cadman says

    Such murders as these are always horrid, but to be honest homosexuals have become so bitter and nasty and arrogant that it seems almost like divine retribution for their nastiness. Why must they shove their degenerate ways down everyone’s throat? This goes against my beliefs , against the God I know from my upbringing.

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